Malique and rinaz remix on the umbrella song

In the weekend, Malique and I were talking to each other on msn and suddenly we talked about the wildly popular umbrella song.

Malique : Did you know that there is an alternate version? You can be my cinderella. Ella ella eh eh eh.

Marina : Haha! That reminds me of Ridj’s remake. Hey! We should totally make an alternate version using to Vespa. Espa espa eh eh eh. Hahahaha! Wanna collabo?

Malique : I WANT! I’ll be Jay-Z

So here our remix! Sillier than the dutdut song! Mareena Spinna, presenting Malique Tick, the vespa song!

View on youtube | Download the mp3|

Update : Check out Malique’s remix!


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  1. DT

    Hahahaha, not so steady as we had to do the footage on the top floor carpark. I was so self conscious on the ground floor where everyone was looking curiously!


    What are you talking about? You sound really really good at the begining. Jay-Z would have to watch his rice bowl 😀 Hehehehehe


    Gosh thanks, hahahaha 🙂 Its a VERY silly song. But you can ride my vespa, espa espa eh eh eh anytime 😀


    On what grounds? This is a libel 😛

  2. Myztika

    Huh? Me and malique are probably the poor-man’s version of jay-z and rihanna, so we probably cant really give them a run for their money. Hahahaha!!

    The vid clip can be polised up a little more I think 🙂


    Hahaha! This is what happens when you put two creative people together 🙂 Get ready for Mareena Spinna and Malique Tick! *applause*


    And definitely super silly 😀 Hahaha!

  3. Even though I am more into House music, I must praise you guys for the creativity behind this “MTV”. Very Singapore feel to it… the street scenes and if only you can snip off a few parts and put in better footages, master it in the studio. Should be a decent piece of work.

    And more stable filming too… haha.

  4. Lol rinaz action seh.. i jealous hahaa. neh i not jealous actually, i wan to learn driving car.. my favourite is car haha =)

  5. steady lar marina!!!
    ure voice powdeful!!
    mcm beyonce, so galm, bootylicious n soulful!!!!!

    hw u gt e music in e bckgnd wout e original artist singin????

  6. Kevin

    Yo! Yo! Yo!

    We aint trippin in dis rappin,
    we be givin all our singin
    be showin all our lovin
    Yo know we be groovin



    What to do, impromptu, on the spur collaboration with no budget filming 😛 Hahaha!


    Mal Q and I did a great for a first time. You should join us in our future collabo. Miss N 😀


    Nooo! No cars! 2 wheels is better than 4!


    Hahaha! That was just for fun 🙂 I think we can do better. I dont think its comparable to beyonce 😛 Hehehe

    I got the background music from youtube. Just do a search for umbrella karaoke and you’ll get this 😀


    Maliqe is a great rapper isnt he? I loved listening to his part 😀

  7. *coughs* Well if you need karaoke version I always have Queen – I Want To Break Free.

    The only singaporean to have that as my ringtone. =P
    Queen rocks! Ehehehehehe.

  8. Skippy

    Huh? Really? *checks your temperature* Hehehehe … Thanks for dropping in my blog 🙂


    Hahaha! Hey, that’s a really classic song! I dont think you’re the only singaporean to have that as a ring tone though (everyone wants to break free, hehehe) 😉 But yes, queen rocks!

  9. Rina,
    ha..ha..ha..ha…you have put smile on my face today….
    cool video clip and you’ve got a good voice too.

    Keep up the good spirit Rina.

    From England with love,

  10. Daphne

    Hahaha! You loved it? Really? How come? *takes your temperature too* Now I’m wondering if we should do a “Hammer Song”

    You can use my hammah, hammah, hammah hey hey hey 😛


    Thats two words already 😛


    Aww thank you *hugs* You always give me this warm fuzzy feelings with your kind words 🙂


    Can can can! Of course! No problem *thumbs up*


    I nominate this music video for the most ‘merepek’ awards 😛 Hehehe

  11. Jzin

    Sure if you like to 🙂 And I’m glad that you liked it, have you listened to Malique’s version yet? I do like the remix alot!


    Malique’s version is really nice to listen to 🙂 Kelakar ada, power ada, semua ada! Anda mau rock?!

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