Hypnotised by peppa pig

Peppa Pig is a cartoon series that runs for about 5 minutes each episode, starring a pig called Peppa, her little brother George and their mum and dad. In Italy you could watch it on Sky Disney Channel Junior or Rai Yoyo. Although it originated from UK, it’s very popular in Italy – where ever you go, you can’t escape them – you could find them in supermarkets, toy shops, bookshops – EVERYWHERE!

I didn’t get the hype until I finally caught a couple of episodes … and now I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m quite hypnotised by Peppa Pig. Let me explain to to you why :

1. The catchy opening music

The “Doot! Doot doot doot doot!” is extremely catchy and repeated so much that I could memorize by heart “Io sono Peppa Pig (oink) e questo e’ mio fratellino George (oink) Lei e’ Mamma Pig  (oink) e lui e’ Papa’ Pig (OINK!)

Peppa Pig

(Kind of reminds of me when I was younger and my siblings would drag me to watch The Teletubbies and I can recognize all the freaking characters)

I have to say though, that the repetitive music is quite hypnotic. It’s understandable how easily people could get brainwashed by something.

2. Charming artwork

Although to some, the drawings look simplistic, I love how clean the artwork looks like and especially the choice of colours used in the animation. They are so cheery and bright. I love looking at them.

Peppa Pig

Although I have to mention about how the characters are drawn. You notice that all their faces are drawn sideways but their eyes are always two.

Perhaps I might be a little perverse, but the lead characters, especially Daddy Pig’s head look like uh … man bits. I have a theory about that making them more memorable and leaving a psychological imprint.

3. It’s relaxing

I like hearing the voice of the narrator, and of the characters talking and when they giggle. I even find it amusing when George cries (and he cries often). I find it really tranquil and relaxing and I forget to be angry :p

Peppa Pig

4. Hearing Italian grammar and vocabulary

Impressively for a kid’s show, there are a number of words that I’ve never heard before like – scorciatoia (shortcut) and pozzanghera (puddle) and I am amazed at the level of grammar that they include like congiuntivo which can be challenging to learn even for Native Italians.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig does have her own controversies, such as it reportedly making it children behave worse or it being a bad influence. Personally, I think that all kids are naturally kids and how they behave is largely due to their environment.

Nevertheless, watching Peppa Pig, makes me wish sometimes that I could have the same level of popularity with my own toons. I enjoy drawing and I’d like to start with merchandising at least but the trouble is, I just have no idea where to start!

Peppa Pig

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso : If you haven’t watched this, you MUST

Recently watched this movie Nuovo Cinema Paradiso and I can’t believe that I haven’t heard of this movie earlier.

It is such a beautiful show. The storyline might seem simplistic, but it completely draws you in – with such beautiful sceneries and the music that tugs on your heartstrings as well as perfectly cast actors. The little boy who played Toto’ is probably the character that stole the whole show.


He’s so cute! I think they manage to find the perfect cast for the entire movie.

The show starts when a man returns home at night and joins his girlfriend in bed. She sleepily tells him that his mother called and that someone called Alfredo died. And at that point, he starts recalling about his childhood days of his village in Sicily which he hasn’t visited in many many years.

We are then introduced to a six year old little boy called Salvatore. (Toto’ for short) He is a mischievous, but very intelligent boy who is the son of a war widow. And at that point of time, it was just a few years after the second world war. Toto’ is the young helper of the town priest, who also takes a role in censoring scenes with kissing, hugging and nudity in the local cinema. He orders Alfredo, the projectionist to have it cut away.


One day, Toto follows the priest to the cinema without his knowledge and from there, he instantly becomes enamoured with films and spends all his time at the cinema. He befriends Alfredo, who at first thinks of him as a pest, but eventually cultivates his love and teaches him how to operate the machinery.

Alfredo is another interesting character who, you could tell, is someone who is completely devoted to his craft – the way he handles the films, the way cares for the machineries … he even tends to quote from the popular films at the time in normal conversations. By the way, I’m not sure if you could tell that the person acting is actually French.

Anyway, I don’t want to reveal too much after this point as I’m very sure that this is a movie that you’d enjoy. So you just have to watch this!

