Hello Singapore! Part 4

Saturday morning, I thought that I’d drop by to see the wonderful people of Tech65 during their live recordings.

The group usually recorded at Geek terminal, however I’ve been told that its been closed down. So a quick check on twitter shows that they are having it in the new Hackerspace instead.

It wasn’t difficult getting there since Arab Street was one of my favourite place to go to in Singapore. Unfortunately, by the time that Cart and I arrived, the group has already finished their recording. Also, a number of the members wasn’t there. Daniel was in Hong Kong, Nicole was away. But I did managed to meet dear Fari who was still as adorable as ever as well as the amiable Justin who was one of the co-owners of Hackerspace.

Fari showed us around Hackerspace and I saw a very interesting looking area. At first glance, it looked like a spa where you could get massages or get your nails done since there were draperies everywhere. But in reality, members could do their work in a quiet environment.

So quiet that we chanced upon this :

DK sleeping
A sleeping DK. Hehehe

Cart and I stayed a while to join in the Android enthusiasts gathering and it was really amusing to see all the coders trying to get the answer right for the Dont forget the lyrics game.

Miccheng Amused
Miccheng is amused

I have to admit that I was really horrible. I had my trusty S10 with me. So I googled the lyrics and nudged the competitors with the answers.

We said our goodbyes and Spai joined us later for lunch. I suggested that we had lunch at Cafe Le Caire since the food that I had there the last time was really tasty.

Unfortunately, this time round. The standards has really dropped. The service was so slow. It probably took a good 20 minutes till there was someone to serve us. Even then when I asked the server about the food, he didn’t know anything! Oh horrors!

Cafe Le Caire

The worst part is, I didn’t liked anything that was served.

Wedding bears

I spotted these cute wedding bears that I stumbled upon on our way to go to Funan Center. Speaking of weddings, Cart and I stumbled upon a wedding shop and I saw a very beautiful wedding gown. Cart said, “You like that dress? Well, those days are over now”.

I passed my new namecards to Tommyprint which I’ve edited with Italian words and ordered 300 copies. Although now that I think about it … why even bother? I’ve never been to any Italian events ever. I even missed the Rome blogfest that was held last year. Hopefully this year would be better 🙂

Anyway, we headed back to Arab Street to have dinner at El Sheik with a couple of my wonderful blogger friends : Nicole, Xinyun, CC, Lycan, Foxtwo.

El Sheik

It was a lovely dinner. But it was too bad that they didn’t do their mixed appetizers any-more though.

I don’t remember what we talked about, but I remember that it was really nice hanging out with them. Xinyun and Nicole even handed me gifts and it made me so emotional that I really teared up after that.

Nicole, Xinyun and Rinaz

Later on, we adjourned to this place called Coffee Culture, I think. Passing through Arab Street at night is an experience. Smelling the sweet smoke emanating from Shisha’s. And soon after, we reached the coffee place.

I had a really nice coffee with ice cream on top.

My kopi

And then, CC went to the display shelf and took out a deck of cards. And interestingly, the first card that he pulled out was this :


The next day, Cart, Spai and I got ready to head to Royal Copenhagen Tea House for a little bloggers gathering.

What was supposed to be a chichi experience turned out very different though. Things didnt seem to start well. The first thing that Spai noticed was a scary looking lady with tattoes and too tight revealing clothes drinking tea. To me, my visions of having a queenly, upperclass, royal tea faded as soon as we entered the dining area.

It was SO noisy! Like hawker center! In fact, I’ve seen crowded hawker centers which was more quieter than this.

The only saving grace was that the food was pretty good.

Food at Royal Copenhagen!

I liked everything that I had, especially the scones. It was pretty delightful. Maybe the next time that we head back to Singapore, maybe we could go and have high tea at Fosters instead 🙂

Anyway, it was nice meeting my friends again – there was Daphne, Furry, Jean, Alice, Brokenshardz, Hendri and Aaron.

Here are a couple of shots of us :

Nick and Daphne

Furry Photos and Hello Kitty

Spai and Aaron

Spai and Aaron

Alice and Jean

Alice and Jean


Tstar looking at her scone

Rinaz and Cart

And here is Cart being action shy.

Later on we said our goodbyes and headed to Coffee club. I just couldn’t take the incessant noise at Royal Copenhagen.

Rinaz and Cart

And here is Brokenshardz, Hendri and Aaron talking about sociology. It was interesting and yet horrifying to hear of people being in danger and yet no one is moved enough to do anything.

