Photography in bugis

Went out the entire day with Fais on Sunday for an outdoor shoot with him.

Tried to call up Kathy but only got a voice message instead. So we proceeded anyway and here are some of the pictures that I took. I’m loving it đŸ™‚

I’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot in Bugis Street where Masjid Sultan was. I found that the atmosphere there was like time stood still with the old shophouses and the people around.

Its like you’ve stepped back to the 1960’s. And then you notice the vehicles, the clothes of the other’s and the high rise buildings in the background.

We started at the fabric shops. Fais was admiring the beautiful cloths and we chatted with the people there. PR! Fais told me, its an added advantage to making someone stand out.

M: But I’m kinda shy … I get embarassed.
F: So? I’m a guy, and I feel shy to ask a girl to pose for me sometimes
M: What if they scold me?
F: They wont scold you if you knew the right ways
M: What are the right ways?
F: First, you have to ask permission first to see if they are willing

F:Sometimes, you have to guage if the person is friendly or no. When you talk to him you’ll see how his reaction to you and you respond appropriately.

Hello! You’re bringing a camera? Why arent you taking a picture of me?

F: There’s your chance knocking to you already! Go!
M : Uh .. Um .. Okay! Sure.


M: Want to see the pictures from the screen?

I like this one. Please send me the pictures. Here is my card.

F: See, that wasnt so hard was it?
M: I think I need more practise
F: Ah dont stress to much about it. Lets get a drink

Two ginger tea please. And may I take a picture of you? You look so cool.

Hi there, you’re adorable. Whats your name? Aww … Fadillah … bye bye Fadillah!

M: This is a cool shop, lets go in
F: Ok
M: Hi there, what is that you’re doing?

I’m beading a pair of baba shoes. It takes about 2 months to complete one

M: How intricate … (I’ll surely break this in 5 minutes)

Children’s laughter and we peer outside

Nenek! Please draw a picture of me! Draw me after her. Please!
Ok, ok Cuu. Let Nenek get finish this one first

F: Want an ice cream? My treat
M: Mmm .. of course! Uncle! Mixed ice cream for me and chocolate for him

Ok! Cone? Wafer? Cup? Take my picture with the Wall’s logo ah! Ehehehe

Hi Mummy! I wish you’d jump in here too! Its so much fun!

Brr …


Very mininal photoshopping done (except for the first desaturated image, the rest are photoshoppedo only for the black frames and white text and image resizing