Marina’s Debut

Picture of Rudy and Fais from my photography class

Am feeling quite tired now that I’ve started working. its definitely a change with the new routine of having to wake up early and get to work in the morning. Working all afternoon and then going to night classes straight away and study till late evening … Only reaching home at about 11.15pm or so. The same thing would be the same for the next day almost every weekday.

Anyways, been spending the week being trained about the proceedures about the company and now I’m attached to Shuqun Secondary School.

What I liked about the school was that it only took about 30 minutes to go there and I had a direct bus there too. Not bad. I dont have to suffer seat numbness, in the long bus journeys to the new school now.

I met the current trainer that I would be replacing. His name is Farid.

Farid’s a very friendly, and knowledgeable person. He patiently showed me the school, introduced me to some of the staff of the school there, the company portal and the duties that I was supposed to do.

So much to do! *stretches*

Anyway, there was a teachers meeting today and Farid took the chance to make it to be my debut to the entire staff. I took to chance to snap some pictures of the staff there too.

New people to meet and introduce all over again … I really miss West spring my kids, the teachers and staff there … Sigh …

But anyway, the amazing thing is, that I chanced upon a lady and I looked at her, hey .. she looks pretty familliar and she looked at me and thought the same too.

“Were you from Bukit View Secondary School?”
“I think you taught me english or literature”

Her name is Mrs Silva and if thats not amazing, just a few minutes after that I chanced upon another lady

“Mrs Soong!” I cried out! Mrs Soong was my science teacher back while I was in Bukit View Secondary. She was a wonderful teacher, so enthusiastic and dynamic. I enjoyed her lessons tremendously.

Well, I wonder how life would be like in the new school. We’ll just have to see.

Bwahh ..what happened to my photography skills? Everything went bad. All of the pictures are blur!

And some of the pictures are much too underexposed!


And then Rudy showed me how to increase the ISO and reduce the aperture and shutter speed. Ohh … And the pictures looked much nicer … A little too late when the model was gone ..but ah well, its learning through mistakes …

Here are a few of the nicer pictures. I increased the ISO to 1600 and set the Aperture to 20 with a shutter speed of 4.5 and it seemed nice even without the use of the studio flash. Lovely. Lovely. I’ll have to try this technique more.

Well, thats all for now, I’m going to pass out on the bed first.

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