When the clutter monster attacks!

Cart and I were hosting my friends Lynn and Francesco for dinner last night. We were showing them around the house – the bedroom, the study room, the balcony et al.

rinaz the desperate stepford wife
I forgot to take a picture of Lynn and Francesco, so I’ll put this pic of me instead πŸ˜›

It was when we were in the kitchen that they were curious to see the laundry room. Francesco almost opened the door before Cart stopped him.

I was horrified. Because beyond the door was of unspeakable nature. It was something that must never be seen by a mortal.

It was the clutter monster lurking.

The clutter monster

It so cluttered with newspapers, empty bottles and plastic bags that I was so embarassed. Fortunately, they did not go on further.

The next day, I could not hold my procrastination to tidy the laundry room any longer. I decided to face the clutter monster.

It daunting. It was a long and tedious battle – Clearing and folding all those plastic bags. But several hours later, the clutter monster left and all was relatively peaceful in the kingdom of Laundria again.

But that really made me wonder. How was it that we had so many plastic bags in the first place?

Cart and I, as with most people, have develop the habit of saving the plastic bags, mostly to use it to throw rubbish in before sending it to the main bins outside the house.

Here in Italy, rubbish bins are colour coded according to the type of material.

Rubbish bins in Italy

It seems like for every time that we used one to throw rubbish in, 4 new plastic bags comes in.

If P is for incoming plastic bag and p is for outgoing plastic bags, then P = 4p hence P/p = 4 meaning they are directly proportional. And eventually we will be chased out of our home.

Rinaz act teacher

What is interesting in Italy is that, shoppers would have to pay for their plastic bags.Β Whereas in Singapore, you could get it for free normally or 5 cents each bag once a month when Fairprice does their Bring-your-own-bag scheme.

In any case, you could choose between a regular plastic bag or the more expensive biodegradable one.

Regular and Biodegradable Plastic bag

Cart and I found out that the biodegradable one isn’t very strong though. We put a couple of bottles in it and the bag broke. So, ironically, people would buy the cheaper and stronger plastic anyway.

But what is stranger to me is how we are so willing to pay for plastic bags. I think I’d rather carry a large shopping bag. More for controlling the clutter monster rather than anything else.

Plastic bags into triangle

Much better!

By the way, here is a video on how to fold your plastic bags into triangles

And thus, here ends today’s blog post of the exciting life of me

21 Replies to “When the clutter monster attacks!”

  1. Hillary

    I really have no idea. Maybe one (wo)man’s rubbish is another (wo)man’s treasure? πŸ˜›

    But why keep so many and mess up the place when you’re not going to use it in the end. Its such an eye sore.

    The Writer

    Woah! That’s a fair bit more expensive compared to here! Is it to deter people from using plastic bags then?

    Yeah, its much better to get a canvas bag instead! *ahem* Or the hubby *ahem*

  2. How about a shopping trolley, bright pink would be an advantage like my neighbour’s one. I tend not to have many bags except when buying meat as i stuff everything in the buggy. Maria enjoys that as it means me carrying her.

  3. I also have that habit! In my previous home i even accumulated one full drawer of them! But it was useful because I could use it to wrap my stuff when I was moving house hehehe.. If it’s excessive, I also bring it down to put it in the recycling bin. I’m so glad my apartment has the bins.

  4. Katie-Lucie

    Hehehe, hug Maria for me then! πŸ™‚

    We do have a trolley bag, but somehow I feel its kind of bulky. We really should use it though before the clutter monster get to us! Hehehe!


    Marc Jacobs has a shopping tote bag? Fwah! Stylin!


    Funny thing is that we probably would not be able to use all of them in the end πŸ˜›

    It just accumulates!

    Oh and I cant wait to have the pendant and the others. I’m so excited! πŸ™‚

    Hope it turns out well!

