I’d like to make my own cartoon series

Do you like the cartoons I did for a Math teacher?

Busy at work. Was just looking over the yearly report that I am supposed to do and am just overwhelmed. Collecting evidences, collation, the surveys and reports … Woah!

Omm … I can do it … Omm … Just do it … Ommm … Ommm …

Was just looking over at the friend’s bloggariffic links and saw one of the links being plugged off. At first thought, was a huge “why?” But after a while, I realise that sometimes a person needs their own privacy. To blog and express fully what is in one’s heart can sometimes be of a challenge when there be other people, especially in one’s close circle, who comments and sometimes judge you for what you have written.

I understand completely when and why there are blog suicides happening. Most of the times is when sometimes blogs are used to frame and deface other people. There are days when I feel like abandoning my blog, especially when I realise how vulnerable I am just recently in one of the posts.

You don’t know who is reading this blog, and what you wrote can be written against you. And up till now, I don’t know who the mysterious guest is … and does he or she means well or have something up their sleeve?

Anyway (changes topic) I am so in love with this :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I was seriously contemplating on getting a 20 gig thumb-drive/MP3 player to store all my MP3s.  A colleague at work came up to me asking me to burn a video capture for her and when I told her that I didn’t have extra cd-r at the moment, she whipped that up.

A portable ranger hdd in sleek red casing. Oh so beautiful. 80 gigs for about 120 dollars! I can stuff 5 years of my personal mp3 collection and still have room for another 60 gigs more. I’m so enthralled. A 20 gig mp3 player on the other hand goes for about for at least 500 dollars.

I’d like the same things but in sleek green casing… (drools)

I’ve been procrastinating too much on my nimmo and friends cartoon series. *shakes head* When will I start? Gosh, I’m such a dilly dally person. After looking at this blog, my desire revived again.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nimmo and friends is a set of cartoon strip that I was wanting to start when I had some free time. The story revolves around Nimmo, a wise frog who was best friends with an erratic faerie. They share journeys and experiences together with different characters in the forest that they live in.

I’m really hyped up about this as much as my photography. I’m sure I’d do well in this. One bad thing about my character is that, I get excited about a lot of things, not focusing on one thing that the entire cake just falls apart like an undercooked soufflé.

What’s going on around the world today is really scary. We saw a video about global warming on night class which really alarmed me. Though filmed about several years ago, predicted accurately what will happen in the near future.

The earthquakes, the natural disasters, the diseases … We could have prevented them … But it was due to our greed that caused for us to be this way. We created pollution that killed the ozone layer, which created global warming.

Global warming, killed the corals in the sea, which would have cushioned the hurricanes from hitting us.

Global warming, increases the amount of convention currents in the sea, creating more and more hurricanes.

Already the polar caps is shrinking. The only direction where the water will go to, is the sea and with the sea levels increasing, small islands will be submerged. The worse thing is that, it will be in our lifetime.


Why wont that man just sign the Kyoto Protocol already … rather than focusing on oil … is it really worth all that.

What would Bon Jovi sound like in Malay

Wow, it looks that I’ve been tomorrowed for my post About the man I call my dearest. How exciting! Thanks Crunchy Green Apple for linking me up! You’re such a pie 🙂

Tomorrow.sg was a website that features blogs from Singapore. Browsing through the pages, made me see that there are many many many talented and creative people in Singapore. It was amazing and I loved reading through them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Compy is having more problems than ever
. When you least expect it, working on photoshop or typing on the computer. She’ll just go BEEP! And then restarts on its own and then insists that my boot disk has an error. How could it be? I’ve installed xp in you so many times, enough to run about 20 windows xp computers.

Clement thinks that it could be because of my motherboard having problems. Well, he’s the Technical Assistant and smart at these kind of technical things. So if Clement says that it’s the motherboard, guess that’s the problem.

Thing is, I just changed my motherboard less than a year ago. With a new hard disk drive, a new graphics card. Those cost me half a month pay and really hurt my heart so bad.

And honestly, I don’t like the fact that every few months or so, I’d have to go and spend a lump of money to fix the computer only for it to be spoiled again. And again and again.

Am I such a rough computer user? Worse than my wearing of shoes?

Worse thing is the dependancy that I have on it. I have to work with it. and my hobbies revolve around it. Don’t think that it’s possible to live without it even if I don’t want to. We really are tied down by our computers.

The computer is like a girlfriend. You have to invest in her. And then she’ll ask for more and more.

Good grief my LCD monitor isn’t working well either. After a while, it’ll blank out and just doesn’t display anything. Isn’t there anything that works around here any more?




Spent my entire afternoon backing up my important documents. Wasn’t easy trying to save over 10 gigs of data in 700mb cd-r disks. But I saw some interesting things in there that I never thought I’d see.

Children nowadays. Really no respect for their elders. How could Nazry take a picture of me while I’m sleeping? When I was young, we never did anything like this. We respected our elders, walked 10 kilometres to school barefooted! Carried water from the well at 5 am! Chopped wood to make breakfast!

People could edit the pictures of me for goodness sakes. I would never do anything like that.

I think that’s a very malicious thing to do. Don’t you?

