Gimme vogue!

Oh for goodness sakes. Compy decided to have a ‘hard disk error’ on wednesday. And at this current time of writing, my monitor decides to just freeze up and turn black. I hate computers!! … Gosh … if only I was sponsored by sony or fujitsu … I’d have a ball wrecking computers.

Currently borrowing an abandoned monitor from my brother’s desk and am now peering at the tiny resolution … its better than nothing.

Last thursday was a blast! My cousin, Fazillah came over for a photoshoot, along with her friends and Celest from my night class decided to come over too. It was great, and fun and totally crazy. We were laughing and joking and it was a lovely and relaxed mood.

I was having a hard time, trying to persuade people to come over for a photoshoot. Either they were too busy, too shy or just flat out refused to even give it a shot. Hellooo? Free makeover also dont want?

Juli was there! I was really happy to see that she was finally able to make it as the make up artist. Woohoo! She quickly set her materials up and got her magic started. I love the way she does her make up. Flawless and beautiful. Perfetto. Compared to other makeup artists I noticed whom would usually put on a mask of makeup, Juli’s style is lovely, fresh and radiant.

Come and look at some of the awesome pictures 🙂

Unfortunately, we didnt have much time to do the makeover. I didnt realise that makeup can take a while to do and we only had 2 hours for the photoshoot. So there wasnt much that I could do. I should have known better from Juli’s final practical

More stuff to update. But I’m having a stiff neck just trying to look at this monitor .. so we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, what do you think of the pictures? 🙂 My last and final photoshoot lesson is next thursday, so email me if you’re interested 🙂

Time for me to get ready for another photoshoot in chinatown later and a chillout session with Zila. Till then 🙂

In other news, coverlooks gave me two vouchers for a makeover. I’m going to ask Juli if she wants it. After all, its always her who is making the makeover, it would be nice that she’ll be the one being made over for once. 🙂

Can I have this look?

Image hosted by

Or this?

Image hosted by

I wanna make a “there’s something about Marina” banner

Photography in bugis

Went out the entire day with Fais on Sunday for an outdoor shoot with him.

Tried to call up Kathy but only got a voice message instead. So we proceeded anyway and here are some of the pictures that I took. I’m loving it 🙂

I’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot in Bugis Street where Masjid Sultan was. I found that the atmosphere there was like time stood still with the old shophouses and the people around.

Its like you’ve stepped back to the 1960’s. And then you notice the vehicles, the clothes of the other’s and the high rise buildings in the background.

We started at the fabric shops. Fais was admiring the beautiful cloths and we chatted with the people there. PR! Fais told me, its an added advantage to making someone stand out.

M: But I’m kinda shy … I get embarassed.
F: So? I’m a guy, and I feel shy to ask a girl to pose for me sometimes
M: What if they scold me?
F: They wont scold you if you knew the right ways
M: What are the right ways?
F: First, you have to ask permission first to see if they are willing

F:Sometimes, you have to guage if the person is friendly or no. When you talk to him you’ll see how his reaction to you and you respond appropriately.

Hello! You’re bringing a camera? Why arent you taking a picture of me?

F: There’s your chance knocking to you already! Go!
M : Uh .. Um .. Okay! Sure.


M: Want to see the pictures from the screen?

I like this one. Please send me the pictures. Here is my card.

F: See, that wasnt so hard was it?
M: I think I need more practise
F: Ah dont stress to much about it. Lets get a drink

Two ginger tea please. And may I take a picture of you? You look so cool.

Hi there, you’re adorable. Whats your name? Aww … Fadillah … bye bye Fadillah!

M: This is a cool shop, lets go in
F: Ok
M: Hi there, what is that you’re doing?

I’m beading a pair of baba shoes. It takes about 2 months to complete one

M: How intricate … (I’ll surely break this in 5 minutes)

Children’s laughter and we peer outside

Nenek! Please draw a picture of me! Draw me after her. Please!
Ok, ok Cuu. Let Nenek get finish this one first

F: Want an ice cream? My treat
M: Mmm .. of course! Uncle! Mixed ice cream for me and chocolate for him

Ok! Cone? Wafer? Cup? Take my picture with the Wall’s logo ah! Ehehehe

Hi Mummy! I wish you’d jump in here too! Its so much fun!

Brr …


Very mininal photoshopping done (except for the first desaturated image, the rest are photoshoppedo only for the black frames and white text and image resizing

The re-opening of Taman Jurong Community Center

30th July was the official launch of the re-opening of the Taman Jurong Community Centre.

With the immense amount of people that turned up at the event, it was a blast and felt so festive too. The streets were closed and there were street performance, fairs, and concerts and other activities that went together simultaneously. It was truly a night to remember.

When we started walking there, there were a few kids who were trying out the rock climbing display

Some kids tried the abseiling display. love abseling!