    The Writer

    Indeed! And to keep away the clutter monster too! Hehehe

    Uncle Sha

    Better not … its not glamorous lah. Its just a room with a shelf and a sink and a washing machine. Not interesting at all πŸ˜›

    Oh tales from the crypt … I’m not sure if its TCS or SBC, but I do remember it was during my school days. I’d try to stay up late at night to catch it πŸ™‚

  5. Same here… must pay for bag. paper bag is bad. Bummer. I like Malaysia, beg is free and the people at the counter put the stuff inside for you. That’s lovely.

  6. Haha! In my place, we just stuff it into the biggest plastic bag. We have a few bundles already. =X

    Interesting. You can compile your entries into a book already. Got potential leh.

  7. When I lived in the US, there was no charge for bags. I suppose it was included in the costs of the things you were buying?

    In Singapore, bags are free in most places. The only place I’ve seen where it’s not is the Ikea. There you have to pay for the bags and the price varies depending on the size. Oh, and I did once see that bags had to be paid for at Fairprice.

    I think it’s a good thing to make people pay for plastic bags. It makes them more inclined to bring their own, meaning there’s less waste.

  8. Yah, my Mum has the same habit of saving plastic bag even though our house is absolutely flooded with bags. And when I reject ONE measly plastic bag at the mall, she’ll get upset, like I’ve rejected a million dollar treasure.


  9. Same here. A plastic bag in the supermarket costs 2 kr. That’s about 35 cent euro. I have several canvas bags that I use whenever I go out for shopping.

  10. MKL

    Oh! Now that you’ve mentioned it, yes! We have to put the articles in the plastic bags ourselves! Cashiers in Italy sure have it (slightly easier) … hehehe


    Um … recycle it? Really no point in keeping so much right? Since the numbers are going to multiply anyways πŸ˜›

    Anyway, who would read my book if I published it? Which publisher will want me? πŸ˜›

    But nevermind lah, let me day dream with the title first ok? “Where is my Nasi Lemak?! – The exciting(!) journal of a Singaporean Girl in Rome”


    Ironically, that makes people feel even more attached to their plastic bags, hahaha, hence, all the clutter! I don’t like seeing clutter … its such an eye sore.

    But no matter, to what I know of, the Bring Your Own Bag campaign has been going on once a month in the bigger franchise supermarkets like Fairprice, Liberty, Carrefour, Shen Shiong and others.

    The last I heard was that there were discussions for the BYOB day to be more frequent rather than once a month. I wonder what happened to that.

  11. That, my kakak rina, is why there are so many “eco shopper bags” out there now, so you can lug all your groceries from the supermarket in style. Even Marc Jacobs has the Marc Jacobs Eco Tote.

  12. well 2.5 kr is a fair price for a plastic bag here but yeah, I suppose it’s always better to bring your own bag, for the environment’s sake

  13. Hi Rinaz!!! :p
    I liked it that you keep all the plastic bags, cos I do that too.. I keep paper bags too! Hhaha! I think its like a clutter monster for my case too, but I can’t bear to throw those paper bags away, cos I think its too wasteful!

    I should be thankful that we usually do not have to pay for plastic bags (other than IKEA). But then again, many of us take this for granted.

    Have a great weekend! ^__^

  14. haha.. the clutter of plastic bags reminded me of my life back in sweden 3 years ago when the notion of 3-Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce) was very strong and i saved every plastic/paper bag i received.. cos’ it cost abt S$0.50 – S$1 for one in supermarkets..

    now i just take and throw.. habits die hard πŸ™‚

  15. Feliza

    Paper bags are a different category! Its more beautiful than plastic bags!


    Why throw? You can use it to stuff more plastic bags in πŸ˜›


    Hahaha, yes it can be, isn’t it?

    But there were so many plastic bags that day that it took about an hour. I was more bored than relaxed :-p


    Oooh … An American Clutter monster??

  16. It has just become i take for granted now :-p altho i agree with u on the stuffing of plastic into plastic part but the problem now is i have so much to pack! haha πŸ™‚


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