Going to a Cat Exhibition in Rome 2009

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While I was travelling on a bus with Jerrick, I spotted a billboard.

Billboard Magnificat 2009
Those were scratches on the glass on the bus I was taking if you were wondering.

I love cats, and thus, last weekend, I dragged Cartcart to take me to the exhibition hall, Nuova Fiera Roma to see the La Mostra Felina 2009.

Leaves of Rome in Fall

It was such a pretty afternoon. With us being in Autumn, the leaves on trees were golden and red with many of the leaves fallen off.

Having already been to the Fiera di Roma some weeks ago, the exhibition didn’t look as cramped full of exhibition, but there were still a buzz of activity.

Magnificat 2009

One of the first things that I saw was a demonstration for automated cat litter collector.

Automated cat litter

It looked very interesting at how inside turns around into a sort of filter which traps the cat litter. But it seems rather large and unsuitable for those with smaller houses.

Cat trinkets

And not too far away, there are several stalls selling a couple of cat trinkets from jewellery, cat printed bags, ceramics and others.

Initially when I was at the entrance of the the exhibition hall, I really wanted to get a cute cat balloon, but in the end, this cute cat scarf seems more practical. You like?

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There were also other segments where you could take pictures of your cats, complete with a light box.

Cat photography

I couldn’t get a clear shot because of the crowd though.

Cat competition

And there was a segment where the cat tournament was held. But I wasn’t too interested in it though as it was mostly a beauty contest where the owners show off their cats.

Punch and Judy

There were a segment for kids to watch a Punch and Judy show.

Face cat paint

I noticed quite a number of kids having their face painted with feline decorations. And I nearly kicked myself for not having worn my Cat Hat.

Anyway, the main attraction would have to be the cats itself. There were so many cats but there probably about five times the amount the visitors. I was surrounded by a lot of people. So it was rather claustrophobic for me and at the end of it, I felt dizzy and out of breath.

At the same time, because of that, I had a number of bad shots with people’s body part in the way. But what bothered me more was that there were a number of people who took pictures of the cats with FLASH! And some were even poking the cats.


The poor cats. Being in a cage for two days with loads of people staring at them the entire time and the bright lights from the flash and the poking. I’m sure some were traumatised and confused. In fact I saw a few which were shaking. Probably very stressed out.

Nevertheless, there were a number of owners who were happy to chat with the visitors and showing off their cats.


This little girl is so cute, she held her British Shorthair for me and patiently waited for me to take a picture 🙂


I’ve never seen a tri-coloured sphynx cat before.


I quite like this picture and how happy the owner looks


One of the rare men at the exhibition, showing off his cat

Here are several cats that I think I know the breeds. These are the Birman Cats.





Some Winston looking cats :






There were some Sphynx. Personally I find them cute, even if they were mainly portrayed as pets by evil characters. So its very sad when I hear of recounts like these.



There were a number of Norwegian forest cats. They were really big and I reckon from what I saw, they are as large as a dog even.





Here are the British Shorthair. So cute!



And there were a number of interesting breeds, some of them I don’t even know their names. Can you help me out by naming them?




And I saved the cutest one for last


Isn’t she cute? I’m so in love with her.

All in all, going to my first cat exhibition was interesting – seeing all the different species of cats.

As much as I enjoyed myself though, after seeing all the cats behind the bars and coupled with the fact that there were the unthinking people with the poking and the flash makes me think “Poor things!” so I don’t think that I’d be visiting this exhibition again.

18 Replies to “Going to a Cat Exhibition in Rome 2009”

  1. I also feel kesian for the cats! I have two (a tabby and a siamese), and come raya, they run to the room whenever we have guests cos they don’t like being (mis)handled.

  2. Those are some really cool looking cats. My two don’t have a breed that I’m aware of. My wife would’ve loved to go to this convention.

    I think it’s bad that people were using flash on their cameras too. There should have been a ‘no flash allowed’ warning. It bothers the cats. Cats are territorial and generally don’t like strangers. Some are really jumpy, depending on the environment they were raised in. So, putting them around a lot of people and then further aggravating the situation with flash cameras must have traumatized them for sure.

  3. Yay! Sphynxes get 2 photos! and Isn’t that tri-coloured one a beauty. I wonder what they used to bring the colours out like that? Simply gorgeous though.

    Lovely photos. Thanks for reporting a great exhibition.

  4. Oh nooo poor kitties! They really should have a no poking/touching cats without permission from the owners! I have such a soft spot for kitties, my family aren’t big on pets but we adopted two stray cats last year and one of them has been frequenting our house daily so it’s really nice to be able to cuddle with a giant fat kitty when you get home after a long day at work ;D

    my fat cat: http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/6444/34320294.jpg

  5. Sha

    Hahaha, like the last cat picture I put up is my favourite. Just looking at it, all my stress goes away 🙂


    Me too! Do you have cats at home?


    Come to think of it, most cats are like that, yeah? That’s why its a little pitiful seeing all these cats being caged up like that, no where to run.


    Yeah, exactly. But the thing is, there *were* signs being put up telling the people that flash and poking were not allowed.

    Too bad some people cannot read I guess …


    Oh, I didn’t realise that till you told me. But I guess the difference is, her post is about a mouthless cat, my post is about real cats 🙂

  6. Sphynx Cat

    Ouh, too bad that I didn’t get to take more pictures of them but most were behind plastic cases so the pictures wont turn out good anyway.

    Maybe the tri-coloured sphynx was the baby of a tri-coloured cat? Could be I guess?


    I love your orange fat cat! She looks adorable! 🙂

    By the way, there were signs on the cages telling the visitors no flash and poking allowed. But some people dont seem to be able to understand to read or maybe they are too impaired to know how to change the settings.


    I’ve never heard of a rabbit exhibition! Maybe there will be in Singapore! 🙂

  7. Oh my. I am not much of a “cat” person. But, I cannot deny the adorability. 🙂 Do they have a rabbit exhibition??

    I would like to go see one!

  8. I mean both are cats, both are exhibitions and both of you did a ‘cat’ entry within something like 30 mins of each other. I just log onto my latest update links and saw both cat exhibition posts side by side, reading one after the other just makes me feel spooked right up to the max if you know what i mean? spooooky

  9. MKL

    No worries! Its my pleasure


    But I think there is! I saw a blog post by sparklette some time back about her going to a cat exhibition in Singapore


    Nah, I dont think its spooky. Don’t worry about it, its just a coincidence thats all. Moreover its not like we blogged about scary things. Cats are cute 🙂

  10. It’s more likely that people read it and just didn’t care. Perhaps they thought it was the same as how they tell you not to use flash in the zoo. Cats are different though. It doesn’t take much to put them on edge and when cats are agitated it can actually lead to serious medical conditions. Did you know that a cat who is too bored will start to eat all their fur off?

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