I had a similar incident, but thankfully, it wasnt as serious.

The next day, my best friends Juli and Hema asked us out for dinner at Juli’s favourite Indonesian restaurant in Lucky Plaza. Ooh. The food was so good that I forgot to take pictures of my friends!

Indonesian Food at Lucky Plaza

It was so good that I’m having mild palpitations just looking at this picture. And the waitress was so kind and friendly too. Once she found out that Cart was vegetarian, she took special care not to mix the food together and even offered to separate the meat products from being added in the gravy. And Cart could try Indonesian food! 100 points for being so nice.

Pupa Puppets

I got my best ladies a couple of Pupa cosmetics and till this day, I feel like kicking myself for not taking a video as they were pulling out the presents. Cos all through the while, they started to argue at who had the cutest present. LOL!

And we adjourned to Orchard’s new mall, the ION where of course us ladies headed straight to the magical land of Sephora. Cart’s already lost me by the time we stepped in as we ooohed and aaahed at all the branded cosmetics. Hema was looking at the Benefit cosmetics, Juli was looking at Bare Escentuals and I was hypnotised at the brushes that Sephora had. So many!

I was trying to be frugal since I still have quite a bit of mekap that I’ve yet to finish. But I couldn’t help but get a couple of items.

Mac Items

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now a Mac Whore.

Sidenote : Speaking of whores … I just made a fan page! Yes I am now carrying my own basket so go on and join my fan page 😛

Hello Singapore! Part 3

The next weeks just passed by in a blur. There were so much to do!

Thankfully, my brother took good care of my scooter so Cart and I could zip around without having to wait for public transportation. Although, my baby scooter looks a lot different compared to the last time I saw it.

This :

As compared to this :

White isn’t my first choice on a vehicle 😛

Most of the days were spent mostly by catching up with friends and relatives and to tackle a couple of bureaucratic issues. Like my Italian Visa expiring.

We headed to the Italian Embassy to ask for advice. And this is what I found.

Italian Embassy in Singapore

Ehm. They only work 2 hours a day?

Anyway, a quick check with the lady inside the counter assured us that since I’ve already gotten my Permesso di soggiorno, there is no need for me to apply for another visa. Thus, even if I change to a new passport (since mine would be expiring in May) it’ll be a non issue.

Since the Italian embassy was located in United Square, we decided to walk around the shopping center where we stumbled upon Pastamania – An Italian Fast Food franchise.

I was stunned.

But I guess Cart wanted to experiment.

Cart looking at Pastamania Menu

I guess its the same for me. Back in Rome, I’m tempted to visit Asian restaurants to see how they match up to the restaurants in Singapore. (So far, it has been an interesting experience)

Spinning pizza

And in retrospect, Cart found his experience in Pastamania to be an interesting experience too. It wasn’t bad. But Cart is very particular about his pasta being Al Dente. For me, I think that the Spinach Tortellini that I had then was a lot different compared to just a couple of years ago … What telah happen?!

Anyways, coincidentally, Jerrick buzzed me, asking if we were free to meet. And we had lunch together followed by a nice tea and cakes later on.

Tea and Cakes

It was really lovely to meet Jerrick again. We chatted and caught up with each other since the last time that we met in November and March. And I was amazed. Because we meet up more in the year than me meeting my family or best friends 😛

Later in the middle of the week, we met up with fellow blogger, Wishbone. It was really nice talking to her. I think the last time that we met was at the Samsung event and I remember we taking pictures together for the challenge.

It was lovely at how easy it was talking to each other. And Wishbone helped to spree a couple of outfits for me. Whee!


Its a lot more beautiful in real life than in pictures. Although I still stand on my opinion that blogshops clothes are meant more for petite sized women than *coughs* voluptuous *coughs* women like me. For dress that was supposed to be free sized, I could wear it, but it could hardly cover my bum, so its worn as a top instead :

By the way, Cart spotted this at Coffee Bean, where Wishbone and us chatted.

Panettone at Coffee Bean

Panettone is a seasonal treat that gets popular during the Christmas season. The one at Coffee Bean wasn’t my favourite though. It was just much too dry. One taste and I didn’t want any more. Good thing was that their cheesecake was as yummy as ever 🙂

Oooh … and speaking of food, I thought that it would be nice to have a family meal out together. My parents prefer hawker centre fare so we headed to Ayer Rajah Hawker Center for some noms.