Saw this vid clip: Thank you for loving me by Bon Jovi from Zila’s blog.I like the song and the location. And it made me reminisce of the time when I at the Fontana di Trevi.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

know Bon Jovi’s sister. Her name is Ann Jovi.

I’ve got a few gripes about the video clip though. It made it seem that there wasn’t alot of people in Rome. Rome is crowded! It was hard to move around at that area with all the other tourists and buskers.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

See this running bride? In real life, that’ll never happen because of the massive amount of people there. I would think that the situation will be a little something like this:

Bride reads sms from the groom. “Mt me 2pm @ D trevi. We’ll fnly b marrd. I lub u”

Bride : Oh my gosh, its already 1.45 pm. I’m late!

Run. Run. Run.

Groom : I hope she gets here on time. Wow so many people. (Pushes) No. I DON’T want to buy your magical flowers that will give me good luck! Go away!

Bride (finally arriving) : So tired. I hope he didn’t make me run for nothing! That man, always sends me last minute sms. WAH! So many people! How on earth am I going to meet him? (screaming) Darling! Where are you?!

Groom : I’m right here!

Bride : Where? Where?

Groom : Here! (waves desparately)

Bride : Oh no! I don’t see you? When will I see you again? (tears) We’ll never be married.

Groom : Arrrghh!! NOOOOO!!

Inspired by Nong

Thank you for loving me (the remix)
By Marina Noordin

Susah gua nak cakap
Apa yang aku nak cakap kekadang.
Tapi takde orang kat sini.
Cuma kau dan aku
Kau tengok lampu tu?
Kunci pintu tu.
Kita tinggalkan dunia ni
(Inallillah ..EH! Salah!)

Apa yang aku ader nak bagi kau
Adalah lima perkataan ni
(pasal duit blanja dabess!)

Tima kaseyyyy
Pasal kau cinta gua
Ko jadi mataku
Bila aku rabun

Kau bagi aku CPR
Bila aku semput

Tima kaseyyy
Pasal kau cinta gua
Tima kaseyy
Pasal kau cinta guaa…

Better stop before I ruin the song even further.

Original Lyrics here

And better end my blog here too. I’m going crazy! Crazy! CRAZY!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hidup Rock!!!

Lovely blog tools with Feedburner

I discovered something that made me shocked, amazed, impressed and more!

I was at work creating and testing scorm worksheets. Scorm worksheets are courseware which contains things like lessons and quizzes. It needed a software called Reload software which I found easily in the work computer.

Farid, the previous trainer had left plenty of software I could play with in the computer. I started to go through the numerous applications that he installed previously. I was like the quintessential story of the kid in the candy store.

I saw a program called Feedreader and thought to myself Hey .. What does this do?  So I clicked on it and at first glance I thought, ho-hum. Its just a plain newsreader. So what?

But upon closer inspection, I saw that it supported RSS. That means that it was able to support blogs too. I wanted to experiment and give it a try and typed in the Rinaz Bloggariffic site feed url. What I saw, I really liked.

The blog was seen in a very clean interface without any other distractions. Of course, people can’t post comments or trackbacks though. Feedreader is just its namesake. You can only read it.

However I liked the fact that I would be able to read multiple blogs at the same time. Traditionally, I’d usually go to my links one by one to see if they are updated so I can read them.

But using the feedreader allows me to see it the moment it gets updated. It’s super cool and I like it a lot. Probably going to be an obsession of mine for a while, the feedreader 🙂

Click to see a bigger version of Feedreader

But it didn’t stop there. Feedreader was part of feedburner. I heard about feedburner from alot of different blogs and I decided to sign up an account with them to see the different things that I could do with them.

I liked what I see so far. One of the first thing I did was to make a feedcount with the number of users reading my feed. I don’t have a lot but this is just for illustration purposes. This isn’t a webpage counter by the way, but is a subscription of how many people are reading your webpage using feedburner

It’s pretty cool as only uses a gif picture and a live feed via a href and a img src. I really liked it. It didn’t need figuring out what code to insert as its a simple copy and paste. Amazing.

The beauty of using gif images like this is that, not only can it be inserted in webpages, it can also be easily used in emails, forum signatures which can be fussy about the codes being used.

I haven’t gone through everything in the page yet though, but I think I’ll go play around with it more. *excited*

But as exciting as Feedreader and Feedburner are, what got me the MOST enthusiastic is the discovery of a certain archiving website.

I honestly thought that my original blog at blog-city was gone as it seems that any blogs which isn’t updated in 60 days will be deleted. That sounds fair, to save on bandwidth issues. But I think it would be nice if they would at least notify in advance so I could be reminded to log in.

Like the now defunct tripodasia, when they announced that they will be stopping their hosting services. I would have appreciated if they let people have a notice and at least a week’s grace to save their webpage. Thus I was quite ticked off at that gesture. It was extremely rude.

Anyway, coming back to my older blog, I was a little upset, because I remember pouring out a lot of heartfelt articles in it. And then I found it gone. I would have liked to see it and reflect about the previous things that I thought about, experienced and compare it to my present life.

So I thought it was gone. Never to be seen again.

Just coincidentally I saw this particular website while Googling. It was supposed to be a trackback and archive of the different website cached throughout the years. Sounds interesting. On a whim I typed out one of my old webpage addresses, not expecting anything. Just to see what it does.