But I do have to say that there were little nuances that I enjoyed watching. Like how a couple met each other in cinema, and then some scenes later, they went together as a married couple, and then some scenes later they went in as a family with kids!


And also of the scene where Toto’ grows up to a teenager and falling in love. There was a memorable scene where Alfredo tells him a fable of a soldier and a princess.

Quite thoughtful about relationships. When you watch this movie, you’ll find out Toto’s interpretation of why the soldier left at the very end.

Anyway, that’s about all that I will reveal to you. This is a must watch Italian movie! It has multiple awards! And it’s wonderful! By the way, while the movie isn’t based on a true story, it is a reflection of the director, Giuseppe Tornatore’s idealised childhood. And the best that I can compare the movie with is probably is has the feel of ‘The Big Fish‘ – dreamy and enchanting.


I don’t know why I love this movie so much. I guess it has a strong feeling of nostalgia for me. Even if I don’t live in Sicily, nor in the 60s, but I can connect because I remember how happy I was when I was a kid and I miss those easy and care-less days.

And you can see the stark contrast how the scenes looked like between the beginning and the end after the years has passed – the same for us adults.

Anyway, it was a little difficult for me to understand as there weren’t any subtitles to help me (Obviously! Being in Italy!) Nevertheless, if you are someone who’s trying to learn Italian, or someone just likes watching feel good movies, I think that Nuovo Cinema Paradiso is an excellent show to add to your list.


Sidenote : Did you know that an audio clip of the movie was taken for for a Dreamtheater song? It is somewhere in 3:00

Changeling : Depressing but a must watch

Warning : This post contains spoilers

Normally after watching a random movie, I wouldn’t even think twice about it at the end. But after watching Changeling, scenes from the movie kept me thinking for hours. I was quite disturbed. What makes it even more chilling is that it was based on a true event.


Changeling (not to be confused with The Changeling) is a movie set in the 1920s, revolving around a single mother called Christine (Angelina Jolie). It was interesting seeing the clothes, the cars, the buildings – reflecting the era. And of how women are just starting to be empowered and starting to join the workforce right after the first world war.


Nevertheless, I imagine how challenging it is to live as a single mother after the husband left her, right as her son, Walter was being born. Being a single parent was probably unheard of and looked down on during that time (although I didn’t see any overt biasness depicted in the movie)


One day, she comes back from work and finds her son missing. She asks the police for help. But it was only after the help of a reverend with a popular radio show, that the police started to be active in the belief that it will negate any negative publicity.


After an uneventful wait and public pressure, 5 months later they brought a boy and claimed it was her son. But upon first looking at him, she realised he’s not hers but she was pressured into taking him home anyway so that the press could continue with their “happy ending story”


From this point onwards was where the story picks up and gets disturbing. I’m not a mother, but I’m pretty sure that any mother could recognize their own child. So to have the police chief constantly dismissing her that she’s only stressed, that was why her child looks different. That was just wrong.


And then a doctor (who was probably in cahoots with the chief) was called in to do a house call to give his “expert opinion”. And when told that her son is supposed to be taller than the impostor, the doctor simply told her that the trauma from being away from home shrunk his spine. THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! I know that in the 1920s, technology wasn’t that advanced, but come on, people aren’t that gullible are they?

Nevertheless, Christine has the backing of the dentist and the school teacher who after examining and observing the imposter, testified that the boy was indeed not the real Walter.


I don’t understand how could the police be so lax. While I’m not a parent, wouldn’t anyone working there have a connection to the child kidnapping case? (Walter Collins was one of about 20 the way) and I’m pretty sure that there are fathers in there. What would they have done if it were their own child? And why are they so quick to hide it under the carpet?


What’s worse is, that the chief and the captain tries to point the finger on the mother instead and tries to paint her as an irresponsible mother, never taking responsibility. But what tops it all was that, just as she was about to tell her story to the press, was to deem her as psychotic and without a warrant, had her warded in a psychiatric ward. A sane woman. She was told that she’d only be allowed freedom if she signs a document that the police was right and that the impostor was her son all along.


This was hard to watch as a psychiatric ward in the 20s were different to the ones we have now. At the time, they use water-jet therapy and electro-shock therapy which I think is extremely inhumane.