Taking the bus

Its been a while since we took the SBS. And I looked at TV Mobile set which fast approaching its demise. Its too bad I suppose since it was entertaining to watch during those long and boring bus journeys. But if it was possible to have cheaper bus tickets if there were no TV Mobile sets in the busses, I’d rather go without them.

Speaking of which, Cart and I were contemplating on changing our ezlink card since Singapore is using a new type of card since October. But I wasn’t sure if it was still valid for us to convert our old card to the new ones anyway?

Eating at Ayer Rajah Food Center

Anyway, when we reached the food center, all of us whacked pretty much everything. My parents had Indian rojak. Cart had his Vegetarian Nasi Goreng, and I had my Ayam Penyet. And we still had room later for a kebab made by a Moroccan dude.

Too bad that I didn’t get to eat all my heart’s desire. There were so many local food that I wanted to eat. Like Sop Tulang!

Ehm. Maybe in December 2010.

Hello Singapore! Part 2

The next day, I was up relatively early on a Saturday morning. Cart was still sleeping. I was still feeling woozy from the jet lag was but excited to start the day, I got up.

My mum was already getting ready to go for her morning walks at the park near the house and I took the chance to join her.

Park in Singapore
An old shot I took of the park back on its opening day

One of my biggest fear of returning back to Singapore was that I would lose my immunity to the Singapore heat. It was a beautiful morning but already, I could feel a slight discomfort at the morning rays piercing through my skin. I pushed on and continued my walk for the next 30 minutes or before feeling a sense of respite when it was time to get back.

My mum was already being busy in the kitchen and she proceeded to stuff me with freshly made epok-epok. Of course, not having eaten mum’s home cooked food, I had a really big appetite. Cart and I ate about 3 large epok-epok each at one go.

Still rather lethargic, we took it slow and easy at home.

Cart gave my family some seasonal Italian sweets like the Panettone, Pandoro and Torrone. While I gave the ladies of the house a couple of cosmetics.

Medium Puposka doll

Like this cute puposka doll that I bought from Pupa. Mum looked extremely excited at opening the doll, seeing the different colours. I guess all women have this trait.

Later on, we set up the Wii set that we brought with us. I got it last year from Sim Lim Square to play in Italy thinking it was a universal device. Despite the assurance from the salesman saying that all Wii games are compatible regardless of region, the wii wouldn’t detect the PAL format that Italy uses. So, might as well donate it to the family.

Raving Rabbids

And we played Raving Rabbits! It was such a silly game.

Later in the afternoon, my mum who is currently active volunteering for the neighbourhood zone, invited me over to some belated Hari Raya Karaoke meet at the community centre.

Spot something interesting here

I met up with a number of my mum’s friends. It was interesting seeing aunties again, us talking in Malay, and watching them have fun karaoke-ing with Hari Raya songs. There was a pot-luck so I stuffed myself with a lot of home cooked food. And then the inevitable question was thrown at me.

“Any good news?”

“When are you going to have a baby?”

“Are you pregnant yet?”

In any-case later on, my siblings decided on having a day out and we went to Jurong Point.

So much changes since the last time I’ve been there. While the new wing was already completed in December 2008, there were not that many shops that were opened.

In contrast this time round, there were so many people and it was so crowded that I was surprised. When did Jurong Point become the place to go to? Was it always like this or was it because of the holiday season?

We started to look around, spotting out interesting things, just having fun and being silly.

What is Spai doing?

Because had just a bit of time before the mall closes for the night, we headed to Prime NTUC and went a little nuts at buying a couple of food stuff, slowly buying items to be brought back to Italy. We had a late supper later on and we chatted about everything under the sky.

The next day, there was a family reunion at my maternal grandmother’s place.

Thats not my granma

I was still feeling rather jet-lagged. I found Cart and myself falling in and out of sleep despite all the relatives talking to us. There was a wonderful home cooked buffet spread which made me feel content and then it started again :

“Any good news?”

“When are you going to have a baby?”

“Are you pregnant yet?”

Hello Singapore! Part 1

We were set to leave on the 17th December.

On the day itself, I’ve already mostly packed my luggage but for a few things like mekap and toiletries. But I also did not want to come back to a messy house, so I zoomed through with the housework, the laundry, the swiffering, the washing up and all the whatnots.

