Do you like my rainbow eyeshadow?

I’ve always liked mekap. Colours fascinates me. To me, make up is like art where the canvas was the skin.

But I have never really been that great at putting on cosmetics. Moreoever, growing up, rarely I felt pretty. I admired my good friend Juli, who was naturally talented in mekap. We were supposed to set up a make over venture together. But now that I’ve migrated to Italy …

Nevertheless, thanks to mekap gurus on youtube totally making me jonesing for mekap, I bought enough mekap to last me for 10 years. It’s just too bad that cosmetics expires in way less than half that.

Rinaz and her mekap

Interestingly enough, I met with make up artist, Andy Lee, during a Revlon event last year. I told him that I wasn’t good with eye make up. But he was really nice and advised me not to give up and just practise more. That gave me a little bit more confidence to experiment with colours.

While back in Singapore, I’d just slap on my mekap and scoot out of the house. Now I’ve got quite a bit of free time to practise.

Of course the first few times, it doesn’t look all that great. I’m not a patient person and I almost smashed the freaking liquid eyeliner.

But little by little, I think I’m getting better. Nowadays, I really enjoy playing with my colours and I feel very proud of myself when I see that I am starting to get a hang of it.

Rinaz and her mekap

I did a rainbow eyeshadow look last year, after following this tutorial on youtube. It looked so pretty on her. But it just didn’t look quite right on me. I never knew how to blend properly and for a newbie to try to put on 6 different eyeshadow on an eyelid was surely asking for a disaster.

But just for fun, I tried out another tutorial. And this is how it turned out. Woohoo!

Rinaz and her mekap

Andy Lee said that I should not put colours under my eyes but heck I’m really loving this! I’d go out with this even. Granted that its not perfect and I still have lots to learn and practise, it does look quite cherful.

This gives me the drive to want to take up a course on cosmetics. Would be a bit tough for someone who is not fluent in Italian though.

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11 Replies to “Do you like my rainbow eyeshadow?”

  1. Ok ok not to discourage you but I don’t think our skin tone can carry off that sort of rainbow colours in one go. Also our eyes aren’t as deep set as them ang moh nyer kulit. Sungguh tak fair one.

    But babe! Check this website out. It’s da bomb!

    Her name’s Marlena and she’s a total makeup/MAC freak. Lol. But she’s absolutely fantastic and brilliant in her art. I visit her website once a week to catch up on her vid post. She teaches you step-by-step and also gives you info on the best makeup products and tools. Saya suka! Even though I hardly put any warpaint on my face. I’m delaying my wrinkles. Lol.

  2. Kynne

    Apa pulak? Kulit melayu lah yang terbaik untuk mekap beb! Kita boleh guna warna yang terang! Asalkan jangan sampai wayang … hehehehe

    Ingat tak? Dulu di Perancis, semua wanita suka kulit porselin, tetapi Coco Chanel membuat revolusion baru dengan kulit tan. Sekarang kebanyakan Orang Putih suka kuli tan.

    Yang penting adalah konfident untuk bergaya. Dan tidak takut untuk bereksperimen. Betul tak? 😀

    Yeah, I know that website, she’s great isnt she? I like her tutorials 🙂


    Ehm … Thanks 😛

  3. Adamantixx

    Mekap is just my way of saying make-up or cosmetics … hahaha!

    And thanks! I’m not as skilled as a lot of other girls, but for a newbie, I’m quite proud of the rainbow look 🙂


    *thick skin* Of course I am! *thickskin*

  4. OMG Semangat, rinaz! I can’t believe you used the word “mekap”!! LOL please!

    I know nuts about eye makeup either. I just don’t bother ^^
    All I do is grab the eyeliner and I’m all set to go.

  5. Nashe

    But that’s how I always say it … mekap 😛

    And eyeliner is a great and quick way to accentuate the eyes 🙂


    I really don’t know how to reply back to that 😛

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