We find out later that there were other mothers like her who were warded against their will. And eventually after a separate investigation, we find out that her son was a possible victim of a deranged murderer who goes around picking stray kids. He imprisons them in a chicken coop, molests and then murders them (usually with an axe) and I gasped and kept thinking to myself, “How could anyone do this?”


Which is quite against the flow of how people are always reminiscing about the good old days. Seems things are more violent then.


Anyway, there was a happier ending to the movie as there was a huge public support, with people protesting and volunteering their services. And eventually after the big trial, the captain and the chief were removed from duty, the murderer condemned to death and one of the boys thought to be dead is found alive, giving Christine hope that her son is still alive.


In conclusion, I have no idea why this movie is categoried under “Feel good” because it was extremely depressing for me to watch. I don’t usually read reviews before watching a movie, so it took me by surprise at how sad it was considering that it was based on a true story not scripted. The movie was based on true events and excerpts from interviews and the trial.

Nevertheless, I recommend this movie as it is a must watch. If you haven’t watched it, please do. The acting is extremely believable and strong. The costumes and set are flawless. The music scores pulls you. The storyline starts out slow, but you never feel bored watching it and the scenes draw you in completely. I got to hand it to Clint Eastwood as an excellent director and for making this masterpiece.


Now if you would excuse me while I go all emo again …

I watched When in Rome and I regretted it

Against my better judgement, I watched “When in Rome“. And how, do I regret it.

Not funny

Where do I start?

In a nutshell this movie is about a woman called whatever who is so career orientated that she’s jaded about love. Her little sister falls in love with an Italian and has a wedding a Rome.


The movie starts with a scene with a bunch of postcards rotating around and eases out into an actual scene, which was probably the only part of the movie that I liked.


And then that’s when craziness started. After that, there were so many cringe worthy moments.

  • The acting is so forced and pretentious and fake and unoriginal. It’s like the writer of this movie completely gave up and just recycled every romance-comedy there is. No one in this movie seemed approachable to me at all.


With a storyline like that, not even an A lister could save the movie at all. Poor Danny DeVito! Poor Anjelica Huston!

I think that it’s enough to watch the trailer itself than enduring 1 hr 30 mins of this.

There were so many made up things like :

  •  Love fountain? There is no existence of a love fountain as far as I know. The closest to fit this legend would be the Trevi fountain but it looks nothing like this.


  • Insofar, after attending a couple of weddings here, I’ve never heard of a tradition of breaking a vase to show how many years your matrimony will be.


  • What really bothered me the most about this movie is that almost every Italian in this movie are not Italian and instead playing the stereotypical role and all these made up traditions. Which is forgiveable if it’s humorous (like Russell Peters) but the movie wasn’t even funny.


Like the overly friendly taxi driver in the beginning of the movie. His accent doesn’t sound convincing to me … not to mention his mannerisms. The wolf plushie with the Roma jersey is a nice touch though.


The ONLY Italian that I could detect are the carabinieri on horses. So yay for the token Italians!


In conclusion : It’s cute. The only saving grace of this movie is how the mains were eye candy enough for me to stay concentrated. Watch with caution when you want a mindless fluff romance and avoid it like the plague if you are an Italophile.


First me, second me

Elio e le storie tese is an Italian band. They consist of extremely talented players, which is evident when you hear their instrumental solo. But the music that they play in contrast is, to put it simply … is absolutely crazy hilarious.

elio e le storie tese
In the middle there is Elio by the way, and coincidentally one of the judge for X-Factor Italia

I’ve been very amused by this particular song, “First me, Second me” for days to the point that I’m singing it out loud to Cart. It’s like a bad-direct-translation from Italian to English.

By the way, in Italian, Secondo me has a double meaning, it could either mean in my opinion or I’m second.

The kicker is, they got James Taylor as a guest singer for this song (just that it’s not him in this video) :

I love it because it’s such a beautiful song, but the lyrics is just nonsense! Hahaha! There’s a longer, more cruder version here – “In the light, I see the your true face. You are a toilet


Now if someone will make a musical version of Tijah and her boifren mat saleh, my life will be complete!

Pat Metheny Trio concert in Rome!

