A week passed by

Am in Singapore for about a week now.

It was a rather simple affair when we exited the customs with my family greeting an exhausted Cart and I at the airport.

Airplane ride

Regardless, I was looking here and there on our journey to my parent’s house. There were so many changes! Empty areas had a buildings on them and some places with buildings which I remembered, were demolished.

All in one year?

When we reached my parent’s house, I was shocked that the house felt so unfamiliar. Strange because I spent years and had so many memories here before moving to Rome with Cart.

The first thing that I ate would be the rojak that my mum prepared. It felt really great having to eat hot and spicy food again, as opposed to the mild food that I have been consuming.

And then Cart and I fainted on the bed from our extreme jetlag.

But anyway after being here for a couple of days, the “unfamilliar” feeling was gone and everything seems normal again. Suddenly it felt as if Rome never happened.

Rinaz eating cake

Going about doing daily activities feels very natural to me. Finally I can understand what the people around me are saying and interact with them properly.

TV Mobile in a Singapore Bus

Spent the last few days catching up with friends and family. Its nice to be able to speak face to face in Malay again. Although I’m a little bit worried that my Malay is getting a little bit jumbled up with Italian and English at the same time.

Jerrick and Cart at United Square

And of course enjoying the food that is not so easy to get in Rome. And where best to enjoy them but in hawker centers! Today itself, I gourged on Ayam Penyet, Indian Rojak, Mee Siam …

West Coast Hawker Center

I’m looking at a couple of the items that used to belong to me. Like the scooter.


Its been a long while since I’ve ride on my baby Vespa. I miss the feeling of zipping down the road with the wind in my face. I dont even mind getting sunburnt for it (and I did!)

Which reminds me that one of the fears that I had before coming here was not being accustomed to the heat. Some nights were uncomfortable. But so far, it hasn’t been too bad.

I’m in what used to be my room at the moment, looking at the things that I didn’t have time to pack and left temporarily. And I reminisce and feel nostalgia.

Its a good thing that this time I’d have a couple of weeks to pack them back for Rome as opposed to the hectic one day packing last year.

But yet, it makes me sad though because all this “normality” doesn’t last and eventually I’d have to go back.

One week has passed by. Only two more weeks to go.



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  1. That’s typically how I feel when I go back to visit family. At first everything is unfamiliar and there are new buildings and places to go. Old places where you used to hang out are gone. But, soon it feels like you never left, and you don’t want to leave again. I’ve been living away from ‘home’ for most of my life, so I’ve become accustomed to it.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your vacation here in Singapore, visiting your family.

  2. Hi hi. So sorry I couldn’t make it to the gathering the other day. Have been rather tied up with work and other prior engagements.. Here’s wishing you a very Happy 2010 and eat all your fav. food while u are still in SG πŸ™‚

  3. Hello, I’m a silent reader of your blog and I really liked it! I don’t know what came over me to comment because I don’t usually comment (I’m rather shy :P). Anyways, wishing you a Happy New Year!

  4. my sentiments exactly when I was back in S’pore last summer but food and family made the disorientation disappear pretty fast. Then again after almost 4weeks, I wanted to get back to my daily routine – my family (hubby & kids), my house, work etc….

  5. MKL

    Back in Rome for me now, its such a contrast! It was warm and humid and sunny in Singapore and here in Rome its grey and cold and rainy. Its 3 degrees Celsius as I type right now.

    But Singapore was great, I got to meet up with friends and relatives and stuffed my face with food. Too bad that I couldn’t get to do everything though.


    Yeah! It did took a while to get readjusted, but it did happen and then I’m back to my old routine again. But too bad that its over though.

    I think three weeks is just not enough and I’m back in Rome again. Oh well.

    Pink Magnolia

    Thank you so much! *hug*


    Err … everything lah, ayam penyet, tosai, nasi ayam goreng, satay, laksa, mee siam … everything lah! πŸ˜›


    Thank you! Yeah, december is a tough period with people going on vacation, finalizing work stuff and everything. And thank you for the well wishes! I only got to eat like 50% of all that I wanted though πŸ˜›

  6. Nadzirah

    Thank you so much for commenting! Its really nice to hear from silent readers once in a while πŸ™‚

    And happy new year to you too!


    Woah, thats fast! Hahaha! Why was it so that you wanted to go back after 4 weeks?

    Three weeks went so fast for me, I couldn’t do everything that I wanted to do and its back to Rome again.

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