Leap Years – One of the best local romance I’ve ever watched

Truth be told, I had no intention of watching Leap Years if it was not for Malique whom was so impassionate in recommending it to me.

Vanclaire, rinaz and Mintea

Hence, I went to watch it with the lovely VanClaire at Plaza Singapura last Sunday. And it was such a tear-fest and in the end, I think I washed away my make up clean!

Leap years with Ananda Everingham

Leap years based upon the novella, Leap of Love by Dr Catherine Lim, whom I believe is one of Singapore’s most talented writer. The story revolves about the main protagonist, Li Ann (played by Wong Li Lin) whom by a stroke of inspiration decides to ask a handsome stranger (played by the hunky Ananda Everingham) on a date and takes advantage of an Irish Leap Year custom where a woman’s proposal must be fulfilled.

Leap years with Ananda Everingham

Spurred by her spontaneity he accepted. Eventually, Li Ann and Jeremy realised that they had a connection with each other. However Jeremy had a mysterious issue haunting him, and was only able to stay in Singapore for a short while before flying off. However he promises her that he will wait for her every February 29th.

Leap years with Wong Lilin and Ananda Everingham

With that pledge, viewers will share the journey and find out if this relationship would continue.

I enjoyed the movie, cinematography wise, it was picturesque. The director has effectively made Singapore look very romanticised – the lights of the skyscrapers from across the Singapore river, the bustling sounds of the colourful food centers, the tranquil shophouses, lulled by the melodious Corinne May.

Leap years with Wong Lilin and Ananda Everingham

However I do have minor qualms on how very different our landmarks look like as beautiful as they were, it just did not have the Singapore ‘feel’. In some of the scenes I looked hard and wondered if it was really Singapore.

Leap years with Wong Lilin and Vernetta Lopez

Story-wise, I thought it was deeply engaging, and there were a number of twists that kept me wondering. One of them being the identity of the man, lying in the hospital while a 48 year old Li Ann looks most concerned. There were a number of plots which was easy to figure out, such as the revealing of K.S’s girlfriend, whom by the way, I think had the most unfortunate name ever.K.S = Kiasu? Kiasee?

Leap years with Wong Lilin and Ananda Everingham

At the same time, there are some parts which are illogical, like the part when Jeremy takes Li Ann to meet his grandmother on his first date. She commented to Li Ann that Jeremy would make a good husband – a true grandmother would have known her grandson’s marital status, wouldn’t she?

Leap years with Wong Lilin

And why on earth would anyone promise to wait 4 years to have a date with someone? That’s crazy. I meet Cartcart every six months and it’s already immensely hard. If we had to meet every 4 years, I think I’d probably die from heartbreak.

Regardless, being a romantic sap, I enjoyed this movie thoroughly. And like Malique, I clapped at the end of the movie πŸ™‚

Have you watched leap years yet? What do you think about it?

Leap years with Paula Malai Ali

P.s. I don’t know about you, but Paula Malai Ali, the actress who played Kim, is so hot. Speaking of hot, the song below is sexeh too πŸ™‚


P.p.s. I read in some reviews that Wong Li Lin and Ananda Everingham had no chemistry with each other. But I was too busy imagining that I was Li Ann to take notice πŸ˜›

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42 Replies to “Leap Years – One of the best local romance I’ve ever watched”

  1. Hey rinaz! I’m looking all over for that song! Do you mind *erm* sending it to me? haha

    Hey anyway, I feel the movie was super good too! It’s like one of the best local productions.

    Though some slight, loopholes i would say. Like the casting of older Jeremy. Ananda has this prominent mole under his eye, can’t the people like at least draw a dot on the guy’s face to make him more believable right? Ha!

    p/s: KS prolly meant ‘kill steal’.. “oie don’t KS me leh!” hehe

  2. Daphne

    The song is great isn’t it? And I’m very resourceful aren’t I? πŸ˜›


    Ooh! I didn’t realised that Catherine Lim had a blog. Thanks, I’ll link it up now πŸ™‚


    Aww … you’re a wet bunny at the end of the movie πŸ™‚


    Maybe that adds on the aura of mystery to the viewers? It keeps them guessing who he was πŸ™‚

    Yes, I’m quite impressed by this movie. Its got a few kinks here and there, but gosh, I’m quite proud of this little baby! Needless to day, I’m waiting patiently for the DVD!

  3. I’ve toyed with the idea of catching this movie with my wife cos it’s trailer on TV looks quite interesting, but the negative reviews of it on 8 Days made me less enthusiastic to watch it.

    Is it really worth the movie ticket price? Cos I know sometimes magazines can’t be trusted. Ha ha.

  4. Darth Salacious

    I haven’t read 8 days in a while, so I don’t know how negative the reviews were. Despite some oddities in the movie, I enjoyed it a lot. I recommend all romantic souls to watch it πŸ™‚

    Even without the local-production connotation, I feel it was worth paying the ticket price and waiting for the DVD! I hope you do watch it.

    The only people who might not enjoy it would be the overly cynical people I guess :]

  5. Gosh Rinaz! How did you find out about my personal blog?!
    Nonetheless, I had a great time hanging out with you. =) Hope we can catch up again soon! =)

  6. I’ve watched it. Omg, I actually started to sob at one point of the movie. That was so embarrassing, especially so when there’s a teenage couple sitting beside me who both hadn’t even shed a single tear. And when I tear, my nose instantly leaks too! Omg.

    I don’t understand how anyone could stay ‘dry’ watching these kind of sappy movies..

