One of the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen in Rome

My classmate Suk from Italian class was telling me about a choral recital organized by the community of the Santi Martiri Korean Church in honour of the new cardinals. I’ve always liked choirs and have been looking forward to attending one, hence, Cart and I headed to the Santa Maria Basilica last Friday.

The invite card by the way, looked very interesting. At first glance I thought it was the type of mural that you’d normally see in a catholic church.

But looking closer, I was quite surprised to see that each character was wearing traditional Korean outfits.

The Santa Maria Basilica is located right in the middle next to the Campidoglio where we were supposed to find the giant foot as well as the Vittorio Emmanuele II Monument. It’s pretty easy to spot out due to the many stairs to reach it. And yes, it was quite a physical labour going up.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, this is a popular place for couples to get married as I’ve seen quite a number of bride and groom here since my stay in Rome. Cart tells me that there is an official marriage board around nearby.

When we entered, I was floored by how beautiful the church was. I’ve seen quite a number of churches in Rome, but it was nothing like the Santa Maria Basilica. I think it could probably be the crystal chandeliers.

We sat down to enjoy the performance. There were a number of pieces with a mix of Italian as well as English classics. I thought that the performance was beautiful. I’ve always liked listening to choirs and have been in the choir myself during my secondary school days.

Do listen to one of the performance that I recorded. Inside, you could also view the beautiful murals in the church.

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  1. I was in a choir too when I was much younger. I vaguely remember doing a solo recital. That was before puberty and my voice changed though. I probably sing like a frog now. I love this type of music… In fact, I think I’ll search around to see if I can find any recordings available to download.

    You know what would have made this experience even better? If you had a warm fuzzy ket waiting at home for you.

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