It was there. Archived. My webpage. I never imaged that I’d ever see my old webpage ever again. I saw my older articles and read them and reminisced. I was just purely amazed.

I’ll give you an example. Take a look at yahoo throughout the years and see what I mean. Do you recognize Yahoo from 1996? I could even remember the yahoo interface then during the good old days of the 36.6 kbps modem.

Now I’m track-backing and typing down the different web addresses for some of my older websites that I thought was lost. Unfortunately it might not work for certain sites. My old geocities webpage didn’t work. My crosswinds webpage couldn’t be found either.

I’ll share some of my old archived pages. Try it for your own site 🙂 You’ll be amazed. I am very sure 🙂


Having fun at an outdoor shoot in Chinatown Square

My AOC LCD monitor sure isn’t being very nice to me. Do you think it can be fixed at a regular computer repair shop? My warranty for this has ran out and my cpu keeps restarting and insisting that there’s no hard disk drive in my computer. But I just changed it less than a year ago!)

Hope that it wont be too pricey. Computer parts can cost an arm and a leg. And not having a working computer is such an inconvenience. Gosh, I’m so dependent on compys.

Anyways, it was another lovely day spent yesterday. I was out for an outdoor shot with Fais, the photography instructor and Kathy, the lady who was in the same course as me. We met up in Chinatown Square and started from there.

There were many interesting sights around. Some of them can never be found in a regular neighbourhood town like the grocery shops which are now replaced by supermarkets and such.

Like this particular shop here. I grew up in my grandfather’s shop before Pulau Tekong was reclaimed by the Singapore Ministry of Defence. It was peaceful there. I enjoyed the lifestyle there so much. The island life, peaceful and idyllic. With vast and vast of land and the sea as your playground.

I remember roaming around a lot in the fields and went exploring about in the area. And playing around in my grandfather’s shop. He used to have so many interesting things like mounds of rice in the store room for sale, bales of cloth by the side, food stuff arranged. My atuk would pull this pulley from the ceiling and a can will roll down, and he pays the customer his change.

It’s a rare scene now. And I’m so thankful that I’m blessed enough to experience it. Not many people would have the same childhood I had.

We walked over to the flea market

It wasn’t easy trying to capture the pictures around here. Not the same as the Bugis Photoshoot. People in Chinatown were reserved and didn’t like having their pictures taken. It was a huge challenge for me.

I’m happy to see you healthy but I cant help wondering …

This lady here was nice enough to pose when we chatted to her. We went to a little shop selling teh tarik and local snack to have a break and to review the photos that we’ve taken so far. I had a mug of teh halia (ginger tea) and some epok-epok (sardine pastry) and we talked about our challenges today.

Kathy : A lot of the people don’t like their pictures taken! Some of them scolded us!

Fais : Sometimes, people don’t like having their pictures taken. You have to find a way to take the picture without them noticing. I’ve been through photo-shoots where I am required to take pictures. I still have to do it.

Interesting lessons of real life photography. So different from studio shots when you can command the models to pose and move however you want. Outdoor shoots is quite different but they are definitely most rewarding.

After the photo-shoot, Kathy, Fais and I said our goodbyes to each other and promised to meet up again soon.

I was supposed to meet Zila in Orchard at 4 pm. And then I received a sms from her saying that she will be a little bit late. I was already in Orchard. No problem. I’ll just walk around in Wisma Atria shopping centre a little bit.

A fashion show. Stores like Osmose, Sense, and Future State were showing their latest designs that were being sold in the stores. The models looked good. Unfortunately, the clothes design were pretty much nothing new. You see women wearing stuff like that already in the streets. I wasn’t impressed. I’d rather get stuff at ‘This Fashion’.

I want to be pretty and earn big bucks too … Sigh

The phone rings in the middle of the photo-shot. It was Juli and I moved in to a shop where it was slightly less noisy to answer the phone.

Juli : Hey Marina! (Hears the music blasting) Oh you’re in Orchard! I’m upstairs right now.

Me : Come down to the second floor! There’s a fashion show right now … But the clothes aren’t so nice.

Juli : I’ll be there!

And we met soon after. Juli was just back from a talk at library@Orchard and soon-after, Zila arrived and the two girls said hello.

Juli : Hey you look different Zila. You’ve rebonded your hair.
Zila : Yeah! Its been a while though
Me : Check out Juli’s hair. She did something different too!

We went to Far East Plaza to have lunch together at the Sakura restaurant which specialises Thai styled cooking.

What to order … What to order …

Usually when at the Sakura, Juli and I would order Tom Yum. Sakura makes the best Tom Yum. Spicy and hot .. with oomph! It’ll make the most tired of people, wide eyed after a sip of the lovely broth.

Juli and Me : Scoop it Zila! And serve it to us! Cause we’re your BIG sister and you must respect us!

Zila : Err ok.

(Zila takes a sip of the broth)

Zila : Woah! I didn’t know it was so strong! *cough*

Me : Its strong, but not as strong as the real Thai Tom Yum Goong we had when we went to Thailand.

Juli : I don’t even remember much of our vacation.

We had a lovely chat together, we updated each other about our lives and happenings. Zila talked about her soccer practises and how the leagues were starting and her unfortunate accident in which she couldn’t participate in matches anymore.

