Our home in Rome

For the first couple of months that I was in Rome, it felt as if I stepped back into time in Singapore. This was because of how old the houses here looked like. Cart tells me that, unlike in Singapore, very few houses, if any at all are demolished after 20 years.

Roadside - Rome, Italy

Below is a picture of Viale Ignazio Silone, which is about 10 minutes drive from our home. The first time I was here, I was struck at how similar it reminded me of the places where I used to roam. To me, it really looked like Bukit Timah during the early 80’s.

Viale Ignazio Silone - Rome, Italy

Cart and I live in an apartment just off the fringes of the ring. It’s a typical neighbourhood. And just like my childhood house, it’s rare to see houses beyond 10 stories in Rome. Vehicles park right in front of the houses.

Apartment, Rome, Italy

It’s an interesting neighbourhood. Beside our apartment is a church where every weekend, there will be bells ringing and a congregation will be during its mass. And a few minutes of walking, you’ll find yourself in a little park and a pond where ducks will be swimming. It’s relaxing to see them as well as families picnic-ing here.

Apartment, Rome, Italy

One of the thing which I notice immediately is that unlike a Singaporean HDB flat, strangers would not be able to enter freely into the housing corridor. This is because of the gate below. Visitors need to press the buzzer to talk to the owner and the owner decides to let them in or not.

Apartment, Rome, Italy

Walk up the stairs and this is our house!

Cart and Rinaz apartment in Rome, Italy

And just for fun, quite like the virtual tour of our secondlife home, here is a quick tour of our real life home :

What do you think?

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25 Replies to “Our home in Rome”

  1. From your photos it really does look like it could be in Singapore. That top photo reminds me of some areas in Geylang. A lot of buildings in New York City have either locked doors, buzzers, or security guards. I think a buzzer and a security camera would be best but that’s pretty high tech and would be costly. I was surprised by what you said about 20 year old buildings being demolished. Is that common in Singapore? What about HDBs that people own?

  2. Clare

    Tidying isn’t hard, its keeping it clean which is annoying … hehehe

    Over here the water from the taps is full of hard water and its such a pain trying to get rid of calcium stains on the sink, on the bathtub. Bah!

    Thats why there is no close up of the bathtub … 😛


    The top photo? You mean the night shot one? I dont really see the resemblance to Geylang, but a lot of the buildings here really remind of of Singapore about 20 years ago

    * suddenly feels old *

    In Singapore, typically a family would have a 99 year lease on their home, but most of the times, HDB buildings dont last that long. Its usually demolished to make way for other building plans such as roads or newer builds.

    My very first house was in Taman Jurong. My family and I stayed there for less than 25 years before HDB reimbursed my parents and relocated us in its en-bloc scheme where my family is staying currently.


    No worries and all the best!

    And the red sofa is sexeh 😛


    Tidying up is the duty of a wife … (when she is not lazy)


    Well, usually the house is tidy when I’m not too tired. Moreover, I feel embarrassed if guests suddenly pops up. Ok, not that I have many but you know lah.


    Is it Ikea? Hehe

    Thanks! Most of it (actually all of it) is because of Cart’s personal taste 🙂

  3. DK

    Yeah, most of the apartment in Rome is rather small as compared to maybe Singapore. I wonder why?

    And all the best for your OMY! 🙂


    Thank you 🙂

    Still adjusting to the life here … you know, I still cant speak Italian 😛

  4. as i mentioned before… i love ur home! so cozy. 🙂 n did u tidy up specially for this shoot? (evilsmirk) hahaha. 😛

  5. Maalikka

    Stick Rinaz? She’s on hiatus right now since she’s not riding her scooter …


    Thanks! 🙂

    Keeping it calcium free on the other hand … 😛

  6. Nice home . Hope u are happy. My girlfriend Rahimah and myself are flying to Rome on the 8-11 august. It was a last minute thing..The first time for me and her. Hope to find our way around with our english.Take care.

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