This girl here is drawing a lion statue

These are the displays done by all the various schools from the Jurong area

A lot of people crowding around!

Lions balancing on the 2 meter high poles

Cooking yummy stuff!

Delicious Japanese pizza

Yummy corn

Thousands and thousands of people watching the concert.

Watching the artwork

Girls competing with the biggest balloons.

Slyvester Sim was there

Sheik Haikal was there too

And Taufik was there, the highlight of the show.

What a lovely night!

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Runway photoshoot lesson and dinner with my classmates

I took these picture during last Wednesday’s photo-shoot session :

Oi! I said pay attention! Don’t clown around Marina!

Isn’t Zila super adorable? Zila agreed to be my model for Wednesday and her pics turned out pretty good. She wasn’t used to modelling, but was very curious, Fais, my photography instructor needed to direct her how to pose, and how to walk and then, she was groomed! Zila the model!

However, Zila was extremely hyperactive, and was jumping everywhere, and made a lot of funny faces and that seemed to make Fais a little giddy. *chuckles* It was too funny seeing the professional photographer at work, with the overly bubbly Zila.

I learnt how to do runway photo-shoot for today where there will be a moving subject walking back and forth. It wasn’t as simple since scientifically, when there is a specific source of light and a moving object, the lighting will effect how illuminated a person looks

Image hosted by

Thus, I’d have to change my aperture and I had to change it doubly fast since the subject is walking and wont wait for me, not like studio photography.

That’s where I found out where my awesome Canon EOS 350D has a minor fault to it. I had to press a button as well as press the slider at the same time to change the aperture so that meant that I had to waste time, putting the camera down to fiddle with it. Unlike the Nikon model where you could just use the slider to change the aperture immediately. :

You should just change your camera, Fais teased me. Yeah sure, and I made a face just like Zila.

Anyway, if there are anyone still keen, there are still the last two spots open for a free photo-shoot. Email me, makawaru(nospam)

When : 3rd August 2005

Where : Radin Mas Community Center (Tiong Bahru Mrt Station)

The Design and Technical room

Interesting week at work lately, teachers has been asking me to take photographs of them, their lessons, the school. Looks like they are taking advantage of the fact that I have an awesome 350D .. *chuckles* I don’t mind taking the pictures, honest. I just feel that I’m more of the Audio/Video/ crew more than an IT support.

I learnt how to shoot a video this week! That was pretty cool. A teacher, asked me to shoot a video of her lesson so that she could review the way she taught to improve herself. It was a hassle trying to find the (one and only) video camera in the school, trying to find Hi-8 tapes in the school (they didn’t provide it!)and finding the battery charger (yikes!) since the battery was all drained.

I learnt how to transfer the video from the cam to the camera, and then convert the video to a vcd format. I’m so proud of myself 🙂 I think I’ll try to find my Adobe Premier book from which I tried to learn a few years back. I could do loads of fun things with video, I’m sure.

And just in time for the school video awards too. Awesome! I remember Saiful, my ex colleage talking to me about collaborating to make a school video since he specialised in music and I could do IT and was describing some of the scenes and shots. We’re not working together any more, but the dream is still alive, I could do something about that.

Singapore’s national day is coming up soon, beautiful lights are put out right outside the streets where I would usually walk home from my train ride.

Brandon, Sunny, Nasir and Steve – Did they all plan to wear black tonight?

V is for peace!

I just came back from supper at Newton Circus with Rosdee, Diane and Christine after our night-class. I wouldn’t normally eat there with the super expensive price tag, but it was not everyday that we had a chat together.

We had fried kangkong and satay to eat communally and we were enjoying our supper when all of a sudden, Christine asked me “So, when are you getting married Marina?” “You ARE serious with him aren’t you? Have you made plans?” I didn’t know how to answer her. Rosdee tried to come to my rescue by asking me the same question in a more polite way, and that was when Christine replied back “I’m a forward person, I don’t believe in hiding things and I care about people and just want to know about them better”

She must have seen my face cringing up at the question and then she replied “I respect your privacy though” and we quickly found another topic to talk about.

And that was when the topic was diverted to religion. How Rosdee’s eyes were all lighted up and he began his speech.

Bla Bla Bla bla

Uh huh? Yeah

Bla bla bla bla bla! Hoo hee hoo hah! Huargh hee hah!

Hmm … Oklah

Are you making fun of me, Marina?

Wouldn’t dream of it. Peace! *laughs*

They are nice people. Diane tells me about her dream to become a lawyer, Rosdee wants a better life and so does Christine. I hope we all do good next year for our A level examinations. God willing. 🙂

Oh my goodness. Less than one week to go. I’m so excited! And I’m not even prepared!

You’re wanted!