And then we talked about work and I discovered something extremely interesting. Zila tells me of a story about a particular guy at her workplace. Admittedly, I used to have a major crush on this guy. Juli knew about it too and she started to snigger as I perked up.

Zila : You know what? He’s been a little … odd

Me : How is that?

Zila : While we were at camp, he took some pictures and showed them to me and asked me. Aren’t my pictures great? Isn’t it better than Marina’s?

Me : Hmmmm

Juli : Aww .. He’s thinking of you.

Zila : And then he asked me so … do you know that Marina has a boyfriend she met on the net?

Juli : (teasing) Wow ..aww that’s so sweet of him to still have you on his mind.

Me : (Embarassed) Ha! Ha! HAHA! Ha!

I can’t help wondering how he is doing though, I know its not easy trying to slog off at that school. The first time I knew him, I thought he was a little annoying and very earnest but then I found out that he was a determined and a hard-working person. It was admirable qualities to be innovative, systematic and determined like that and I respected him a lot. it takes a lot of willpower to stay focused the way that he did.

I remember last year, when we had lunch together and I remember some of the things he said :

You know, I’m going to Japan and I’m going to sell laksa (a spicy type of noodle) there.

Huh? Laksa? What on earth for?

Well, Japanese people don’t know what Laksa is, and I’m sure it’s going to be a hit there!

But they can’t stand hot food can they?

They eat wasabi. I’m sure they can handle laksa.

And I forgot about the laksa incident for a while. Amazingly, just a couple of months ago, in the straits time newspaper, I came across an article about the Singapore Tourism Board promoting local food in Japan and the Japanese people loved it. Especially laksa. There were several Japanese whom wanted to travel here because of that promotion.

It just made me flashback to that lunch. He’s got these ideas in his head to the point of eccentricism. I hope he’ll do fine. Some of the things that he does can be too radical for the common person to understand. But I hope for all the best for him.

We roamed around Far East Plaza and looked at the lovely things being sold there. Juli and I stared at the shoes shop while Zila was fascinated by the accessories shop. Far East Plaza sure had a lot of different interesting things to see. I like the fact that there are a myriad of things around here. Different range of items from the classy and glamorous to the hardcore and punk items.

After flying about the different items, we landed at a shoe shop called Mondo and I saw the most adorable shoes. Chickens!

At first I thought that they were separate shoes as the left shoe and the right didn’t match. But the lady selling the shoes insisted that they were a pair. Too irresistible to try on such a unique pair of shoes.

Juli : Do you like it? I’ll get the green one if you get the black one

Me thinking : Eh I like green though but it looks better on her

Me : Oklah. Aren’t these shoes the cutest?

Juli couldnt wait to wear her shoes and asked to wear it immediately. I think I’ll wear mine to work. And yes, I did ruin my other shoe, the flat one that was to replace my heels. I guess the moral of the story is, heels or flats, they will all die anyway so just be happy till it lasts.

Zila asked me out afterwards to a cafe in Arab street while Juli asked me to come over and watch a movie with her, Red and friends. I couldn’t decide. So in the end, I said goodbye to the both of them to go home. Was tired anyway. I’m not a spring chicken any more. Unlike my shoes.

I did enjoy myself though, it is always lovely to spend time with friends

I like to walk home from the train station. It was most wonderfully peaceful to walk around lakeside area at night time. I love the cool breeze and the quiet atmosphere. And the most glorious sight greeted me as I walked past the lake.

The beautiful full moon over the high rise flats, illuminating the lake.

It’s the mid autumn festival here. With moon-cakes and lighted festival. As a kid, I used to have neighbours, who were my best friends, Michael and his sister. He taught me how to ride the bicycle and his sister would play catching with me.

They asked me out during a mid autumn festival one day and instantly I said yes. It’s going to be fun. I love playing with paper lanterns. And we laughed at other people, who burned their paper lantern accidentally.

And then a group of kids came up to me …

(Tsk tsk tsk) You know, you’re not being very Malay playing with paper lanterns. This is a Chinese custom. Don’t do this!

Saya punya sukalah! I do what I like. Nice what.

You’re disrespecting your race

Lets go lah Michael

I was 11.

Anyway, I saw some kids lighting up some candles and I couldn’t help snapping away. Unfortunately I forgot to set my camera back to auto focus from the moon shot and now the shots which is supposed to be awesome is now quite ruined.

I’ve still got a lot of things to learn.

In other news, PhotoI is hosting a Canon Workshop. The theme is Nature and Things in the city. Geri and I signed up for it – I think its going to be fun 🙂

Time to end this entry here. Be safe everyone


Oh! And if anyone reading this can sponsor me a new computer plus lcd monitor, that would be great! (I know that’s a far fetched request, but I try.. lol)

Don’t you think there are too many blogs around?

Don’t you think that there’s heaps of blogs around? I even see blog makers from friendster, Zorpia, myspace and Hi5. It’s a bit much. At least it gives us more choices on which to choose. A few of the notables ones below:

Yahoo 360

I don’t usually use Yahoo Messenger that much, but the updates in yahoo looks nice. There is a drag and drop feature for the photos that I liked. And more animated audibles. I don’t use them that much, but I liked it never the less. And hey, what’s this? A Yahoo 360 page

Gave it a try, and I kind of liked it. In just a few minutes I was able to create my own 360 page.