I had the most amazing time last night at the auditorium for the Pat Metheny Trio concert. I’m not normally that sophisticated to listen to jazz, but I went with an open mind, and it was a blast and it could have possibly turn me into a groupie


Anyway! The Roma jazz festival is here, from the 8th to the 30th November. And Cart managed to find out about the concert, which is held at Auditorium Parco Musica Roma, quite by chance.


The place reminds me quite a bit of the Esplanade in Singapore, which is another concert hall. The only thing missing was the sea, I suppose.

Coincidentally, it was also the location where Pat Metheny played some years back while Cart and I were dating, Knowing how much he loves this group, I would be happy to treat him to a concert. But either Pat arrived come months too early then or Cart some months too late and we didn’t get a chance to watch it then.

But as soon as Cart told me about the concert, I quickly jumped at the chance. Take it as an early Xmas present or a 2012 birthday present I guess *aren’t I a good wife? *coughs* And here are the tickets!


Because the seats were quickly filling up (and we bought the tickets the day before) we only managed to get balcony seats at the sides. Which  is amazing, because I think that this particular concert was the priciest in the list of concerts … Buy hey, whatever makes Cart happy … He just better not get too used to it

There were loads of people when we arrived there last night. It doesn’t look crowded here in the picture below because I snapped this earlier February this year. There were interesting phrases in lights above every pillar. This particular one says, “Music is the soul to the universe and our imagination”


And *here* is the same place yesterday, with a crowd of people yesterday. There were probably about 5 thousand in all.


And here is the theater! It’s huge! It looked as if we were in a huge spaceship with the futuristic looking lighting on top. It was my first time in there, and it was Cart’s too even! And as a sidenote, I’d have to confess that even though I’m a Singaporean, I’ve yet to watch anything in the esplanade … that’s quite sad.


Anyway, here we are, taking a picture for posterity, waiting for the concert to start. The concert was supposed to start at 9 but they started like 15 minutes later and before that, poor Cartcart was stressing out, trying to reach the area by 8.30pm to search for parking and stuff.


But at length, they started. We’re sitting in an odd angle, but the sound is amazing up here nevertheless. All three players were really energetic and enigmatic and there were a number of songs which I recognized, as Cart forced encouraged me listen to them.

I took a couple of pictures which is totally not allowed, hence it’s a little bit blurry. But there were so many others taking footages (many with flash too … WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!) so I thought that one or two wouldn’t hurt.


The one on the bass is Larry Grenadier and it was rather hypnotising seeing him handle his instrument to the point that it looked quite sensual. The one on the drums is Bill Stewart, he totally reminds me of animal when he plays and we all know that animal, is fabulous!  And of course, on the guitar is the amazing Pat Metheny himself, with his trademark striped shirt. We only got to see his back throughout the entire concert though, boo hoo!

But oh, if only I could somehow do a Professor X and share with all of you telepathically the concert somehow, because it was simply spectacular. Especially the finale bit where Pat Metheny performed alone, but pressing some pedals, he controlled a couple of instruments to accompany him as he plays.


It was something like this, but with more instruments.

If only I could remember the title of the song … argh! But that performance was totally eargasmic. I wonder if I’ll ever hear that again.

Anyway, before I end, I thought that I’ll share his last encore performance which was really beautifully haunting to me. Visually, it’s a crappy quality but sound wise I think it’s worth listening to.

It’s very sexilicious, no?

Anyway … Well. Well. Well! Look at how happy Cart looks with Pat Metheny leaning on his shoulder


If I were rich, I would buy Pat Metheny and make him play before I got to sleep each night. But I’m not rich … So it looks like I’d have to start harassing Cartcart to pick up the guitar again

* cracks whip *

Then and now

Upon learning about the death of the famous Italian director, Mario Monicelli, Cart insisted that we watch a movie by him. The way he died is quite tragic by the way, upon knowing that he was not ageing well, he jumped out of the window to commit suicide.


We watched I Soliti Ignoti which is a bitter-sweet comedy about a group of thieves who attempt to burgle a pawn shop and while I had a hard time trying to understand what they were saying, (there were no subtitles, not even Italian ones) it was interesting to see the different cultures and mannerisms during the 50’s.

Like, I didn’t know previously that Sicilian’s (from Southern Italy) were very proud people and before their women get married, they were supposed to be unseen and are always hidden at home. But then again, this was the 50’s and this tradition doesn’t really hold in modern times.