Who : Someone who is not camera shy and loves to express emotions.
When : 7.30pm, 20th and 27th July and 3rd August

Where : Radin Mas Community Center (Tiong Bahru Mrt Station)

I cant pay you with moolah, but you’ll have loads of fun and can add these pictures to your portfolio. Your pictures will be given to you via digital format. Email me, makawaru(nospambot)

Okay, time to pass out now. I’ll update more during the weekends 🙂 Goodnight!

Marina’s Debut

Picture of Rudy and Fais from my photography class

Am feeling quite tired now that I’ve started working. its definitely a change with the new routine of having to wake up early and get to work in the morning. Working all afternoon and then going to night classes straight away and study till late evening … Only reaching home at about 11.15pm or so. The same thing would be the same for the next day almost every weekday.

Anyways, been spending the week being trained about the proceedures about the company and now I’m attached to Shuqun Secondary School.

What I liked about the school was that it only took about 30 minutes to go there and I had a direct bus there too. Not bad. I dont have to suffer seat numbness, in the long bus journeys to the new school now.

I met the current trainer that I would be replacing. His name is Farid.

Farid’s a very friendly, and knowledgeable person. He patiently showed me the school, introduced me to some of the staff of the school there, the company portal and the duties that I was supposed to do.

So much to do! *stretches*

Anyway, there was a teachers meeting today and Farid took the chance to make it to be my debut to the entire staff. I took to chance to snap some pictures of the staff there too.

New people to meet and introduce all over again … I really miss West spring my kids, the teachers and staff there … Sigh …

But anyway, the amazing thing is, that I chanced upon a lady and I looked at her, hey .. she looks pretty familliar and she looked at me and thought the same too.

“Were you from Bukit View Secondary School?”
“I think you taught me english or literature”

Her name is Mrs Silva and if thats not amazing, just a few minutes after that I chanced upon another lady

“Mrs Soong!” I cried out! Mrs Soong was my science teacher back while I was in Bukit View Secondary. She was a wonderful teacher, so enthusiastic and dynamic. I enjoyed her lessons tremendously.

Well, I wonder how life would be like in the new school. We’ll just have to see.

Bwahh ..what happened to my photography skills? Everything went bad. All of the pictures are blur!

And some of the pictures are much too underexposed!


And then Rudy showed me how to increase the ISO and reduce the aperture and shutter speed. Ohh … And the pictures looked much nicer … A little too late when the model was gone ..but ah well, its learning through mistakes …

Here are a few of the nicer pictures. I increased the ISO to 1600 and set the Aperture to 20 with a shutter speed of 4.5 and it seemed nice even without the use of the studio flash. Lovely. Lovely. I’ll have to try this technique more.

Well, thats all for now, I’m going to pass out on the bed first.

Let there be light!

Wow, yesterday’s photography lesson was quite interesting. We were shown lightings and how it affects the subject matter. Very facinating. For example, without changing the settings of the camera at all with a few adjustment of the camera, one could do these type of pictures.

I love this dramatic lighting. It is done by using a snoot light.

Meet Rudy!

Yeah yeah yeah Marina … I’ll get you the next time …

With the aide of different type of diffusers and reflectors, one could do changes like these (absolutely no photshopping was done on any of these pictures)

Direct light

Diffused light

With reflector in front


Went to riding practise today after a week’s hiatus and to my horror, I find myself not as apt at riding … goodness .. I kept wobbling! And my goodness, my bike even stalled at the crank course! Holy toot! And it stalled at the plank too … Erghh!! I felt so inadequate … I had better buck up before my actual riding test this monday!

Am really starting to feel dry right now, after paying for another riding session and paying the net bills … Checked my bank account and saw that it was still not credited for my previous month yet … *heart aches*

I was starting to feel a little restless with all the resume sending and no reply. I complained to Rosdee, who was online, when I had a call this afternoon from a company asking me to come down for an interview tomorrow. Amazing … What a pleasant surprise … Lets see how it goes tomorrow 🙂

My interesting first photography lesson

Sent my resume for a couple of companies, I hope to hear a reply from them, one of the post I was very interested in was the teaching of graphic arts and multimedia to primary and secondary school students. Ever since, I started teaching in secondary schools, I’ve always loved graphic arts and multimedia. I’m definitely most enthusiastic about flash animations. I love the colour and the simplicity of the program.

These are some of the examples that I personally created for some of my lessons

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Not bad for an untrained huh? Well, I’m looking forward to a reply from the company. I’m not really expecting a reply though, but it would be wonderful if I got a call.

I was just surfing through ‘best blogs in asia’ and submitted Marina’s Bloggariffic just for the fun of it, when I stumbled across a particular blog that really caught my eye.

Image hosted by

Maybe it was the really adorable cat banner, or the wonderful images that the creator has posted. I really liked the blog very much. It’s in Malay, and I like her conversational style of writing.