What I liked about it is that I was able to set a flash as a profile picture using the yahoo features. Remember paper dolls as a kid? You chose the hair, the hat, the clothes, very similar to the profile picture. I dig that and she blinks too. The blast feature next to the picture is pretty nifty too

Creating blogs was easy and I did that in just a few minutes. Again, the drag and drop feature for the images were really nifty! I was very pleased to see that Yahoo supported Firefox, my choice browser over Internet Explorer. However, the one thing that flawed it a little was that it wasn’t really customizable. I can’t change the background to green. There is no templates for it at all. Pity.

Yahoo 360 Lowdown

The good

* Easy to use
* Fun fun fun
* Supports Firefox
* Very interactive

Not so good

* No templates

MSN Spaces

MSN Messenger, the other IM program that I use also had MSN Spaces, which has been around for a while. Easy to use, and very user friendly, it allowed users to drag and drop in photos using their own software and I liked the part that one is able to move the boxes around. I thought it was nifty.

Nice templates, wished that there were more but it was okay for the moment. You can pick the colour for your blog. No customized templates though. And whats worse is that it wasn’t friendly with firefox. The picture feature doesnt work, the drag and drop didn’t work, heck nothing much works in firefox with msn spaces. Not my cuppa tea

Msn Spaces Lowdown

The good

* Easy to use
* Nice templates
* Draggable boxes

Not so good

* Doesnt work well with firefox
* Problematic even with Internet Explorer.

Moblog by Singtel

Everyone is getting into blogging. Even schools are promoting blogs. Got to know about this website while participating in the Inter schools moblog competition 2005 It was quite a standard moblog, not much customization except for maybe colours and such. It allowed photos from mobile phones and what I liked about it was that people HAD to register to the blog using their phone accounts to prevent spamming. It made it a more safe environment for kids.

It was not a bad blog. In fact, it had many friendly people in there that would take the time to say hi though the chat box. But personally it was a little too bleh for me. I think it could be better, if it was easier to use instead of having so many different pop up windows opened. I could imagine that the kids who aren’t used to blogging, would have complications trying to understand how to make it work.

Moblog’s Lowdown

The good

* Friendly place
* Safer environment for kids
* Possible to post images through mobile phones

The not so good

* Not so easy to use
* This author doesnt like the interface


I was surfing through my favourite forums where there was a link that needed my registration to livejournal. Gave it a try. It definitely isn’t for me. It was not so easy to use. And I am sure that it is not customizable, I don’t see anywhere I could just point and click. Urg.

I do like the fact that users could categorize their posts. Like this post could be filed under the topic “tech” and the post below under “daily life”. Plus there is a mood indicator, which is amusing.

Livejournal lowdown

The good

* Fuss free blogging

The not so good

* Not customizable
* Not so user friendly
* Its so blah

Blog City

Ahh … Le Originale bloggarrific. Brings back memories as I tried to use it again. Rinaz bloggariffic will still be there if it weren’t for the fact that it was deleted because I forgot my password after a couple of months. I still wonder what the previous posts that I wrote were. Anyways, again, a straight forward blog, the only customization that you can do, is the colour change.

I liked the short url too 😛

Blog City Lowdown

The good

* Straightforward blog

Not so good

* You left me, I don’t love you anymore

Last but not least

Tripod Blog by Lycos

I used to host my webpage with tripod for a while. Then it started its advertisment. Which was fine with me. And then it had TWO advertisments. Still fine. And then it had a pop up on top of the two advertisment which really got to me.

But before I changed host, I gave their blog a try

Call me biased, but I don’t fancy their blog . Yuk.

Tripod Blog Lowdown

The good

* Straightforward blog

Not so good

* Too many adverts!
* Too many adverts!
* Too many adverts!

I still prefer blogger. It’s straightforward, allows you customization and still relatively easy to use. However it would be nice if there were more done for those people who aren’t very familiar with css and other net jargon.

I’d like to do a customized page with my own banner and background. But I don’t even know where to start. Yahoo 360 is a strong contender for the moment. Lets see how it goes.

But rinaz bloggarriffic will be here for a long while as me likey blogger. 🙂


Problems … Problems so much problems! Arrghh! So here is a little mindless thing to click to destress. *Clicks maniacally*

One of my task at work is to promote the use of the portal at Asknlearn.com. And apparantly the portal use for the month of August is very low. That doesnt look good for me since I’m still under probation for the company plus obviously I’d definitely like to get a salary increment after the probationary period. Must think of ways to increase usage.

Funny. I feel like I’m working more in the sales pitch rather than an educator. Am seriously comtemplating in joining the Ministry Of Education After working for about 5 years in being an IT Educator, maybe its time for me try something new. Something more stable with more pay …

Working in MOE

* More stable jobwith a lesser turnover rate
* More pay compared to private sectors
* More chances of promotion

* Extremely time consuming (as from personal observation)
* Is a huge responsibility
* Very stress demanding job

Working for private sectors

* I have the freedom to be creative
* I enjoy teaching IT

* Lower pay
* Extremely stressful
* Dont feel like part of the school
* Demand for market is phasing out

I could try to apply next year, after I’ve completed my A levels. I’d like to teach Computer Applications and a humanity subject like Geography or Literature. Keeping my options open right now. I dont think I can go on working like this… As one grows older. One thinks more of stability of the future, more than anything.

