Something about Geri by marina diaz

Just wanted to add in a quick post before I pass out or something. Have been feeling extra lethargic more than ever. Today marks the 15th day of the fasting month or ramadhan. Normally I wouldnt feel as tired though after fasting for a day. I guess I’m growing older 😛

But I love the month mainly because there is less distractions then. With my mind not concentrating on food and other things, I’m able to focus on the more important things like the tasks in front of me and do things that I am supposed to do for once. And amazingly enjoy it.

For example, I was able to do a little bit of animation for an E-Animation competition which is due come the 20th November. It isnt much, but I’m glad that a little bit is started. As they say, it all starts with the first step.

I hope to show the completed works in here once its done 🙂

I managed to talk to geri for a little while on msn. She just got her thesis to go and will be on her way to have a Masters! Good on her! Pity that she has to go through all the stress, I dont know if I could handle it as well as she does. Cant wait till she comes back to Singapore and catch up with her.

Geri’s practically the *only* internet friend that I’ve kept in touch with on a regular basis. Its funny how we met. I think it was about 2000 or 2001 and I was chatting in mirc in a channel called #singapore. We clicked because we both loved to joke around and gossip about people. At the time, she went out with a person I used to know from Mendaki. I used to go out to the frequent outings from mirc – however I never met Geri from those outings. Instead, I think I only really got to know her one night when she was feeling distraught. She didnt type and seem to be herself on mirc and I remembered that she gave me her phone number a while back before that night.

I took the courage and gave her a a first time call and asked if she was alright. She wasnt. The guy, with we both knew, made her upset. Really upset. We then decided to meet for the first time. I first met her in Orchard and I saw a young lady wearing black tee and nice fitting jeans with shoulder length hair.

Me : Hi! Are you Geri?
Her : Yeah! Marina? Do you wanna eat? I’m starving!

What struck me about her the most is her energy and how outgoing and affable self. She’s a wonderful person to talk to, intelligent and charismatic.

I really cant remember where we went to have lunch or what we did while in Orchard, but she left a lasting impression on me. We met again for some while before she had to leave for Australia where she was studying. But we still kept in touch every now and then on msn or email or sms.

Sometimes I’m still amazed at the fact that I’m still friends with her, more from the fact that the shelf life of an internet friend for me never go beyond 6 months. but then I realise that she’s more than just an internet friend. She’s already has a firm solid friendship with me, just like a regular type of friendship – the type one makes while in school or at work.

So, as corny as it sounds, here’s to eternal friendship!

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  1. yeah, what is it with internet friendships being brief like they are…a bright flash, a shudder, then gone. but, better to have flown then been forever flightless. Gary

  2. No idea gary, as easy it is to make friends with someone, as easy it is to let go too. I guess its just the convenience of it all. Like fast food. Fast to get, wasy to throw away I guess. But there are always those special gems around 🙂 I’m sure

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