But one of the things that I was really wowed about was the location of the film. I like, and get a kick out of seeing old videos and pictures and see if it can still be found at the present time. Check out this scene from the movie :


And check this out from google maps :


And this one :


Compared to this one :


I’ve been here! Its not too far away from the gelateria that I was earlier this year! Absolute coolness! I’d like to see more of these, there should be more though, but I’m not that fluent enough to decipher and research more Italian! 

In any case, this makes me not help but to wonder. Do we have any films representing old Singaporean monuments and roads? For one, I think that Old P.Ramlee movies do, however the only ones that I can find are always in crappy VCD format so the images and sound are pretty crackled.

I do wish that Shaw Brother’s would digitally restore it and release it in at least DVD format, with subtitles for all to share. It will be such a shame that history is slowly disappearing like this!

One of the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen in Rome

My classmate Suk from Italian class was telling me about a choral recital organized by the community of the Santi Martiri Korean Church in honour of the new cardinals. I’ve always liked choirs and have been looking forward to attending one, hence, Cart and I headed to the Santa Maria Basilica last Friday.

The invite card by the way, looked very interesting. At first glance I thought it was the type of mural that you’d normally see in a catholic church.


But looking closer, I was quite surprised to see that each character was wearing traditional Korean outfits.

The Santa Maria Basilica is located right in the middle next to the Campidoglio where we were supposed to find the giant foot as well as the Vittorio Emmanuele II Monument. It’s pretty easy to spot out due to the many stairs to reach it. And yes, it was quite a physical labour going up.


Nevertheless, in my opinion, this is a popular place for couples to get married as I’ve seen quite a number of bride and groom here since my stay in Rome. Cart tells me that there is an official marriage board around nearby.

When we entered, I was floored by how beautiful the church was. I’ve seen quite a number of churches in Rome, but it was nothing like the Santa Maria Basilica. I think it could probably be the crystal chandeliers.


We sat down to enjoy the performance. There were a number of pieces with a mix of Italian as well as English classics. I thought that the performance was beautiful. I’ve always liked listening to choirs and have been in the choir myself during my secondary school days.


Do listen to one of the performance that I recorded. Inside, you could also view the beautiful murals in the church.

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Why can’t I have a Jude Law robot?

This post contains Artificial Intelligence spoilers

With the seasons changing and the temperature dropping, it’s inevitable to be sick. And indeed, during the weekend, I caught the cough, flu and fever.

And all throughout the duration, I was feeling lousy, miserable, and in dire need of cuddles. With Cart at work and me being home alone and feeling dramatic, the only thing that I could think of was Jude Law to take care of me. Or specifically, Jude Law in the form of a robot in Artificial Intelligence.

rinaz.net Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an interesting movie set in the not too distant future, in a world where increasingly, robots looks and act realistically like humans. And these robots are given various types of tasks to assist humans, such as nannies, domestic helpers and such.

To me, what’s great is that they are very commited in their tasks. And they will continue to serve their duty faithfully, till the end. While there are mainly two divides between the embracing nature of having them as opposed to ‘robots taking over the world’ mentality, personally I don’t have a problem with it. After all, having them has made life easier. Moreover, there are plentiful of aspects where robots cant completely take over a human’s role.

rinaz.net Artificial Intelligence

That’s Jude Law on the right, playing the character, Gigolo Joe, complete with his Ken-doll hair and the shiniest outfit I’ve ever seen. He’s probably be a good companion to any sick women.

Although to be honest. I dont know how much I’d tolerate his character after 5 minutes or so, because what comes out of his mouth is SO corny and cheesy.

I think you’re afraid of letting go and this is starting to excite me. Are you afraid of seeing the stars? I can show you how to reach them

You are a goddess. You wind me up inside. But you deserve much better in your life. You deserve… me.

I know all about women. About as much as there is to know. No two are ever alike and after they’ve met me, no two are ever the same.

And the music … Joe likes to cock his head and 30’s music like Fred Astaire’s Cheek to cheek will start making the entire situation even more corny.

Nevertheless, I thought that Artificial Intelligence was an interesting movie. Although I thought that it was majorly one sided in its view in thinking that humans will never be able to have a bond with robots.