In the meantime, I just have to make the best of what I have.

Flash done by yours truely. And yes, that *is* my voice.

Pictures are fun

I was trying out some techniques from this instructional DVD.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I borrowed ‘Photoshop for wedding photographers‘ at the library. It was kind of interesting the techniques that the author was telling. A tad bit on the corny side, the presentation, but generally overall, I liked it. A few ideas on what to do for some picture tips now.

Anyway, what a week! And where did it go to? How quickly time passes by and by a blink of an eye, the week is already over!

Suffered a heart palpitations at work when the portal was always creating problems for me. Where I work, the company encourages us to use the portal as much as possible. Thus, when one of the head of department wanted to use the portal for a survey for the secondary two’s, I thought that it would be a cinch since it was so easy to do.

When the day comes, students couldn’t log in because the portal was slow, and even when they managed to log in, they couldn’t submit the form! And there was even one class when the portal decided to do a maintenance right there and then!

Can you imagine how stressful it is when people arrows you when things went wrong? And the blame game begins. I really dislike that. Hope it all goes well come Monday.

Anyway, started on writing the newsletter for the school. It’s not completed, but looks good so far, I sorta like the look of the cork background that makes it look like a pin-up. I’m digging it. What do you think of it so far?

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It looks great Miss Marina!

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Oh yes, I second that!

So far, I’ve one response to the makeover for Wednesday, I think we’ll all have fun then! I wonder if Juli would bring her make-up box too? I’ll have to ask her about it, I’d like to take advantage of the lightings the instructor has provided. With Juli’s make-up savvy and my photography, we’ll do great. I just know it.

I’m completely addicted to Lost Bah! This is exactly why I don’t watch telley. I watch an episode, get hooked to it and now I cant stop downloading! Unfortunately, limewire is as slow as heck and it’s the same for bittorrent too. *pulls hair*

This is crazy.

I went through the same phase with Sex and the city. I’d leave the computer on overnight and watch the episodes once they are done and gleefully chuckle at others who weren’t fortunate enough to enjoy them.

I want my Lost episodes … Bwahh …*cries like a spoiled brat* Gimme gimme gimme! Waaahh!

Maybe I’ll go ask Clement, the technical assistant in school (and my newly appointed best friend at work aka BFAW) to burn the entire season for me. He’s got everything, including the Family Guy series that hasn’t even reached this shores yet.

It was raining when I went for a riding practise on Saturday. It was not easy to ride in the rain, I’ll have to say … everything was so slippery. Am not sure if it was the bike or the road but I skidded many times yesterday. That was quite dangerous! Imagine if it was on the main road. Not good.

Booked for a practise theory session on Wednesday before the actual Riding Theory Test on Thursday. Only then will I be able to take the actual Traffic Police Test to obtain the actual license if I pass.

This is taking too long. Not good.

Went to Sim Lim Square today to get my brother a new CPU. The specs of the new computer is way superior to my current compy.


It was nice anyway, having a day out with just the siblings only. Just a few pics.

Only 18 days more to go … It’ll be worth the wait 🙂

My inadequacies

Mushroom and tomato cheesemelts, disgusting to look, but oh so yummy to eat.

I stumbled upon PniiWof’s blog and marvelled at the wonderful dishes that she could whip up with such ease. Lets just face it, I’m not a good cook. I’m the type of person who just literally throw things in the pot and hope for the best. Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I see Cartcart cooking so easily and when he asks me about Asian food and all I could do is to stumble … Cooking should be second nature to women right?

Oh well.

There are a few issues that Mum and I maturely discuss about.Mum thinks that being independent is a level of how well someone cooks and keep house. I kept thinking that how a person could live without the help others is independence. I believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with using pre-made bottled ingredients. Mum is vehemently against those. At the very least I know how to cook simple things. I can boil water with no problems… I can make Sweet and Sour fish, Chap Chye, Fish Curry, Stir Fried Veggies, Tom Yam Soup, Curry Puffs and I can bake cakes and biscuits *proud*

I’ve always wanted to invite close friends to a home-cooked lunch or dinner. Juli cooked a memorable dinner and Hema cooked wonderful lunch for us. I can’t even remember what I cooked for them. It would be nice to do ala-Jamie Oliver. Maybe I should just procrastinating and just do it. I’ve been complaining about this for ages.

I was watching telley with my brother today and was amazed to see that the Power Rangers were still around!

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I’m so amazed. This thing has been around for about 10 years now. Those things were the craze when I was still in secondary school. I swear, Power rangers everywhere. Water-bottles, pencil cases, bags … even the school collar pins we were supposed to wear were replaced with a pink / blue / green / yellow / red / black ranger collar pins. Such were our obsession with it.

I could still remember a little robot that went “ai-yai-yai-yai-yai” I wonder whatever happened to that annoying little thing.

I’m just as amazed because the Pokemon phenomenon,  I didn’t think it went beyond 10 years.

