Gimme vogue!

Oh for goodness sakes. Compy decided to have a ‘hard disk error’ on wednesday. And at this current time of writing, my monitor decides to just freeze up and turn black. I hate computers!! … Gosh … if only I was sponsored by sony or fujitsu … I’d have a ball wrecking computers.

Currently borrowing an abandoned monitor from my brother’s desk and am now peering at the tiny resolution … its better than nothing.

Last thursday was a blast! My cousin, Fazillah came over for a photoshoot, along with her friends and Celest from my night class decided to come over too. It was great, and fun and totally crazy. We were laughing and joking and it was a lovely and relaxed mood.

I was having a hard time, trying to persuade people to come over for a photoshoot. Either they were too busy, too shy or just flat out refused to even give it a shot. Hellooo? Free makeover also dont want?

Juli was there! I was really happy to see that she was finally able to make it as the make up artist. Woohoo! She quickly set her materials up and got her magic started. I love the way she does her make up. Flawless and beautiful. Perfetto. Compared to other makeup artists I noticed whom would usually put on a mask of makeup, Juli’s style is lovely, fresh and radiant.

Come and look at some of the awesome pictures πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, we didnt have much time to do the makeover. I didnt realise that makeup can take a while to do and we only had 2 hours for the photoshoot. So there wasnt much that I could do. I should have known better from Juli’s final practical

More stuff to update. But I’m having a stiff neck just trying to look at this monitor .. so we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, what do you think of the pictures? πŸ™‚ My last and final photoshoot lesson is next thursday, so email me if you’re interested πŸ™‚

Time for me to get ready for another photoshoot in chinatown later and a chillout session with Zila. Till then πŸ™‚

In other news, coverlooks gave me two vouchers for a makeover. I’m going to ask Juli if she wants it. After all, its always her who is making the makeover, it would be nice that she’ll be the one being made over for once. πŸ™‚

Can I have this look?

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Or this?

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I wanna make a “there’s something about Marina” banner

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  1. If your disk is failing you need a Knoppix CD. It’s free, just go to the site, download it, burn it, and keep it with you.

    Next time your computer gives up, stick the CD in and reboot. You will have a fully functional Linux computer that is not touching your hard drive. Go online, write stuff, do things, and even get files from your hard drive if it’s alive at that moment.

    No change is ever made to your hard disk. The only catch is that you have to save all your work somewhere online, as you cannot save it to the CD. If it sounds complex, just try it, you will be in heaven and you KNOW I know what heaven is all about.

    And I never said this, but it will even get around restrictions your computer admins may have placed upon…cough cough….

  2. Heya krysss thanks for the suggestion. Havent tried it out yet though. I was at the website and the link showed me alot of links inside. What do I download? The iso? Everything? Then burn it to a disk and it will be bootable? I’m not too familliar with ISO’s. What kind of restrictions do you mean?

  3. Just one file.

    This link will get you straight to the ISO. It’s 712MB so be patient.

    Once you have it, use any burning software to make a new CD from it. It is a bootable disk. Most computers will boot from a CD. If not the bios can be altered easily, but thats a detail not to worry about until you need it.

    The restrictions I referred to were computer administrator policies. This CD means you can use the computer without any restrictions at all. You have all the features that are on the CD, at your disposal, such as web browsing, document creation, even a few games, and LOTS of other programs.

    You still have access to your original hard drive if you need it. However, by default NOTHING on the original hard drive can be changed, so this CD is super safe.

    1. Download ISO
    2. Burn ISO to a CD
    3. Insert CD in computer
    4. Reboot computer
    5. Wonder how you ever lived without it

    The same CD will work in many different computers.

  4. hiya krysss,

    I downloaded the link like you told me to, and I burned the iso into a software. And then I restarted the compy with the cd inside it.

    Nothing happened.

    Nothing happened for cartcart either.

    Are we doing anything wrong?


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