An onyx guardian after 4 years

Hi everyone! I’ve waited for a while to write this post and the day has actually arrived. So why not grab a cup of tea as you read this. Morticia drinking tea

I’ve finally reached 150 days.

For those of you who play ingress, there is this achievement called the guardian medal. And for those of you who don’t, why not give it a try to see if you like it. In theory this medal is simple to get. Capture a portal and keep it recharged for a certain amount of days – Bronze for 3 days, Silver for 10 days, Gold for 20 days … then the Platinum at 90 days and the Onyx at 150 days. Ingress Guardian Onyx

But in reality, it’s one of the most frustrating, annoying medal to get especially towards the platinum and the onyx. Because even if you travel to the most remote, hard to reach portal, your opponents would magically know when, and go out of their way to break your portals. And it’s always the same people who does it at exactly 140+ days.

Oh wow! How do they know exactly when to break it?

Shia Labeouf Magic GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It’s magic!

The hypocritical situation would be, is when you capture your neighbourhood and as long as you keep it recharged, stays that way for about 4 months till someone who actually lives there decides to come out of his hibernation to break it.


Earlier this year, the makers of Ingress, Niantic announced that they were implementing new rules – such as banning and terminating accounts of people who uses data scraping tools to hunt for guardian portals. While it did help decrease the amount of cheaters, it didn’t deter some of these people and instead they changed their gameplay to break these portals at around 135 days instead to avoid looking too obvious. Ingress Guardian

(This portal behind me reached 148 days)

Eventually, Niantic decided to solve this issue by rewarding users who have 80 days and above with the Platinum (instead of 90) and 140 days and above with the Onyx (instead of 150) medals – on the unanticipated date of the second of April. Imagine the uproar if would be if it were on the first instead. ūüėā

Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised at my new medal. Even though I’ve been playing ingress since March 2014, I’ve eventually given up any hope of getting that particular achievement because I’m an active player, making me a good target. And each time without fail, any of my portals reaching 140+ days would get smashed.

Which is why I’ve waited for today for writing this post. Even though I’ve already had the medal for over a month now, it feels quite meaningful. Ingress Guardian

I understand that that’s part of the gameplay – to break your opponent’s portal but waiting that long to smash it, is just bad sportsmanship.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for my nice new medal – its a nice addition and has helped me in my global ranking. The next Onyx medals that I’m working on is the Engineer and the Liberator. That’ll take me several months to complete, but I’m in no rush.

Before I end this post, guess what happened to these guardian hunters? Ever since I’ve gotten my medals, I very rarely see them logging in. It’s as if they’ve given up completely. It’s kind of sad actually, all those time, fuel and effort and for what? Rihanna twirls hair

Nyeh nyeh nyeh!

Unforgettable anomaly for Via Noir at Rome, Italy

It didn’t seem too long ago that we did the Via Lux anomaly and now Via Noir has arrived¬†and it was held in Rome!

This anomaly is especially memorable to me because it was held in my adopted home, conducted at nightfall (hence the “Noir“) and I was the lone scooter team going around the circumference of the playing area.

Thank you to all the organisers for your sacrifices! Thank you to all agents who came to fight for Rome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Trip to Cologne, Germany for the Via Lux Anomaly

Cart and I went to Cologne, Germany over the weekend for the Via Lux Anomaly. I had a very lovely time, and all of the locals that I’ve met there are so jawdroppingly¬†friendly and helpful that it had left such an impression on me.

I do wish that we had more time to experience this amazing city in more depth. And I hope that we visit again!

Germany, here I come!

Cart and I are going to Cologne, Germany in about two weeks time for the Via Lux anomaly¬†and we’re slowly getting ready for it¬†– the plane tickets bought, our Airbnb apartment booked and I’m even thinking of making some stickers to give out. Ordering Moo Stickers

Aren’t these cute? They are kind of expensive though at 46 euro for 156¬†pieces considering that they are quite small at 3.8 cm each. But if they turn out well, I might make more.

I’m looking forward to this trip. There are plenty of things to be seen – museums and architectures and I’ve read that there is even a chocolate museum there.

But you know what I’d really want to see? A trip to¬†their supermarkets. Yes, it sounds a little anticlimactic but I’ve always been curious ever since I’ve watched a video documenting how the goods there are cheaper compared to the ones in Italy. So that’ll be something interesting to compare.

Plus I’d like to visit at least one vegan joint there. I was looking through happycow the other day, and there is¬†this vegan burger place which (I think) isn’t too far away from our accomodation. Ingress Anomaly Obsidian Vienna

I¬†don’t speak German,¬†this will be interesting experience

If I had more time, I’d love to see things at a slower pace. But after my experiences, I have to be pragmatic. That’s the biggest issue with doing an anomaly – you’re so busy trying to orient¬†yourself in a new country, then you move all around the city by foot, your eyes are on the scanner for¬†most of the¬†day and you get so exhausted you just want to faint but when the next day comes, you’d have to rush to do the mission banner and then it’s time to fly back home. Toon!

Something better than nothing! Maybe I can take this experience as a recce?¬†And maybe one day I’ll even try to travel alone.

The NL1331 comes to Rome!

The NL-1331 van arrived in Rome yesterday for their first European tour. If you happen to be in the same area as one, you could get some free swag (normally a card with codes for your Ingress inventory) and you could also purchase the Van badge and kits if you wanted. NL1331 Van Ingress Europe Tour, Rome

These are the swag we got

I would have liked the Van badge, unfortunately it was all sold out two days before the event. Oh well.

The event was held in Eur, near¬†the ‘Square Colosseum’. Colosseo Quadrato, Rome Italy

Cart and I reached there slightly earlier than the stipulated time but there were already so many people there – both the Resistance and the Enlightened.

I was nice to catch up with some friends, some of which I haven’t met for a long time, like Aldo and Smyx who both transferred out of Rome for work.

Eventually the van drove up. It was so easy to spot out Рbeing all black with large white and silver decals around it. It was smaller than what I thought it would be though. NL1331 Van Ingress Europe Tour, Rome

As I knew that there were going to be loads of people, I took a bit more effort to look nice as I expected that there would be a lot of photo taking. NL1331 Van Ingress Europe Tour, Rome

And I had all the intention to take a lot of photos and selfies with friends – you know how some people take an effort to catch Pokemon? I wanted to try to catch as many agents as I could on my phone.

Unfortunately with a cross faction event,¬†and with the density of the portals here, as soon as I opened my scanner, I was in ‘face deploy’ mode – putting in resonators when the portals are blue or shooting it when green. Boy, do I have a problem! :p NL1331 Van Ingress Europe Tour, Rome

After everything has calmed down a little, was when I noticed that there was a new portal that didn’t exist before : NL1331 Van Ingress Europe Tour, Rome

I’m not sure how long this portal will last but I don’t believe that it will be a permanent one. It took a bit of hacking but at length, I managed to get a key as a souvenir. But looking at the first picture made me glad that I did. NL1331 Van Ingress Europe Tour, Rome

I am very amused.