If I made a pokemon, I’d be something like this … heheheh

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I encountered the most interesting thing at work a few days back. And I just realised that Flash MX 2004 uses Actionscript 2.0 now. Normally, when I create buttons, I’d just use

on (release) {

Flash MX had an option for me to click and choose the scene that I wanted to go to. So it was pretty easy for me. That Friday I had to crack my head trying to figure out why that code didn’t work and all sorts of error messages appeared. I mean, it’s just a button, it should be easy to code right?


I stared and stared at the screen hoping for some divine inspiration to appear. Nothing. Worse part is, when a HOD was standing behind me all the time looking at what I did. Very stressful when I have to do something with someone looking at me all the time. I had to run away to the computer labs upstairs. Even then, experimenting with the codes didn’t worked.

Then I realised that the new Actionscript version uses a more object orienting programming and that I had to give a name to my button. So now, the code looks like this

buttonname.onRelease = function()

Oh I think its time to study programming again … It looks like I just can’t run away from it … I might have faked it in my diploma course, but I cant fake it any more now no matter how much I think programming challenged I am, I still have to try…. Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai.

But work hasn’t been too bad for me, the staff are nice and the kids aren’t bad. I’m very surprised to see that the students are quite respectful of each other. I’m serious! I’ve never seen a culture where the students are actually responsive and actually talks normally to each other without screaming. And this coming from a neighbourhood school. Can you imagine that? They actually DO the tasks you ask them to. I couldn’t help but be in such wide eyed wonder.

Of course I was puzzled at why the students were allowed to bring hand-phones to school, even mp3 players. But they have *never* used them in class. *faints in amazement*

How? How? Wow! How? Woah … How???

Amazing, aye?

Spent the weekends just being lazy at home, watching VCD’s and lounging around at home. I watched the village (interesting!) Meet the fockers (boring) White Chicks (funny!) and Closer (thought provoking)

Closer almost came to be one of my favourite list of movie as it was hauntingly beautiful, with an interesting storyline, questioning about fidelities and the subject of true love. I laughed at some of the parts where the two main male characters indulged in seedy online chat. At the beautiful portrayal and the witty dialoge.

Anna: I don’t kiss Strange men.
Dan : Neither do I.

I don’t want trouble.
I won’t be any trouble.
You’re taken!
But you kissed me!
What are you? Twelve?

Why did you swear eternal love when all you wanted is excitement?
It bores you?
No, it disappoints me

At Anna’s Art Exhibition

Larry : What do you think?
Alice : It’s a lie. It’s a bunch of sad strangers photographed beautifully. And all the glittering assholes who appreciate art say it’s beautiful cause that’s what they want to see. But the people in the photos are sad and alone. But the pictures make them look beautiful, so the exhibition is reassuring, which is a lie. Which makes it all a big fat lie.
Larry : I’m the big fat lie’s boyfriend.

Hello Stranger

Coupled with the most excellent music from Damien Rice, The Blower’s Daughter. Wonderful, wonderful movie. I like it.

Before I end the blog for today, just a few “what the heck pictures”

Taken right outside my window the block opposite me… Nice underwear 😛

Just a typical scene in idyllic Italy

Ehi Bernado!
Il toro calcia l’uomo
Si. A volte il toro vince.
Non lo mangio.

(rough translation)

Hey Bernardo!
The bull’s kicking the man
Yes. Sometimes the bull wins
I’m not eating it.

Alicia Milano as a man! *peers*

I love Secondlife, a beautiful world to be in

Isn’t this adorable?

Looks like Secondlife has been hit by the tiny critter rage! That’s me on the left and my little squirrel friend on the right there is Mickey. Later on, I asked Cartcart to accompany me in getting tiny avatars. And we dressed ourselves up as bunnies. Aren’t we cute?

I’ve always liked 3D worlds. Ever since I’ve explored my first 3D world, I have been active since. I’ve been a penguin in Worlds, being very impressed by a Greek state in Activeworlds, loving the community in Cybertown and being enthralled by There. It’s wonderful to be able to craft whatever that you wanted.

So naturally, I gave Secondlife a try after being in Cybertown for about two years. At first log in, I was overwhelmed by its superb graphics. I could control a beautifully crafted avatar which I could customise. The avatars there were unique as it could move around, and shifts about and fidgets when left standing too long. It even breathes!

Not forgetting the environment that can be explored. Breathtaking. The sunrise, sunsets and starry nights are as lovely as the real thing.

I started out looking like this the first few days in Secondlife. I tried to make her look similar to me. Her hair, her facial features, her skin. She looks prettier than me I think 😛

You could even customise the clothes here, which is fantastic. I made the bear tee shirt myself just a few days after I joined.

Secondlife is beautiful …

There are always many interesting people to meet and talk to. I’d almost always meet nice people on my travels.

That’s Krysss on our deck

That’s Duo in the living room

Genevieve, Princessia, me and Cartcart

Lyle and me at a coffee house

Cartcart and me – Partners in crime

Cart acquired a beautiful plot of land facing the sea. I really love it there, as it was so peaceful and beautiful – a perfect place to live at. I found myself wishing that we were staying there together in real life. We spend some weeks building our house and was very proud of it when it was nearly complete.

