Juli’s make-up graduation and my photoi esplanade trip

Always Jurong girl at heart. The beautiful illumination from the HDB blocks reflected on Jurong Lakeside.

I had to rest the entire afternoon as I was completely exhausted after Thursday’s night drama with the company, Friday’s afternoon fiasco then night class and spending the day at Juli’s final make up practical and then spending today’s afternoon at the esplanade photo-shoot. I could hardly keep my eyes open while talking to Cart.

Anyway Saturday, was Juli’s final make up practical. It was so exciting for me, I remember accompanying Juli to register at Cosmoprof and I remember her telling me about how she had to rush from work in a cab every Tuesday and Thursday for her course and now it was already her final practical. How quickly the months go by. I’m sure that she’ll feel a change starting next week with no classes.

I dropped by Paradiz Center at Dhoby Ghaut at about 11 am and I already saw Juli working on a model. She looked busy and focused at the task at hand.

Juli introduced me to her, Siti was her name. They met while they were in a Thailand trip. Siti looked at me and said that I looked very familiar. Were you from Jurong Mendaki when you were primary six? She asked me. I stared at her and wondered how she knew. It’s me! We were classmates then. And we chatted about how we were the only girls in a class full of boys, our tutor, Ms Fauziah who we loved so much. She said that I was very tall and thin then. I don’t know where I kept the group picture of us though but I only found this.

That’s Siti on the extreme right, me. Was I really *that* skinny?

After a couple of minutes, Juli was done! And here was how Siti looked like afterwards.

Isn’t she pretty? I love the day make-up done on her. One thing about Malay bridal make up which I wasn’t fond of is how thickly slapped on it was, making the bride looking unnatural. This looked lovely to me.

Then it was Hema’s turn

Beautiful, Beautiful! I love it.

There were a lot of activity in the Cosmoprof room with a lot of other graduates doing their make up too. When the models were done being made up, there were supposed to queue up for the professional studio photographer for the student’s portfolio.

There were also things that made me chuckle:

This was the make-up artist for the creative make-up. One of her models looked like he was violently punched and the other aged. It was just too funny to see them role playing as if they were father and son. The father being a violent man and the poor abused son.

This lady here is a runaway bride. See her running shoes and jeans. All ready to run away from the altar!

And me.

We ended at about 6 pm or so. It was tiring day for me, I am sure that Juli felt more exhausted than I was. But I was really proud of her and I know that we would do well.


I kind of overslept and was about half an hour late to the PhotoI field trip. I tried out the Lenses that was sponsored by Tamron and I love it! Pity that I could only use it for an hour. I couldn’t try out every one of the different lenses due to the large tunrout.

I am very impressed by the Af18-200mm zoom lens. It had a large range and shoots really fast! Here are a few unedited shots (mainly because I’d like to complete this blog asap and rest)

cant you let me eat in peace, marina?

The magnificent Durian


Goodness … 2.30 am already! I’m going to bed already. Goodnight!

Ahem just one more picture since I’m egocentric 😛

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  1. Wow, many thanks DJ 🙂 Super busy yes. Energy? Actually I feel more tired than ever before, but I try to manage my best. Something I’ve got to do 🙂

    Krysss!!! *chuckles* I *TOOK and SNAPPED* them myself 😛 Hmmmph!!

  2. The photo shoots of the make up sessions were good. Somehow you seem to strike me as better with people and expressions most.

    Oh no don’t keep us in suspense. Drama with the company and the night class? himm soap opera time?

  3. paws : I dont know, would I be sued for slander if I told my story in here?

    Hello wishful, thanks for the comment. How are you?

  4. Hi Marina,
    I’m ok , same old same old eh 🙂 How about you ? I see you have a new camera and are quite good with it already! Love your Blog, It always amazes me how you manage to put your thoughts into text and always be interesting to read. I wish I could do that, it is a talent for sure, maybe you should consider writing a book :):)Heck You will soon need a file cabinet just to keep your resume in..with all the things you know how to do 🙂 What did you think about the Daz link? free cool program, just for joining the site. Hey if you get a chance, and want to…. send me an email ok…have missed chatting with you. Wishful 🙂

  5. I think Juli’s very satisfied with what they taught. Well, I never heard her complain. Juli specifically chose cosmoprof since its the leading make up school. when you think of make up, immediately the name cosmoprof comes out.

    Compared to the other schools that might be cheaper, there hasnt been a brand name to it.

    coverlooks is another one I reckon, but I’m not sure how good the makeup course there is.

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