Everyday we bond with our piece of technology. If you take away any random person’s handphone, you’ll see how at loss they would feel. And have you seen the news about the guy who loves his game so much that he married his Nintendo DS character?

rinaz.net Artificial Intelligence

I also have a huge problem with the character Monica who plays the mother. She does not seem to be very bright.

For someone who lives in the future, you would have thought that they would be more aware on the intricacies on how to care for a robot. The biggest being to correct or reward for each task done. After all, that’s the whole point to the term, “Artificial Intelligence” – that something will be able to learn and grow through experience and mistakes.

Thus I had a big issue when David, the boy-android opens the door while Monica was in the toilet, mistaking it for a hide and seek game. Why didnt she correct his behaviour and tell him about the human needs for privacy?

rinaz.net Artificial Intelligence

Or during the sibling rivalry between Monica’s real son during dinner. Martin started to provoke David to start eating when we all know that robots cannot eat. And while the two parents saw what was going on, they did not do anything but continued to sit, talking docile-ly, to both of the boys “Stop it. Stop it. Dont do that

rinaz.net Artificial Intelligence
Cute teddy bear robot by the way

You don’t need to be a parent or live in the future to know that, that tone never works.

And they are both so irresponsible. Even though both of them knew very well that once David’s love-program was activated, there was no way of going back or restart David as how he was before. It’s not like a digital pet Tamagotchi! Monica goes ahead and activated the program without even consulting her husband.

rinaz.net Artificial Intelligence

And in the end, without investigating why David pulled Martin into the swimming pool, both of them simply judged that he would be a threat around the family. To this, I understand because every family wants their child to be safe.

What I don’t understand is that even with the knowledge that there are anti-mecha flesh fairs, which was kind of like a monster truck demolition but with robots, and that it would be dangerous for David to be by himself, she just abandons him in the forest like that.

rinaz.net Artificial Intelligence

I think that having him dismantled at the factory would be a much much more merciful. Like the dog euthanasia scene from the fly 2.

But of course, if David was to be dismantled at the factory, the movie would probably be over in just half the duration.

There are quite a number of movies that talks about the moralities of having an android companion. Like the Bicentennial Man, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and maybe even eXisTenz.

But one of the best ones that I watched in regards to this topic was actually from an anime called Chobits.

rinaz.net Artificial Intelligence

I’m not so into anime, but I appreciated the storyline that embraces and addresses that there are a group of people who appreciates robots and there are a group of people that are against them.

Unlike A.I which is one sided.

But why am I rambling about A.I. anyway? Cough cough cough. Oh yeah, its because I am sick. Having a robot helper would be nice. Then he could do the housework, cook me hot meals, help me with Italian, do the marketing, give me endless cuddles … etc. etc. etc.

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Julie and Julia. Have you watched it?

I watched Julie and Julia recently and I enjoyed it a lot. Have you watched it?

This movie is a charming comedy drama which contrasts the life of The French Chef and personality, Julia Child in the early years of her culinary career with the life of a young New Yorker Julie Powell, who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Child’s cookbook in 365 days, a challenge she described on her blog.

In all honesty, apart from watching a few YouTube clips, I don’t know Julia Child that much except that I thought that she had this unmistakable high pitched voice, while I watched her prepare food in real time. At first it was quite annoying to hear, but it grows on you. She rambles a lot, nevertheless, its the type of ramble that you wont mind listening to because she’s funny and goofy and charming.

I thought that Meryl Streep was solid in her depiction of Julia Child, she got the voice and mannerisms dead on. Check out this short clip on her solid performance.

I’m not sure how true the movie portrayal was as compared to her real life, but seeing her live and adapt in France is very admirable to me. I feel quite inspired. She didn’t seem to have any fear at all being friendly and so charming with the natives even with her lack of knowledge of French at the time. I wish I was like that! I tremble even when trying to talk to the clerk while registering for an Italian class.


See! I want that! I’d like to be happy and charming and people around me to light up when they see me. Instead, the man selling vegetables at the mercato near our place just wants to get to the next customer

Also, it was very inspiring to see how brave she was, signing up for a culinary school, despite many challenges against her – a schoolmaster that didn’t want her there, being in an all male and I assume all French speaking class, she amazingly didn’t crumble and instead continued to be so positive and just went ahead. No publisher was interested in publishing her cookbook initially. I think most people would feel defeated already.


