El Sheikh Restaurant – Delicious Lebanese food I want to eat again!

It was a little ironic El Sheikh was given a lower rating compared to rival cafe according to a review website. But I really enjoyed my dinner at El Sheikh and I had really good food there.

Review of El Sheikh vs Deli Moroccan

The place

El Sheikh is situated in the beautiful and historical area of Kampung Glam. Before reaching El Sheikh, Nicole, Mintea and I had a blast of a time exploring the Malay Heritage Center, playing with the props there before reaching the place. Just as we reached there, we met up with DK who just arrived at the same time as we did.

DK and Rinaz at El Sheikh

The cafe already looks charming from the outside with the rustic two story shophouse where it was housed. Inside, it looked very cosy and rather condusive with its homely arabic styled decor all around.

El Sheikh

The service

There were only the four of us there when we entered. We were greeted by the staff and were lead to our seats where we were given our menus. As it was my first time in having Lebanese food and I was not sure what to eat. We asked for recommendations from the staff.

El Sheikh menu

Finally we made up out minds and ordered the Sheikh Mezze as an appetizer and Shawarma Plate, Mixed Kebab Grill, Riyash Ganam Lamb Chops and El Sheikh Beef.

Big group at El Sheikh

Suddenly, a huge lively crowd of about 15 people suddenly came in. Things got a little helter skelter with the confusion of where to place them and ordering of food. When the food came, it got mixed up with the other group and they got served first. The staff looked frazzled when they realised their mistake but they remained as composed as they could.

The food

First, we had the appetizer – the Sheikh Mezze which consisted of a generous portion of a mix of most of the cold appetizers. Everything was so rich and flavourful that till now, at this point of writing, I’m still craving for it.

Hummus at El Sheikh

This is hummus, a famous dish made of blended chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and sesame paste. I like the texture of the hummus and its rustic taste.

Motabbel at El Sheikh

This is Motabbel and is an instant favorite for me. Its like the Hummus but it uses baked eggplants instead of Chickpeas giving you a unique taste of sweet, rich and smooth paste. It’s really delicious!

Tabouli at El Sheikh

We also had Tabouli which I thought was pretty good. It had a good mix of ingredients with no one ingredient overpowering the other. Although I think it would be better if the parsley were chopped more finely.

Mosaka'ah at El Sheikh

This is the Mosaka’ah. It was mainly minced meat in tomato sauce but I liked it a lot.

Cheese Roll at El Sheikh

We were also given a plate of Cheese Rolls which looked very much like curry puffs but had a cheese filling as well as Falafel which is smashed chickpeas shaped into a small cake.

Cheese Roll filling at El Sheikh

We ate them all together with pita bread. And all in all, it was quite filling. We were actually rather full at the end of ourappetizers.

Lebanese Pita Bread at El Sheikh

But we still had our main course to go!

This is Mintea’s Mixed Kebab Grill. It had a portion of each grilled meat so that want to have a taste of each. Nice!

Kebab Grill at El Sheikh

This is Nicole’s Shawarma Plate which is marinated chicken which is shredded into small pieces, eaten with rice. Nicole seemed to enjoy it very much.

Shawarma Plate at El Sheikh

This is DK’s Shish Kebab which is marinated beef, cooked over charcoal. It was a strong taste without being overpowering. I saw DK really enjoying his meal.

Shish Kebab at El Sheikh

And this is my lamb chops. I don’t usually eat lamb but this was good. It was probably marinated overnight as it did not have the overly lamby taste and it was tender.

Riyash Ganam Lamb Chops at El Sheikh

And it was all washed down with :

Mango Ayran at El Sheikh
Mango Ayran – a type of yogurt

Cold Mint Tea at El Sheikh
Mint tea served in a beautiful pot.

Bavarian Beer at El Sheikh

And as I was curiou, I tried their Bavarian Beer. It was a non alcoholic type. But it was quite underwhelming as my beer tasted more like zapple.

Nicole and Mintea at El Sheikh

Regardless, all in all, I enjoyed myself heaps there! And I really cannot wait to eat there again! Want to go to El Sheikh with me?

18 Pahang Street,

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  1. Buny

    I hands up too! Kekekeke!


    Me too! Me too! Meetootoo? Hehehehehe! 😀


    Yes, I’m still craving for the food there. Lessgo! I want my motabbal!


    And it tastes even more lovely when you eat it 🙂 I hope we go there soon! Remind me to bring the Hiro Cakes along too or I’ll forget for sure -_-”


    Yes! Lets!


    I don’t usually eat lamb so I guess I don’t really have a benchmark for it but the others said that it was good … and I enjoyed eating it 😀

  2. Hi, this is off topic but there’s a vegetarian restaurant called
    ‘Roma’s Deli’ at 100 Beach Road, #01-23 Shaw Towers.

    You might like to check it out with your SO =)
    BTW- thank you for all the interesting posts, many pictures & constant updates on your site! =)

  3. Jonathan

    Hahaha! Do go and give them both a try! Yummy! I dont think anyone would regret going to both 🙂


    Thanks so much for the vegetarian restaurant tip! I’ll try to check it out with Cartcart when he comes here 🙂


    Yikes! You are right there! Thanks for pointing that out 🙂


    El Sheikh is halal certified 🙂

  4. hello guys and girls i want to chare with u something very interresting.

    just few days ago there is a authentic restaurant at 41 arab street.its called

    Gulf beach reastaurant and cafe its serve the real lebanese food with the tasty fattoush and hummus and the best is riyach ganam.

    i had a cheeky baklava .it is really lovely and tasty

  5. Hi there 🙂

    Just wanted to note that the first picture is the Mutabbal (eggplant dip) and the second picture is the Hummus (chickpea dip).

    Yum, I miss Lebanese food!

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