I survied the Amore Woman’s Day Out 2008!

Woman’s Day Out is a yearly women-only aerobic-based sporting event organized by the Singapore sports Council.

Amore Women's Day out

Though I’ve always been keen on to participating, it is only this year that I finally had the confidence to attend this event. Moreover, this could possibly be the last time that I participate in something like this.


Registering for the event was easy enough. All I had to do was to surf the website, give my particulars choose the activity that I wanted and paid $28. I chose the Aerobics Challenge 1 which consisted of the CardioLatino, CardioBlitz and Kickboxing.

A week before the actual event, I collected the Official T shirt and the number tag.

Amore Women's Day out

That day was quite memorable to me as in the middle of my journey to Millenia Walk, the heavens decided to pour its blessings on me. Even with my raincoat on, I was soaking wet. My sneakers went squish throughout as I walked in the upper-end shopping centre.

Unfortunately for me, on the actual day, I was rushing off from home and I’ve completely forgotten to bring my number tag along with me. And thats when the mayhem started.

I reached Ngee Ann Civic Plaza at about 3 pm. I’ve already missed an hour, having attended the Talkback session earlier on. Thus I was a little flustered upon reaching the registration booth.

Me : Hi! I need help. I forgot to bring my number tag, can you help me?

Helpers : Sorry, we cant let you in unless you have proof

Me : Here is my identity card.

Helpers : Sorry, can’t help you. We don’t have a computer database with us. You should get online instead and show us your verification email.

Me : Wha? Ok fine.

At that point of time, I felt snubbed that they were so unwilling to help me. I was wearing the official t-shirt! Why would anyone be lying just for the sake for entering the arena!

Luckily for me, I was carrying the eee pc and I went inside the shopping centre to try to find a connection. It was such a waste of time! Even though there were supposed to be about 7 to 10 open wireless@sg connection, I could not connect to any of them!

I spent about 30 mins walking around different areas and still nothing. Even asking the information counter was fruitless when they told me that there were no internet cafe in the shopping centre.

Rinaz Cry

I felt really frustrated and was really going out of my mind and felt so helpless that even as a grown woman, I began to cry out in public. The interesting thing was that no one even looked at me, which was a revelation as I thought we were the busybody type of society.

It was comforting to hear Mus and Vandalin‘s voice on the phone when I called them up. They helpfully snapped a picture of my email and mms’ed it to me.

Unfortunately, the mms never arrived. With only one hour left to go to my event, and not wanting to waste my time and effort getting here, and money paid for the event, I picked up the courage to march up the manager.

Me : How could you just push me away? Why can’t you guys make and effort to help me! I am wearing the official t-shirt! What other proof do you need!

Manager : I’m sorry, but this is a paid event. We cannot anyhow let people in.

The manager and I were both extremely pissed at this point of time. And then I remembered that I scribbled my confirmation number in my trusty manual PDA.

Manager : A confirmation number! You should have told me that earlier!


Finally she took my IC, gave me a new number tag and I was just in time to participate in the last hour of kickboxing. Which was good as I has so much anger inside that I kicked! I punched! I jabbed with all my might.

But the terrible experience prior notwithstanding, it was a very good workout as it was the most intensive workout that I had ever had. Even more challenging than any of the cardio that I’ve attended. I’m not sure if I would be able to survive the complete 3 hours!

But was such a thrill for me to see so many rosy cheeks around me. You should have been there. These ladies were truly glowing – its difficult for even the best cosmetics to recreate this.

Amore Women's Day out

Look at that! That’s gorgeous!

All in all, despite the drama earlier, I did enjoy myself. I dare say that it was one of the best workouts that I’ve ever had and though I’m feeling a little bit of an ache, its a good ache and I’d love to attend more events such as these.

Moreover, look at the fabulous goodie bag that I got after the event!

Amore Women's Day out

Here are just some of my swags as I pretty much already consumed all the food related stuff in there. I love my new bag. And looks like I don’t need to buy a new water-bottle! And there’s even mekap! Woohoo!

I survied the Amore Woman’s Day Out! And now I will collapse and die.

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11 Replies to “I survied the Amore Woman’s Day Out 2008!”

  1. wow. i’m glad everything worked out in the end. i’m sorry i didn’t see mus’ plurk or i’d have rushed down to bring my PDA with 3g connection to u. 🙁 i wasn’t too far away from orchard (was at tanjong pagar mrt getting a pedicure).

    anyway. i like the bag! i’ve never been for such events, but maybe i’ll join u in the next one! 🙂

  2. Mintea

    Woo! I like it too! Classy! *poses around with the new bag*


    I think that you’d enjoy yourself Daphne. I did! And you should go next year! With a friend, its heaps of fun and I know it sounds silly, but when you see that rosy cheeks its really a thrill!

  3. I just got back from WDO! Almost non-stop since 1.30am to 5pm, till my toes decided to kick me out of the session.

    Sweat like hell!
    Kick like hell!
    Workout like hell!
    Fun like hell!

    Wahahaha!! That sounds like what Peanut would say. ^_^

  4. 1.30 to 5pm?!?!?! My gosh! *worships* I bet you’ll be aching everywhere now!

    But I bet that you felt an achievement and had loads of fun, yeah? 🙂 Did you see any rosy cheeks?

  5. Hi there! I didnt go to the Amore event, though I went past! Haha! I like the part where you wrote, “Which was good as I has so much anger inside that I kicked! I punched! I jabbed with all my might. “. Seriously, Singapore has to improve on their service standards and have more flexibility!

  6. I felt very snubbed when no one helped me. At one hand, I do understand that it was a paid event and they had to be careful, but still, that noncholance was what really bothered me to heck.

    *hugs feliza*

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