Here she is looking very happy that she’s able to chop all the onions first, after feeling upset during her first lesson being brushed off by the teacher for not being able to chop properly. She took up the challenge, practised with who knows how many onions, most probably with bucketfuls of tears and just did it!

Anyway, here is a treat for all glee fans. if you looked carefully, you could actually see someone very familiar acting out as Julia’s sister, Dorothy :


Its Sue Sylvester from Glee!

The performance by Amy Adams was al-right. Although the character, Julie Powells, she portrayed seemed rather narcissistic, and it strikes me odd that she’s always talking about Julia Child at least once every 5 minutes, she was still well meaning and cute.

I could even look past the part where she and her husband are all eating greedily, even talking with their mouths full! Making lewd, orgasmic sounds. I mean, one “MMM!” is fine. But anything more than 5 seconds is just too much. But I had to draw the line and cringe every now and then when the husband just casually comes in the kitchen and dips his hand in the bowl of frosting. I’d be very upset if anyone does that.


I DON’T KNOW WHERE YOUR FINGERS HAS BEEN! Its probably dirty! Don’t put your fingers in my bowl before I’m done cooking! Urgh! Its such a big pet peeve!

In any case, there was a part where Julie received a call from a journalist who actually asked Julia Child, of what she thought of her blog. After the call, she looked crestfallen and with her hands flaying, she squealed, “Julia HATES me!”


And at the end of the movie, without it explaining why, I thought to myself, why did Julia Child hated Julie Powell’s blog?

And thus I searched online and found it.

I couldn’t even read halfway through the first page – its full of rambling. And not in the good, Julia Child way. I couldn’t stomach reading the rest of the pages, but to what I have read so far, it was so pretentious and so dull and so LONG! I applaud anyone who could read all the way through.


Its a blog, its not a book! A blog post shouldn’t be more than a million words long! There were no pictures to rest my eyes every now and then. Some might say that technology might not be so advanced, but come on, it was only about 7 years ago and people had digital cameras in 2003. And I think phones already had cameras then.

Also, its not her fowl foul language that bugs me, actually when used in the right context, it brings out a person’s grief or anger or anguish. Instead, I find it very pretentious.

What bugged me the most is that its so narcissistic and so full of complaints. And for a blog that’s supposed to be known to showcase cooking all the recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook, I don’t see much writing about her experience while cooking.

Granted that I merely skimmed through the blog, but the bits that I did read when she writes about her time in the kitchen, there wasn’t much description about that. Its like, “BLA BLA BLA. Eric is so mean to me. BLA BLA BLA. My job sucks. BLA BLA BLA. Today, I cooked Beof Bourginon. It was fine. BLA BLA BLA”

I mean come on, it doesn’t take a foodie to know this, but if someone loves something, big chances is that they would want to share their joy and be more descriptive in their experience – be it good or bad. With her blog, I didn’t sense the love.


Nope, none of this when trying out your own cooking and really liking it.

I’m not a chef, or such an acclaimed food blogger, but I can usually tell if a person is being genuine or not on a blog. I get the appeal of Marisa, who herself was inspired by Julie and Julia. And is blogging about making new dress a day for 365 days. She’s adorably cute but most importantly, she seems genuinely passionate and enjoy what she’s doing.


So it baffles me, that there are so many people following Julia Powell’s blog and actually reading her drone. And on top of that, she gets donations through a paypal account, so much so to the point that that she could blow it on whatever. And she got two books published at this point of writing, and retained her fame through the movie. Something is wrong here.

This reminds me of the save Karyn project all over again – where a young woman accumulated a $20,000 credit due to HER overspending and she set up a website to ask for donations. Quite shameless right? Ironically, now all her bills are paid for, she’s publishing a book, has interviews from top television networks and a movie will be done about her in the future.

It feels like I’m doing wrong in life. But I’m comforted in the fact that Julia Childs herself didn’t approve of Julie’s blog. So there is hope in this world after all.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched this movie yet, do catch it. As someone who likes to eat, it was fun to watch. Just that I thought that it was better without the Julie part 😛