There’s always things that could be done in Secondlife and that’s exciting to me. There’s always much adventures and hopefully, more to come up 🙂

Secondlife is celebrating its 2nd anniversary and is giving out FREE accounts. Sign up! Don’t even think twice about it! Sign up! You’ll love it there. And you could refer me, rinaz bijoux if you like. Hope to see you there 🙂

You can sign up here. Website is 18 and above only.

It’s a small world

The world is such a small place. I was just surfing to Princess Thumbelina’s blog and chanced upon one of her pictures. One of the guy in there looked very familiar.

Turned out that he was someone whom I went to school with and turns out that Princess Thumbelina’s dearie was my classmate. What a coincidence!

This is the class of 97G. The best class ever!

We were a bunch of fun loving people. We loved to have fun, but we were serious when work was concerned. That’s Hema at the back row, extreme left. Me and Juli somewhere in the middle and Princess Thumbelina’s dearie is in the middle row, fourth from the right. His name is Shahim.

Shahim was a very good looking guy, very tall, dark, handsome, suave and I knew a lot of girls liked him a lot. He was active in sports and in the student council and was really good at his studies.

But I was very facinated by his dense leg hair.

Me : What nice leg hair you have Shahim
Shahim : Why yes (proudly) That is a sign of my virility
Me : How long do you think your leg hair is?
Shahim : I don’t know
Me : I have a ruler here, just stay still …
Shahim : Are you crazy? (runs away)

I was good friends with Vai (front row, third from left)and he and Shahim would do silly things together. Like doing the limbo rock and dancing the hawaiian dance on a whim. Ahh memories … 😛

A lot of interesting and memorable thoughts in school. I just want to say that I’m glad that the two of you met each other, Teenee and Shahim. And it wont be too long till he comes back from New Zealand 🙂

Ring ring!

Baby Rinaz : Allo?

Baby Cart : Hi Rinaz, can you come out to play?

Much much better at riding practise today, am going again tomorrow for self practise before Monday’s practical test. I have to keep reminding myself to check the blind spots and to keep my eye points correctly and my clutch handling.

If I can keep that under control, everything else like wide turning and wobbling problems would be gone. I have to try my best. One guy who was with the same review practise with me went for his traffic police test for 4 times. I’ll try not to let that nerve me.

The company called me up in the afternoon saying that they had to postpone the interview since the interviewer went overseas. Oh well.

Zila asked me to sign up for a myspace account a few days back and I really didn’t fancy it. All the fuss about updating profiles, and making friends and trying to impress each other. I’m not really a social person and I really can’t be bothered at trying to make an impression at people that I hardly knew. Especially incoherent people.

(my space email)

Someone : hi
me : Hi there how are you
someone : so r u single? u meet up chatters? where you usually go?

someone else : hai singaporean…Friends???

Another person : halooooooo
me : Hi. How are you?
Another person : great..how bout you?? are you online now? got msn?


It’s not that I’m such an anti social or that I’m just being a cranky hermit. (well, maybe I am) But why can’t more (Singaporean) males be a little more expressive? Geri and I complained *coughs* I mean discussed about how most(not all) Singaporean males are quite incoherent.

A rare scene when I am feeling very social online

rinaz : Hi there,My name is rinaz, how are you?

sum1 : fine

rinaz : So, what hobbies do you like to do? I like listening to music, digital arts and and reading. What about you?

sum1 : yeah

rinaz : That’s cool. Have you heard of smashing pumpkins before? I love Billy Corgan’s music, his voice is a little odd but the music’s great!

sum1 : They’re okay.

rinaz : Do you read books? What type of books do you like?

sum1: Donno

rinaz : (feeling really bored) Well, gotta run, take care. Bye.

sum1 : wait, u have picture? Wat ur email address?


Why cant there be more (singaporean males) like this?

(fictional IM)

fictionalguy : Good evening. How are you today? May I have the pleasure of your company?

icanonlydream : Why, hello! I’m good, thank you for asking. How about you?

fictional guy : Most wonderful tonight, it was a great day today. Spent the day with friends. That is the life! Great food, great company. Perchance, do you like music?

icanonlydream : Oh yes, I like all sorts of genres, basically any music that’s easy listening. R&B, Alternative Jazz, Classical, Pop, Grunge..

fictionalguy : Pop? Grunge? Thats great, I’m quite partial to ‘Garbage’. Some people might find them too alternative sounding, but I like them anyway

icanonlydream : Garbage? No way! I love Garbage too! I see the start of a great friendship 🙂


I’m sure that there are intelligent men online out there in Singapore. (There are MANY intelligent women in singapore by the way 😛 ) I sure am not seeing it in myspace … or friendster or hi5 or zorpia.

Seriously, there’s just too many of these friend making websites. Maybe I’m just jaded about these websites or that I’m just being extremely anti social but I really really don’t fancy these websites. To me, its just another popularity website where you ‘rank’ how attractive a person is and I am not keen about that.

Why must a person be ranked about their physical exterior? And why must a person be ranked by their popularity. And why have oneself scrutinised for acceptance? Not for me, thank you. I’d rather blog my thoughts rather than being the popularity game all over again.

Making friends shouldnt be a chore. And making friends should be one where you are attracted by ther other’s personality. Oh well