Malique and rinaz remix on the umbrella song

In the weekend, Malique and I were talking to each other on msn and suddenly we talked about the wildly popular umbrella song.

Malique : Did you know that there is an alternate version? You can be my cinderella. Ella ella eh eh eh.

Marina : Haha! That reminds me of Ridj’s remake. Hey! We should totally make an alternate version using to Vespa. Espa espa eh eh eh. Hahahaha! Wanna collabo?

Malique : I WANT! I’ll be Jay-Z

So here our remix! Sillier than the dutdut song! Mareena Spinna, presenting Malique Tick, the vespa song!

View on youtube | Download the mp3|

Update : Check out Malique’s remix!

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Ahh … Mi Piace Molto Tiramisu!

Recently, Fauziah, our Italian Language teacher taught us the recipe on how to make tiramisu. But all of us were not prepared for last night when Ching Guan actually brought a dish of tiramisu from ‘Fabbrica’ . It was such a hit with everyone!

Mmm ... Tiramisu!

Click here to watch in youtube

Too bad Rafi, Dana, Sandy and Felice couldnt make it to class last night. More for us! ๐Ÿ˜›

Video for the Secondlife Panel at Nexus 2007

Me, Alvin, Aileen, Kevin, Cory and Jean in the SL panel for Nexus 2007

Oh my gosh! The video from Nexus 2007 is up! Here I am with Alvin, Aileen, Kevin, Cory and Jean at the Secondlife panel.

Many thanks to the awesome Peter Du and Kevin for the heads up! ๐Ÿ˜€

More about my experience here

There’s something about us

What is it that you desire? People tend to make things more difficult than what it seems. Prioritise on what is important in your life.

– Merlin

Click here to watch on youtube

Filmed in Secondlife in these location :

  • Arcata
  • Afton
  • Lion City
  • Lost garden of Apollo
  • Simone
  • Thinc Club Cafe
  • Toscana

My presentation on netcasting in schools

I finally did my presentation about “Netcasting in schools” during staff sharing session at Shuqun Secondary School this morning. There were a few teachers whom appeared receptive about it. And thats quite heartening.

Below is the video of the presentation. I dont have the time to do subtitles though. I know I’ve got a thick accent. Nevertheless, do let me know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

Click here to watch in youtube

Links used during presentation :

Rinaz Music TV!

If other people can make wierd music, I can too!

How to cook Penne Arrabbiata

On last friday, we completed level 1 basic Italian language class. 10 weeks passed by so quickly! It was alot of fun and laughter. Thanks to our teacher fauziah, we learnt alot during our lessons.
Picture of my Italian language classmates :)

On reaching home, I had a crazy inspiration. Why not do a film, spoofing an Italian cooking show? So here is a video of me, being your chef for today, making one of my favourite dish, penne arrabbiata! ๐Ÿ˜€

Many thanks to Cartcart for the dialog ๐Ÿ˜€