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Hi there! Its nice to meet you.

Baby Rinaz

The name’s Marina. First daughter of wonderful parents Sariah and Noordin. I am a Singaporean.

I enjoy various activities like the arts, photography, technology, and riding my beloved scooter, exploring and finding new food haunts, just to name a few.

Rinaz and her beloved scooter

Character wise, I’d describe myself as a pretty ordinary albeit eccentric person. I’ve people describe me as loyal, sarcastic and a good listener.

I feel blessed for the people that I meet and the friends that I made. I think that interaction is one of the best experience that develops a person’s perspective. In this blog, I’d like to try to share some of these wonderful experiences that I encounter.

I had my first computer in 1996 and subscribed to the internet soon-after and learnt and enjoyed a whole diverse of activities. It’s amazing the amount of information is out there. With the net alone, I’ve self taught myself Photoshop, Flash, and even 3D projects.

But the biggest influence on the internet that I had was the social communities. I feel comfortable behind my screen, talking to other people. I started off with Mirc, and then being fascinated by 3D worlds and then currently settling down to secondlife.

Rinaz Badge

Online, I use the persona ‘rinaz’ and have been sticking to it for a while. It doesn’t really have a symbolism. Just a short form for “marina’s”.

I met my dearest Cartcart through Secondlife, met him in real life, and we haven’t looked back since! We’ve been married on the 18th December 2008, exactly 4 years when we tied the knot in Secondlife!

Currently I am now living in Rome, Italy right after the wedding. Since then we have been traversing new adventures together. One step at a time.

I do wonder to what the future will bring!

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