Let there be light!

Wow, yesterday’s photography lesson was quite interesting. We were shown lightings and how it affects the subject matter. Very facinating. For example, without changing the settings of the camera at all with a few adjustment of the camera, one could do these type of pictures.

I love this dramatic lighting. It is done by using a snoot light.

Meet Rudy!

Yeah yeah yeah Marina … I’ll get you the next time …

With the aide of different type of diffusers and reflectors, one could do changes like these (absolutely no photshopping was done on any of these pictures)

Direct light

Diffused light

With reflector in front


Went to riding practise today after a week’s hiatus and to my horror, I find myself not as apt at riding … goodness .. I kept wobbling! And my goodness, my bike even stalled at the crank course! Holy toot! And it stalled at the plank too … Erghh!! I felt so inadequate … I had better buck up before my actual riding test this monday!

Am really starting to feel dry right now, after paying for another riding session and paying the net bills … Checked my bank account and saw that it was still not credited for my previous month yet … *heart aches*

I was starting to feel a little restless with all the resume sending and no reply. I complained to Rosdee, who was online, when I had a call this afternoon from a company asking me to come down for an interview tomorrow. Amazing … What a pleasant surprise … Lets see how it goes tomorrow 🙂