The search for a giant foot in Rome

2nd June is Festa Della Repubblica here in Italy and it is a national holiday.

A week before, Cart and I noticed some temporary seating being constructed near the Colosseo and he deduced that there will be a parade going on on the day itself. We didn’t have any intention of going to see the parade though as we were not looking forward to be crunched by the huge amount of people that will be expected there. But this lady was there though and lived to blog about it.

L'insalata ricca -

Cart and I were having lunch at L’Insalata Ricca when I suddenly remembered that I was watching the Amazing race season 1 where one of the legs was in Italy. There was a detour challenge where contestants have to head to the Vittorio Emanuele Monument or to go to the giant foot.

Giant Foot -

Excitedly, I asked Cartcart, “Lets go see the giant foot!”

The only thing is, being totally unplanned, Cart started to ask me which giant foot I was talking about, which made me a little stunned since I assumed that all Italians would have known where it was. But we did a quick online search on the dinky little screen of my Nokia E72.

After we’ve finished our lunch, we were off.

Giant Foot -

It was extremely crowded with tourists when we reached the Piazza Navona area. The pantheon itself was crawling with people from all over the world as if there was a congress going on. Such a contrast compared to just a few months ago. The touristy season has already started.

We did the touristy thing to do – snapping pictures, looking at interesting buildings, walking around and appreciating where we were.

Elephant Statue -

We walked to places where were lesser known to tourists. Like this elephant statue and the church next to it. Cart, being the proud Roman man, explained to me every detail that he knew about the place.

Men playing checkers -

Like the name of the road where these men were playing checkers, had an actual fig tree like its name sake.

Pigeon -

Eventually we reached a corner of a road where we found a giant foot.

Giant foot -

This wasn’t what I had in mind. The shape of the foot was different. It wasn’t smooth and it was wearing a sandal. We must be in the wrong place. But it was interesting to see anyway.

Giant foot -

I looked at the statue and wondered if it could be part of a larger statue while Cart was postulating that this statue could be a sign from a shoemaker, telling that his shop was nearby.

I found out later that the giant foot from the Amazing race was actually located in the Capitoline Museum. So that’s something for us to discover for another day 🙂

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  1. Ehm, you didn’t show me that picture before going… I just thought you wanted to see the big foot in via del Pie’ di Marmo… 😀

  2. Uzyn

    Haha, not really though since we can take our own time in this one! 🙂

    There are a couple of lesser known areas in Rome that I’m interested in seeing 🙂


    So you *do* know of that giant foot then :-p

  3. yeay!!!!!!! yummy!!!!!!!
    anyway, the foot is in the courtyard of musei capitolini, in piazza campidoglio.
    We saw it during our stint during Notte al Musei.

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