And for a strange coincidence, my Italian class, which was usually on Wednesday, was postponed to Thursday. And not wanting to miss any lessons, I rushed to class and then rushed back home again in time for my father in law to pick us up to send us to the airport.

Woah stress.

But we had time to send a couple of postcards, which was originally meant for Hari Raya. I suppose thats its either a ultra belated or a super early postcard 😛

Sending Postcards

I was already feeling excited. Yay! We’re going back to Singapore! I’ll see my family and friends! The food! The sun! Shopping!

Byebye Rome

All through the flight, I was awake taking advantage of the entertainment thingmajig on the Emirates flight. There was even a USB port on it. Next time I should bring my cable so I could charge my handphone on it 😛

Emirates entertainment

In any case, we reached Dubai airport some hours later where by a stroke of coincidence, we had to spend 8 hours there.

Initially it was quite interesting to see all the different high end shops. A little confusing though at the same time because of the different monetary exchange.

Rinaz and her uggs
I look tired and ugly so I’ll censor my face out

But soon, I was so bored out of my mind that I did a live blog post 😛

At length, it was time to board the connecting flight where it did a stopover at Colombo and after which, Singapore. It was the first time for me, having so many stops. But I guess it wasn’t too bad as we could stretch our legs more as opposed to a direct and long 10 hour flight.

Breakfast in Emirates flight
Breakfast in Emirates

And not too long after, we reached Singapore! Woohoo!

Since I’m holding a Singaporean passport, I cleared the customs in less than 3 minutes while poor Cart had to queue and wait for about 20 minutes. Too bad that there were only two shops on the arrival side to occupy my time. I tried to log on to wireless@Sg but it was pretty useless for me, since I’ve forgotten my password.

But at length, Cart cleared the customs and we picked our luggage from the carousel and we entered the arrival hall.

For a while, I didn’t see any familiar faces.

It was only later when my little sister noticed me and waved hello followed by my cousin, and up walked my mum! I gave them a big hug! How I’ve missed everyone 🙂

We took the 7 seater maxi cab to my parent’s house. Throughout the journey, I looked out of the window. There were so many changes that it surprised me tremendously. So many changes in only one year?

Reaching Dubai
Ok I don’t have any pictures of the changes, so I’ll put this picture instead

Speaking of changes, my sister kept pointing out that I spoke with an Italian slang. Ish budak bertuah ni. Mana ada?! My Italian language is still in the “Cannot Make It” category

At last, we reached my parent’s house where for the longest time, it felt really strange for me. A strange, unfamiliar feeling even though I spent so many years there. It took a while to readjust myself there.

And while it probably sounds bad, my bedroom seemed smaller somewhat. Or maybe I’ve grown bigger or that there were more stuff in there than usual 😛

And Cart and I did like what we did during our first matrimonial night.

We both fell asleep fainted due to our severe fatigue

p.s. Oh! Speaking of matrimonial … coincidentally, it was our first year wedding anniversary!

A week passed by

Am in Singapore for about a week now.

It was a rather simple affair when we exited the customs with my family greeting an exhausted Cart and I at the airport.

Airplane ride

Regardless, I was looking here and there on our journey to my parent’s house. There were so many changes! Empty areas had a buildings on them and some places with buildings which I remembered, were demolished.

All in one year?

When we reached my parent’s house, I was shocked that the house felt so unfamiliar. Strange because I spent years and had so many memories here before moving to Rome with Cart.

The first thing that I ate would be the rojak that my mum prepared. It felt really great having to eat hot and spicy food again, as opposed to the mild food that I have been consuming.

And then Cart and I fainted on the bed from our extreme jetlag.

But anyway after being here for a couple of days, the “unfamilliar” feeling was gone and everything seems normal again. Suddenly it felt as if Rome never happened.

Rinaz eating cake

Going about doing daily activities feels very natural to me. Finally I can understand what the people around me are saying and interact with them properly.

TV Mobile in a Singapore Bus

Spent the last few days catching up with friends and family. Its nice to be able to speak face to face in Malay again. Although I’m a little bit worried that my Malay is getting a little bit jumbled up with Italian and English at the same time.

Jerrick and Cart at United Square

And of course enjoying the food that is not so easy to get in Rome. And where best to enjoy them but in hawker centers! Today itself, I gourged on Ayam Penyet, Indian Rojak, Mee Siam …

West Coast Hawker Center

I’m looking at a couple of the items that used to belong to me. Like the scooter.


