This is married life #1

I know its bad to think bad of others, especially your partner, but sometimes this is what I think what Cart is thinking

Sidenote : What is with the cough virus bout going on? I’ve been sick for over a week now! Is annoying!

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  1. Poor Marina, it takes some time to get over the cough. Be patient, take yr medicine and drink some milk or tea with honey.

  2. Hello Marina,

    if I can suggest, there is the solution we have adopted at Pagin’s home..the husband has to iron his shirt on his own 🙂

  3. Sarah

    The ones with his arm are the ones that he helped to take for me 🙂


    Ang Mo breakfast very easy what, just pour milk over the cereal and maybe freshly brewed coffee :p


    Thank you. I hope for that too, this throat is getting very annoying 🙁

  4. Sally

    Funny thing about tea is that if you take too much, it becomes a diuretic. I had to go to the toilet non stop for several hours after two mugs of mint tea :p


    Thank you *hugs* I hope for it too, having an itchy throat is no fun!


    Yeah! Feels like there’s a toilet brush down the throat isn’t it?

  5. Emanuele

    Hahaha! I’ll let Cartcart know that!!!!


    I wonder what the cause of this is though. Its like everyone around me has this horrible virus.


    Hahaha, that sounds like an idea for another comic :p


    Paid leave huh? :p

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