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Marina’s Bloggariffic is a popular lifestyle blog that discusses about a multitude of topics such as beauty, food, relationships and travels.

Marina’s Bloggariffic has won the prestigious “Best Asian Blog in 2007” Award at, the world’s largest blog competition, as well as the 2008 Ping.Sg 2nd anniversary blog awards, Singapore’s most popular blog aggregate and was credited in the 2008 Omy Singapore blogawads.

Currently, my blog receives approximately 14 thousand hits a month, and read worldwide, with about 29% coming from Singapore, 16% from the United States and 15% from other countries like Italy, Malaysia and Canada.

Having being established since October 2004, topics written on Marina’s Bloggariffic has a high search engine ranking. A search for Carpisa on google for example, will have the first page lead you to my blog.

Marina’s Bloggariffic has been featured for blogger’s engagements such as the HP Touchsmart, Samsung Innov8, Lenovo S10 netbooks, HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, Revlon Mineral Cosmetics as well as others.

This blog has also been featured in several print news such as Sunday Times, The Straits times, New Paper and Berita Harian.

Marina’s bloggariffic uses many medium such as photos, video blogs, audio and is very interactive with her readers.