  7. maybe the grandmother really didn’t know.. that’s why he took her to meet his grandmother instead of his father/mother.. hahahahahaha.. lame

  8. Claudia

    Hmm .. that would make sense since L did not mention that she loved him at the first date. So J thought to carry on with his life by getting married and only realised that his feelings were reciprocrated when she mentioned it on the second date.

    But then again. Why go through such agonizing 4 years without even one phone call or email or letter? -_-”


    Ooh … I better change the link then .. hehehehe

    And yes, it was such a lovely time spent with you πŸ™‚ It was very nice to have finally met you! *hugs*


    Oh my … leaking nose! Hehehehe

    From Malique’s description, I knew that it was going to be a sappy movie, but I never though that I’d feel this way towards a local movie no less. Even with I’m not stupid 2, I was not *that* affected.

    Maybe these people who are ‘dry’ just have a better capacity, who knows what is going through in their hearts πŸ™‚


    Maybe! HAHAHAHA!!

  9. Rinaz, I think J got married after he met L leh. So the first date the grandma didn’t lie mah. Remember the 2nd Leap Year J told L that he has a daughter who is 3yrs old?

  10. wah, now i’m tempted to go watch it too. Was hesitant cos i heard negative reviews too. But then again, i think it’d be worth it just to see ananda everingham on the screen again. Heh. πŸ™‚

  11. Myztika

    Think that all these negative reviews are being too harsh. Granted that I never read those reviews though, its not such a bad movie.

    I’m quite proud of this production as it is comparable to overseas production. I’d be rooting for it if it ever goes global πŸ™‚

  12. hi there, i was just wondering whether you could give me the songlist for this movie, including the very melodious theme song, thankz!

  13. Hi Phuakia,

    Thanks for dropping in my humble blog πŸ™‚

    I’m afraid that I don’t know all of the songs for the movie, however I remember that many of the tracks came from the Album Corinne May, Safe in a crazy world thanks to a very thoughtful friend who aquired it for me some years back πŸ™‚

    I’m not to certain about the rest. Even the song I embedded in this post isn’t the actual song used the movie.

  14. Way to go rinaz! Thanks for the song, watched the movie on thursday and was wondering why not in it. At the beginning it was the trailer song that draws to me watch the movie (and i was sure its composed by a jap) but after watching it, i cant believe its a local production. Nice story, nice music great cast….Auspicious minute.

  15. Hi i tried the yousendit.com link that you have so kindly included, however it seemd that the download limit is up, so can you pls upload it again through yousendit.com via my email? Thank you

  16. ByPassing

    Yes, I realised that only much later. The trailer song used in Leap years is not exactly the same as Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, even though both pieces sound similar to each other.

    The movie was great isnt it? Pity that it got so many bad reviews. Pity more that there are a number of people who are so cynical that when they hear ‘local production’ they would refuse to watch it without even giving it a chance.

    Its really good, despite what all these bad reviews from 8 days, 938 live and life newspaper, et al says.

  17. OMG!!..Pls. read my blog n u’ll noe I watched this movie twice!! I think it’s the best local movie ever! *cough*becoz it’s not jack Neo’s*cough* I was like tearing during the part Li-Ann lied to Jem that she was married..and when she was getting married, of coz. Super nice la.

  18. And ya la..i think he only got married after he met her..kan he say already that he was engaged at dat time when he met Li-Ann…but during the 2nd year, (since I watched it twice) Li-Ann shld have noticed that he was already wearing a wedding band..but a guy as hot as he is? Oh mann..I cannot stay faithful either..haha..

  19. Hehehe Ida,

    I dont think that Jack Neo is all that bad, but I think that there are many people with more mature tastes who are ready to have something different. And I appreciate that Leap Years is around to fulfill that void.

    It was very touching, like you I thought that part was really heartbreaking Even though it is a fictional story, I really did feel emotional, like you did.

    Uh, I didnt catch the part when he said he was engaged and I didnt notice the ring either. Yikes! I’m not observant enough!

  20. Hi… i’m actually looking for the different quotes from the movie… The different short quotes that appears on the calendar every now and then… does anybody know all of them? Thanks!

  21. Jacen

    Thanks! πŸ™‚


    There’s a link here in the comment somewhere πŸ˜›


    Oh I’ve seen that! Wonderful view … I love it!


    Sorry, I dont have it. But I’m waiting for the DVD to come out and maybe we’d both be able to see what the quotes are πŸ™‚

  22. hi there rina! i chanced upon your blog as i was looking for the leap years dvd online! i love the show!!could you send me a copy of the song pls?? thanks!:)

  23. happened 2 view thru ur blog… u hav da sound track tat i ve tried so hard 2 search it! can u pls send it 2 me? hav a nice weekend~ ^-^

  24. “Yes, I realised that only much later. The trailer song used in Leap years is not exactly the same as Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, even though both pieces sound similar to each other.”

    Dear Rinaz, with all due respect, the trailer song is a complete rip-off from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. I am shocked that Raintree Pictures has not (yet) got into trouble with the copyright laws because I think that this is an blatant disrespect to the original composer (aka Ryuichi Sakamoto). In a country like Singapore who has been activity promoting the anti-piracy movement, this is a sure slap in the face.

    I might get flak for this but one of the reasons why I have refused to watch The Leap Years is because if their sub-standard trailers. They were played tirelessly on all channels, including TVMobile and the commentator’s lines were downright tacky. “Be sure to catch The Leap Years, or you’ll have to wait for another 4 years!”

    Or maybe I should just watch a bootleg copy of the movie, since it’s similar to the original.

  25. Hi i’m Un-un,,I’m a Thai fans of this Romance movie!!!

    i love this movie so much & i cry a lot

    Can’t help falling in love with this movie & the casts!!

    PS. Ananda quite a really charming guy!!

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