First me, second me

Elio e le storie tese is an Italian band. They consist of extremely talented players, which is evident when you hear their instrumental solo. But the music that they play in contrast is, to put it simply … is absolutely crazy hilarious.

elio e le storie tese
In the middle there is Elio by the way, and coincidentally one of the judge for X-Factor Italia

I’ve been very amused by this particular song, “First me, Second me” for days to the point that I’m singing it out loud to Cart. It’s like a bad-direct-translation from Italian to English.

By the way, in Italian, Secondo me has a double meaning, it could either mean in my opinion or I’m second.

The kicker is, they got James Taylor as a guest singer for this song (just that it’s not him in this video) :

I love it because it’s such a beautiful song, but the lyrics is just nonsense! Hahaha! There’s a longer, more cruder version here – “In the light, I see the your true face. You are a toilet


Now if someone will make a musical version of Tijah and her boifren mat saleh, my life will be complete!

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  1. LOL! That was hilarious! Thanks for making my day! Anyhow, I’ve been following your blog here and must say I enjoy it, partly mengubat rindu pada Italy. Been there in 2009… Thought of singgah kejap this June from Paris but the flight fares are horrendous!
    Anyhow, would like to share with you one particular Italian song which my hubs and I fell in love with when we there: “ma il cielo è sempre più blu” by rino gaetano. Maybe you’ve heard of it before 🙂

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