Pictures are fun

I was trying out some techniques from this instructional DVD.

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I borrowed ‘Photoshop for wedding photographers‘ at the library. It was kind of interesting the techniques that the author was telling. A tad bit on the corny side, the presentation, but generally overall, I liked it. A few ideas on what to do for some picture tips now.

Anyway, what a week! And where did it go to? How quickly time passes by and by a blink of an eye, the week is already over!

Suffered a heart palpitations at work when the portal was always creating problems for me. Where I work, the company encourages us to use the portal as much as possible. Thus, when one of the head of department wanted to use the portal for a survey for the secondary two’s, I thought that it would be a cinch since it was so easy to do.

When the day comes, students couldn’t log in because the portal was slow, and even when they managed to log in, they couldn’t submit the form! And there was even one class when the portal decided to do a maintenance right there and then!

Can you imagine how stressful it is when people arrows you when things went wrong? And the blame game begins. I really dislike that. Hope it all goes well come Monday.

Anyway, started on writing the newsletter for the school. It’s not completed, but looks good so far, I sorta like the look of the cork background that makes it look like a pin-up. I’m digging it. What do you think of it so far?

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It looks great Miss Marina!

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Oh yes, I second that!

So far, I’ve one response to the makeover for Wednesday, I think we’ll all have fun then! I wonder if Juli would bring her make-up box too? I’ll have to ask her about it, I’d like to take advantage of the lightings the instructor has provided. With Juli’s make-up savvy and my photography, we’ll do great. I just know it.

I’m completely addicted to Lost Bah! This is exactly why I don’t watch telley. I watch an episode, get hooked to it and now I cant stop downloading! Unfortunately, limewire is as slow as heck and it’s the same for bittorrent too. *pulls hair*

This is crazy.

I went through the same phase with Sex and the city. I’d leave the computer on overnight and watch the episodes once they are done and gleefully chuckle at others who weren’t fortunate enough to enjoy them.

I want my Lost episodes … Bwahh …*cries like a spoiled brat* Gimme gimme gimme! Waaahh!

Maybe I’ll go ask Clement, the technical assistant in school (and my newly appointed best friend at work aka BFAW) to burn the entire season for me. He’s got everything, including the Family Guy series that hasn’t even reached this shores yet.

It was raining when I went for a riding practise on Saturday. It was not easy to ride in the rain, I’ll have to say … everything was so slippery. Am not sure if it was the bike or the road but I skidded many times yesterday. That was quite dangerous! Imagine if it was on the main road. Not good.

Booked for a practise theory session on Wednesday before the actual Riding Theory Test on Thursday. Only then will I be able to take the actual Traffic Police Test to obtain the actual license if I pass.

This is taking too long. Not good.

Went to Sim Lim Square today to get my brother a new CPU. The specs of the new computer is way superior to my current compy.


It was nice anyway, having a day out with just the siblings only. Just a few pics.

Only 18 days more to go … It’ll be worth the wait 🙂