Angels and Demons amuses me

Cart and I were watching Angels and Demons yesterday evening. Though I couldn’t comprehend the movie in its entirety since it was dubbed in Italian, I found it interesting nevertheless. Even if there were many parts which I found completely incredible.

Angeli e Demoni

For example, the fact that the lead character, Professor Langdon is able to move around central Rome in less than an hour is completely amazing! Anyone who has been in Rome knows of how bad the traffic is here. It intensifies as you go nearer the touristy spots.

So many people at the Spanish Steps
Look at the amount of people at the Spanish Steps

And it will be like winning the lottery if you ever get to park directly in front of your destination since trying to find parking in Rome is extremely challenging. Its not uncommon for a Roman to drive around the neighbourhood for about 15 mins and more, just trying to find parking.

So many people at the Spanish Steps
So much so that the people here does double parking sometimes

There was one particular scene where one of the kidnapped Cardinal gets bound in weights and dropped into the fountain in Piazza Navona. In the movie, it seemed that the fountain was very deep.

Piazza Navona
This is the famous fountain in Piazza Navona

In real life, its quite hard to drown anyone in there. The area is extremely crowded with people and only authorized vehicles can pass through. Moreover, the fountain is about knee deep in water. All you have to do is to stand up.

I am very amused.

Hot Priest

Obi Wan on the other hand, is not amused

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  1. Insightful entry from a Roman. Is that what people from Rome are called?

    Hahaha, aku tak tahu, hentam jer :p

    Sad to see Obi Wan was the bad guy in the movie. Dark side seduced him lah.

  2. Daphne

    More about Rome to come up soon! 🙂


    Ish … I’m not a Roman! I’m a Singaporean lah dey! 😛

    I thought Ewan McGregor was very talented, he embraced his character very well. And yet, he seems too sexy to play the priest anyways … hahaha 😛

  3. I just got a copy of Angels & Demons yesterday. We started to watch it but then both got sleepy so I cut it off.

    From the 15 minutes I watched I wasn’t too impressed. I read the book, and even in those 15 minutes they axed days from the storyline. In fact, I don’t know how anyone who hasn’t read the book could understand the movie. A lot of the events in the movie depend on knowing the events that lead up to the cardinals being kidnapped.

    Overall, I think they probably focused too much on the action and not enough on the mystery, which is what made the book so good.

    Of course, I haven’t seen all of the movie, so I may be proved wrong after having finished it. Then again, books are always better than the movie, which is why I need to get around to actually reading The Da Vinci Code.

  4. Coming from a guy, I don’t quite share the same sentiments of Obi Wan sexy part, haha.

    But I was surprised at the twist of events, good story, great ensemble.

    I was disappointed there was no demented crazy evil dude such as Silas in ‘Da Vinci Code’.

    One thing however, every time Tom Hanks was on-screen, I kept looking at his receding hairline. He and Nicholas Cage, both in denial that they’re balding :p

  5. Brad

    I didn’t read Angels and Demons. I didn’t read Da Vinci’s code either. And seeing the movie in Italian, I didnt catch that much since I am not fluent in Italian.

    Just watched it in English though, and it amused me even more. The professor could solve crimes in a split second! Better than a police!

    The movie is unbelievable, but I found it entertaining, neverthless 😛


    Silas? As in from “Heroes” I haven’t watched it for a while. After season two, it just got boring …

    And about balding issues, I think its a touchy subject with most men 😛


    No I haven’t. Don’t really plan to though 😛

    Have you? What did you think about it?

  6. I have read the book but I haven’t watched the film yet. Although the events in the book/film are quite ridiculous, it’s only just a film/book afterall. I must say it is one of the most gripping books I have ever read.

  7. It’s been shown in Malaysia for quite sometime already. Too bad I have no time to watch it. Have to wait for the DVD to release before I can enjoy the show.

  8. Superman

    In Italy it takes a while longer to release since they will need a bit of time to do the dubbing. Anyway, its been out since 13 May and Cart and I just got about to watching it now.

    I’m sure you’d get about watching it too 🙂


    One of the most gripping book? Really? This inspires me to find a copy 🙂

    And yes, there are a plentiful of stories that is just incredulous. But that’s the license of creativity.

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