Its been a long while since I’ve ride on my baby Vespa. I miss the feeling of zipping down the road with the wind in my face. I dont even mind getting sunburnt for it (and I did!)

Which reminds me that one of the fears that I had before coming here was not being accustomed to the heat. Some nights were uncomfortable. But so far, it hasn’t been too bad.

I’m in what used to be my room at the moment, looking at the things that I didn’t have time to pack and left temporarily. And I reminisce and feel nostalgia.

Its a good thing that this time I’d have a couple of weeks to pack them back for Rome as opposed to the hectic one day packing last year.

But yet, it makes me sad though because all this “normality” doesn’t last and eventually I’d have to go back.

One week has passed by. Only two more weeks to go.



Streetview comes to Singapore!

After being jealous for the longest time that there is streetview for Rome, Google Streetview is now available for Singapore! I just realised it this morning as DK was twittering about it.

It’s really easy to navigate :

First you go to google maps and then type in the destination that you want to see.

Google Streetview

And then you drag out the yellow man icon on the top left corner into the said street

Google Streetview

And then you’ll see your destination in 3D. Wonderful! Here is one of my favourite places to shop in Singapore.

Google Streetview

I love streetview, it really helps a lot when you’re not familiar with a place and want to get a feel of the direction. For more, you might want to check out this post by the folks of Tech65.

I spent probably a full half an hour just looking at my neighbourhood in Jurong. Remembering the roads that I used to roam at. Remembering the bus rides. Somehow it eases the homesickeness a little bit.

Singaporeans in Rome lunch-meet with the minister

Early this week, Lynn contacted me about a Singaporeans meet with the minister. And the first thing that came to mind was, “Me? A minister wants to have lunch with a small fry like me?

Regardless, the desire of meeting other Singaporeans living in Italy was very strong. So I made my confirmation to attend soon after. As Cart was working, I had to go on my own.


With the use of Atac and Google Maps, it made exploring much easier and with very few drama, I met up with Lynn and together we headed to Tullio restaurant, where there was a Singaporeans meet hosted by the Minister Lim Hwee Hua and Ambassador Loo Choon Yong.

Singaporeans in italy
This is Minister Lim Hwee Hua

When we both entered the area, I was so pleasantly shocked. I knew that there were more Singaporeans that were living in Italy, but to see so many Singaporeans in front of me was such a nice surprise anyway.

Singaporeans in italy

Our last Rome meet was already a good number.

Singaporeans in italy

But this meet was twice as large.

Singaporeans in italy
This is Ambassador Loo Choon Yong.

I met many interesting, charming and witty people. Some of them have been living here Italy for a long time – like 25 years. It felt a little unreal and also a little intimidating for me though, to be talking to successful people who really made it in life. There was a lawyer, jewellery maker, fine arts furniture maker … while I’m just a housewife.

Singaporeans in Italy

Nevertheless, they were really nice and friendly. The minister herself seemed genuinely interested in what I thought, asking about life in Italy.

We also had such lovely food which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Parmigiana di melanzane
This was my Parmigiana di melanzane

Parmigiana di melanzane
This was my Mont Blanc

Dessert Tray

In any case, the meet was an initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to keep Singaporeans in Italy to keep in contact with each other and should we need any help, they assured that we were free to approach them.

And there was a possibility that next year would have a Singaporeans day in Italy. I was rather upset for missing Singapore day some months back so this would be absolutely fantastic!

So us Singaporean in Italy facebook group could finally all meet up together yeah? Lynn and I to do that, but the logistics seems daunting but now that we have backup, I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Maria Hertogh dies at 72 from leukaemia

Maria Bertha Hertogh died recently at 72 years old from Leukaemia.

To put it simply, Maria Hertogh was a Dutch girl who was adopted and brought up by a Malay lady, Che Aminah for several years in the 1940s. By then, she grew up to be like a Malay Muslim girl.

It was only some years later that her natural parents, who were catholics, asked the courts to get their daughter back. The judge ruled in favour of the natural parents.

Maria Hertogh and Che Amina

Maria wept and clung to her foster mother.

She was then placed in a convent home before being sent back to Netherlands. It was there when the news about her being surrounded by Catholic symbols were sensationalised. This deeply offended the Muslim faith that a riot broke out. 18 people killed and 179 injured.

