Spotted in Rome : Phone Charging Stations

While we were in Euroma2, I noticed a kiosk where you could charge your phone. The screen will indicate which slot was empty. You create your own pin to open them. Charge your phones in Rome

Inside you’ll find various cables for different kinds of phones. You connect them together, close the door and have a meal or continue shopping. Charge your phones in Rome

I recounted to Cart at how time ago, while I was living in Singapore at how I was able to go to a random handphone shop and ask them to charge the phone for me for a few cents.

Coming back to the kiosk, I thought that was a good idea, though I’m not sure how many would use it in reality as I think that too many would feel anxious when parted with their phones. Charge your phones in Rome

Speaking of phone charging stations, Cart and I stumbled upon this kiosk at the Cipro Metro station – this one was interesting to me as it also distributes water, similar to the one we saw in Aguillara. Charge your phones in Rome

It distributes both naturale and frizzate for free though and I look forward to bringing my bottle to fill it up and give it a try. Charge your phones in Rome

And on the other side, there is a charging station and you lift up the flap to connect your cable in. Charge your phones in Rome

You’d have to  stay there the entire duration. But since the area is full of portals, I can just imagine that not many would complain as this would be the perfect place for playing ingress and farming!

My new running shoes!

I’ve been using my New Balance shoes so much that they were in very bad shape. Newtons Running Shoes Pop

I was forced to wear my old runnies which was a bad mistake. It was the most uncomfortable run – it felt clunky and heavy. And during my weekend long run, I had a bad blister and one of my nails turned black. This has never happened to me even when I was doing my marathon last year.

So Cart and I went to the nearest New Balance shop to get a replacement pair. Unfortunately for us, there were no Minimus shoes for sale. We were informed that the range is not sold in Italy any more. I wasn’t surprised though, as minimalist shoes aren’t popular here. They are still being sold in North America though.

The closest thing to a minimalist shoes that I remember are still being sold in Italy are Newtons. We went to a shop nearest to us and after a long deliberation, here are my new Newton Fate shoes! Newtons Running Shoes Pop

One try and I like how light they feel. The toe-box is roomy which is important to me so that I can move my toes and not feel cramped. The middle of the toes are raised up, which is the unique point for Newtons. They can feel strange at first wear. Newtons Running Shoes Pop

While I’m a size 37, I had to get these one size up as they are more comfortable for me. They cost 120 euro. Which I guess is cheaper than the distance elite which was what I was looking for, but not sold here. Can’t be too choosy I guess. Newtons Running Shoes Pop

These pair has a 4.5 heel cushion which is just slightly higher than my Minimus. But I’m pretty sure that wearing these will be much more comfortable than my old runnies. Newtons Running Shoes Pop

Anyway, I haven’t given them a real test run as I’ve been horribly sick this week. Training this time round has been quite tough on me. and I really don’t know if I will be in a good form for my run in late December. Kind of scared.

Ran 20km and I’m feeling half dead

As you’ve probably read in my earlier post, I’m currently training for the Singapore City Race. There are various categories in there – 8 km, 15 km, 25 km and 40 km.

I signed up for the 25 km one but I was training as if I was going for the 40 km one.  After all, I’ve already completed a marathon, I should be able to ace it for this one too right? Running in the CSS Run

Of course, the first few weeks it went smooth … but one month into my training, I’m just not feeling it. Maybe previously I haven’t been jogging for a while? Or maybe I’ve been over-training? Nevertheless, after my long run, my whole body aches all over and instead of being in a euphoric state, I’m in a bad mood and don’t feel motivated. At all. Training Plan 2015

So I guess it’s  much better for me to take a step back, take a break and let my body recover. In the meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to re-plan a new  training schedule. In any case, the worse is over, I’ve already done 20 km in my long run. I should be fine for the actual event 😛 Training Plan Endomondo 2015

Half dead after this particular run -_-

By the way, my New Balance Minimus is so worn out now. To the point that the sole is smoothed out.  I’ve been forced to run in my old runners and I hated the feeling. It feels so heavy and clunky. But what to do? I don’t have anything else.

I’ve been trying to find new ones to replace them. But it seems that in Italy, New Balance doesn’t stock them any more. I wasn’t too surprised though, as Minimalist shoes aren’t that popular in Italy.

I could check out if there are some for sale left in Singapore. I guess in the meanwhile, I’d have to continue running in my old clunkers.


Netflix arrives in Italy

While Netflix has been providing video streaming since 2008, the service has finally arrived in Italy with lots of fanfare. Netflix arrives in Italy

Netflix is basically a video streaming service where you could watch unlimited videos legally, on various platforms. While there are already other video streaming services in Italy, Netflix’s pricing is competitive, has a wide variety of shows and has subscriptions for multiple users in a single household at the same time.

So far, Cart and I are quite enamoured with it and we have been spending quite a fair bit of time (and social life)  exploring the various shows that it provided. We mainly watch them from our phones and our laptops. Netflix arrives in Italy

What’s great about Netflix is that even when we are out of Italy, we could still watch the shows in other countries as long as we had an internet connection. My theory is that the shows we watch will be different depending on our location, but I’m not completely sure of that. We’ll find out more when we reach Singapore in mid December.

I used to plug my laptop to the TV via HDMI which can be a hassle. Recently though, I got for us a Chromecast set which we plug to the television.

This device sort of makes our smartphone be an interactive TV Control and allows us to broadcast certain apps from our phones straight to the television. It’s so convenient. Even if you don’t use Netflix, if you haven’t one yet, I think you should get one.  And at 38 euro, it isn’t that expensive. Using Chromecast with Netflix

We used to have a HDMI dongle that converts our TV into a sort of a tablet. But I find Chromecast superior as it loads much faster and doesn’t bog down the internet connection too much. Plus, it’s much cheaper compared to the dongle which costs about 65 euro. Using Chromecast with Netflix

Anyway some of the shows which I’ve watched and enjoyed :


A lot more interesting compared to the movie with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner.

Orange is the new black

I didn’t get sucked into the hype but when I started watching it, I just couldn’t stop. I don’t think that I’d be able to watch season two though because of the finale. I don’t see how it can continue to be “Comedy”


This documentary was insightful on how intensive animal farming plays a huge part in pollution.

The True Cost

This is a show about fast fashion – and watching this, makes me feel compelled to get more clothes from independent seamstresses or second hand shops. Netflix arrives in Italy

One of the features I like is that the app keeps track of the shows that you’ve watched.

There are a lot more shows to explore – Narcos which has been recommended a lot, Under the Dome which should be interesting since it was written by Stephen King and Cart has been obsessed with Battlestar Galactica. He finds the series smart and very well written.  I can’t bear to watch it though, after seeing the first episode, I find the entire storyline is so depressing. I prefer watching comedies and light hearted shows.

Suffice to say, I’m loving the Netflix experience so far. I’m not sure how it works though, after a month does the videos rotate? Does new videos come in next month and older videos are taken down from streaming? Netflix arrives in Italy

Also, you can change the audio and subtitles to and from English to Italian as well as other languages where available. 

It didn’t seem that long ago when I went down to the DVD shop near my parent’s house and browsed through the jewel cases. It was like 10 dollars to rent 5 DVDs for a week. And then walk to the supermarket to get some junk food. Each weekend, we’d get together and watch a video. Things are so high-tech now.

P.s. If you’re using Telegram, there’s a bot which updates you on the videos that are available on Netflix according to your region. Just search for  ‘netflixnewsbot’.

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