Interesting first time night class I went to yesterday. I took the train to Tiong Bahru mrt and took the bus 195 to reach Radin Mas Community Centre. I wasn’t familiar with the southern part of the area but it was really heartening to see that there were people who was always ready to help when one asks them. 🙂

I met two other people in the course, Kathy, who was a mother who snaps picture for different type of sports and Rudy, a portrait photographer.

We were taught by Faiz, a photographer who has about 10 years of experience, and from his portfolio, has taken many pictures of Asian Celebrities. It looked beautiful, these pictures.

I loved listening to Kathy and Rudy speak, they have such lovely accents and were wonderfully friendly. I think we’re gonna have a great class ahead.

We learnt about the basic parts of a camera, apertures, and shutters and the many different types of cameras that are used in the industry. Faiz, tells us that the lens used for the SLR are very important. He showed us the modular camera too, which was easily interchangeable. But the more I listen to him talk, the more my heart nearly jumped out when he mentioned the costs of the parts of the camera that he uses – 8k for just the lens alone. Ouch. I quite like the tamron lens though, that I used for the photoi excursion.

Anyway, going to end here for the moment, hopefully I’d have time for a run before I head out for the Buskers Opera later tonight.

Juli’s make-up graduation and my photoi esplanade trip

Always Jurong girl at heart. The beautiful illumination from the HDB blocks reflected on Jurong Lakeside.

I had to rest the entire afternoon as I was completely exhausted after Thursday’s night drama with the company, Friday’s afternoon fiasco then night class and spending the day at Juli’s final make up practical and then spending today’s afternoon at the esplanade photo-shoot. I could hardly keep my eyes open while talking to Cart.

Anyway Saturday, was Juli’s final make up practical. It was so exciting for me, I remember accompanying Juli to register at Cosmoprof and I remember her telling me about how she had to rush from work in a cab every Tuesday and Thursday for her course and now it was already her final practical. How quickly the months go by. I’m sure that she’ll feel a change starting next week with no classes.

I dropped by Paradiz Center at Dhoby Ghaut at about 11 am and I already saw Juli working on a model. She looked busy and focused at the task at hand.

Juli introduced me to her, Siti was her name. They met while they were in a Thailand trip. Siti looked at me and said that I looked very familiar. Were you from Jurong Mendaki when you were primary six? She asked me. I stared at her and wondered how she knew. It’s me! We were classmates then. And we chatted about how we were the only girls in a class full of boys, our tutor, Ms Fauziah who we loved so much. She said that I was very tall and thin then. I don’t know where I kept the group picture of us though but I only found this.

That’s Siti on the extreme right, me. Was I really *that* skinny?

After a couple of minutes, Juli was done! And here was how Siti looked like afterwards.

Isn’t she pretty? I love the day make-up done on her. One thing about Malay bridal make up which I wasn’t fond of is how thickly slapped on it was, making the bride looking unnatural. This looked lovely to me.

Then it was Hema’s turn

Beautiful, Beautiful! I love it.

There were a lot of activity in the Cosmoprof room with a lot of other graduates doing their make up too. When the models were done being made up, there were supposed to queue up for the professional studio photographer for the student’s portfolio.

There were also things that made me chuckle:

This was the make-up artist for the creative make-up. One of her models looked like he was violently punched and the other aged. It was just too funny to see them role playing as if they were father and son. The father being a violent man and the poor abused son.

This lady here is a runaway bride. See her running shoes and jeans. All ready to run away from the altar!

And me.

We ended at about 6 pm or so. It was tiring day for me, I am sure that Juli felt more exhausted than I was. But I was really proud of her and I know that we would do well.


I kind of overslept and was about half an hour late to the PhotoI field trip. I tried out the Lenses that was sponsored by Tamron and I love it! Pity that I could only use it for an hour. I couldn’t try out every one of the different lenses due to the large tunrout.

I am very impressed by the Af18-200mm zoom lens. It had a large range and shoots really fast! Here are a few unedited shots (mainly because I’d like to complete this blog asap and rest)

cant you let me eat in peace, marina?

The magnificent Durian


Goodness … 2.30 am already! I’m going to bed already. Goodnight!

Ahem just one more picture since I’m egocentric 😛

Snapshots in Pasir Ris

A quick post before I start the day. Mum has been very involved with the resident comittee and organized a picnic for the zone c residents of Taman Jurong at Pasir Ris yesterday. I tagged along. I could snap some pictures too.

Compared to the snapshots from the Japanese Garden, I thought that I’d try more people expression shots this time. So here are a few unposed pictures :)Bigger version of the pictures here Unphotochopped.

Its times like these, I realise that I would like an even more zoom angle lens for my camera. There were some shots that I couldnt take. Like zooming in to a scurrying iguana. Even the macro shot of the bee on the flower that I tried to snap wasnt large enough. Hmm …