Feeling braver living in a foreign place

I was on my way to head to a talk at the British School at Rome. With the event being held just after working hours, I had to go there by myself as Cart was not able to send me.


I did a search online for the directions and was on my way to the place, pretty much drama free.

Even when I did get confused, I didn’t panic like how I used to last year. Last year I’ve always had irrational fears mostly stemming from me looking very un-Italian. This time round, I felt more confident in myself.

And then it dawned to me.


I don’t feel so helpless anymore and that I’m actually really getting used to life here as compared to feeling the extreme homesickness when I first arrived here. So much has happened since then.

And I feel very hopeful about the future.

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  1. I’m glad to hear your’e finally settling in and feeling comfortable. That’s a fun moment, when you realize you feel like you’re at home.

    I’m in a weird spot right now because the Philippines is now ‘home’, but I’m not too familiar with it. Making it double-weird is the fact that I’m back in Singapore for a week to wrap things up and it no longer feels like ‘home’ either. Everything has this weird temporary feeling to it, sort of like when you’re in the airport.

    I see you finally have that e-mail notification thing! Great!

  2. Moby

    Tankiu! Hopefully things get better in the future πŸ™‚


    Maybe its different for you since you’re frequently moving countries? So it takes a shorter time for you to get settled in.

    I hope that things get settled soon for you in Philippines, I’ve been reading about the state of the place you’re living in. You guys did a nice job so far!


    Urrrr … That’ll take a while :p


    More like action tai tai since we are both not rich :p

  3. Wow, that feeling hopeful about the future is so important ya? I don’t know how we can survive without it. I’m so glad that you persevered, stuck it out and now, you’re there…

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