Maria Hertogh and Che Amina

While in the Netherlands, Maria was extremely unhappy. Many times she expressed her desire to return back to Singapore but could not due to financial difficulties. She has said that her happiest times were her childhood in Singapore.

Her foster mother, Che Amina died in 1976.

Was it a matter of pride that the natural parents wanting their daughter back knowing very well that she was much happier to be with her foster mother?

Regardless, I just feel very bad for Maria Hertogh.

Read more about her life

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

Last week, I was at the Singapore Garden Festival. After missing the first one in December 2006, I told myself that I should make an effort to view the one this year

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

When I reached Suntec City, there were already quite a number of people there – presumably after work, like me. I made my payments at the counter and after getting my ticket, I entered the exhibition hall.

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

And what I saw just floored me. There were heaps of beautiful sights in front of me. From photography of flowers, to the many landscapes and fantasy gardens from the different designers all over the world.

Singapore Garden Festival

Here is one done by a China representative, with a very apt display for the Beijing Olympics. Not that much flowers are used in this display, making it looks more zen than garden-like.

Lavender Fields at Singapore Garden Festival 2008

Here is something kind of cool that we hardly see in real life because of our tropical climate. A lavender field! It seemed to go on and on and I desperately wanted to sit in the middle and just enjoy the beauty of it all. Too bad it was behind a glass and that visitors aren’t allowed to enter inside.

Marilyn Monroe - Singapore Garden Festival 2008

A Marilyn Monroe picture made of potted plants.

There were plentiful of displays there to be seen there but there were two displays in particular that moved me. One of them was this one which depicted the beautiful rural charm of China.

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

Personally, I think that this picture does not do it justice because when I saw it, I just had to stop for a while and just stand there for a few minutes. It was so serene and breathtaking. Just listening to the water flowing in the pond and the koi swimming made me feel so relaxed.

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

And here is the other side of the display. With the little details such as the tea cups and the wheat grinder, it brought out the charm and the authenticity, momentarily bringing me to rural China. It was so beautiful!

And another display which I loved heaps was this one entitled Glendalough by an American designer. Its gorgeous and I felt my heart sigh when looking at the display. How can anyone not?

Singapore Garden Festival - Glendalough

To say that this looks charming would make it unjustified. This is what faerie tales are made of, with the greenery, the little pond and the stone toadstool and especially the little stone chapel. I love it!

There is a story of how the designer of this display was inspired by how easily nature can take away man’s ambitions and beautifully make it part of her own work.

Glendalough - Singapore Garden Festival

It was said that the designer proposed to his then girlfriend in a place which looked like this in Glendalough, Ireland.

There is something about fresh flowers that makes me feel happy. My only issue about the event was that, whatever illusion I had being part of the display was quickly faded with the amount of people that visited there.

Singapore Garden Festival

It’s hard to imagine being in Ireland with other people snapping around and posing! My other issue is that we could not touch or interact with the displays. I really would have loved to bury my face in the flowers or feel it next to my skin at the very least.

Regardless, I enjoyed myself tremendously. It was an evening well spent 🙂

Here is a quick video of two of the displays that I liked a lot :

Garden Festival 2008 from rinaz on Vimeo

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To the caller who suggested that the Anthem be changed to English

I was listening to the Talkback segment on 938live and the topic of the day was “Are Singaporeans disrespectful to the National Anthem?” and a few minutes later, I heard you call in this morning to air your views.

Singapore Flags

You said that the National Anthem was hard to understand and because it was in Malay, not everyone would appreciate it. You also suggested that the National Anthem should be changed to English.

But isn’t it such a drastic change to have the National Anthem, sung in the official language changed after 43 years? Would it really be the best solution to change it to English?

But true, that its possible that throughout the years after school, that its easy to forget.

So, here is my part in sharing with you the National Anthem as well as the translation. After all, we all do need reminders sometimes 😉

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Mari kita rakyat Singapura
Sama-sama menuju bahagia
Cita-cita kita yang mulia
Berjaya Singapura

Marilah kita bersatu
Dengan semangat yang baru
Semua kita berseru
Majulah Singapura
Majulah Singapura

(English Translation)

Come, fellow Singaporeans
Let us progress towards happiness together
May our noble aspiration bring
Singapore success

Come, let us unite
In a new spirit
Let our voices soar as one
Onward Singapore
Onward Singapore

There is even a Chinese and Indian translation in the National Heritage Website!

Thus I end this message wishing you and everyone a happy national day 🙂