I hate computers!

My computer is spoiled. Again. I’m typing this entry at work at the moment and at the same time trying to complete my literature essay and at the same time thinking of the materials for this afternoon’s IT lesson. Humm …

I reach home after monday’s night class and I found the door to my room unlocked. Strange. I always lock my door when I leave home. And I find my keyboard light on. I always switch the computer off when I’m done with it. I try to switch the computer on to read my email before I head to bed and I found this horrifying message.

Boot disk error

My heart just skipped a beat. Eek!

Then I try to reformat the computer and reinstalled XP.It wouldnt let me! It said

Hard disk may be damaged.


I spent practically every bit of my savings for the camera. I cant afford to fix the *&#*&$#* computer right now. Its like every time, I have a little bit of savings, the (#*(#&$*(#& computer spoils and I have to spend money to fix it.


I’m really (*#(&*#$(*#& pissed!

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  1. Ahh hah! no ghost there, seems some little fingers put hand on the computer, now to do a dna test to see which of little brothers did it.

    I do feel sorry for you, really I do. I have had my share of problems, maybe you can just fix it? Let it sit and think for a few days?

  2. Kucing Kurap : I’d rather have the ghost haunt me instead. So much more economical to pay the ghost buster compared to the cut throat prices that computer parts are being charged …arrr!!

    Paws : I could fix it if I knew how to, seems that my hd could be the one at fault here. Which is strange because I just got one in november – december …

    Anyways, the adage be of let them be guilty until proven innocent 😛

  3. Good adage, got to remember that one. I have a feeling, with the sleuthing you did. There really might be a button pushed wrong. HD’s don’t go out that fast, or die by someone fooling with the computer.

    Trying to cheer you up.

  4. Thanks for trying to cheer me up paws, you’ve always been such a sweetheart 🙂

    And thanks DJ, I doubt that I’d solve this problem inexpensively : Always breaks my heart when these kind of things happen. Wish I was rich. So many things that I could do … humm …

    In the meantime, com will still be down till next payday, I guess…

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