How I celebrated hari raya 2007

Hari raya in the noordin family

As my hari raya celebrations are quite similar to last year, here is a quick video of how we celebrated hari raya for this year 🙂

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Sidenote :

Attilio is paying $750 for one room in a hdb flat. Thats cut throat man.

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  1. Oh food glorious food!!!

    On the sidenote: who in the world rent out one room for $750!!! Better be in a super prime area!! Gosh and I thought one day if I were to leave the country I could rent out my place for $1000 or $1200 max. And that’s 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen and two toilets!!! Daylight robbery man!!!

  2. Hi guys, well this Marina’s sidenote could greatly serve my needs: I have been renting that room in Choa Chu Kang for three months and I am moving out as I know it is expensive. Still I find it difficult to find a room with aircon, attached private bathroom and utilities included for less than $700. But please anyone happy to rent out to me such a type of accommodation write to me ( I beg your pardon, Marina, for using your blog as a Straits Times Classified 😉

  3. I never noticed but our fathers are looking more and more alike as time goes by. Can almost pass off as twins. Hehe. Btw, looking at me, I doubt anyone would guess he’s my ‘da-da’. =P

    By the way, with regards to rent accommodation, you can look at I was looking at it one day and saw so many rooms, fully furnished with aircon going for $450-$600 a month.

    $750 is daylight robbery. Lucky landlord.

  4. Edroos

    Tell me about it. That kind of price is completely unheard of. Its outrageous!

    Say, are you leaving really Singapore?

    And yes, the food was a glorious simplicity. Sigh. Soto Ayam with chili. Loads and loads of chili.




    I hope you have a better place of residence soon! And that’ll be $750 for the advertorial column in the rinaz classifieds 😛


    That was your dad? Gosh, while I was editing the video, I thought it was Cik Leman … *embarassed*

    Thanks for the heads up about 🙂 That matching pipes liner has been in my head for some time now 😛


    Habiskan N level tu dulu 😛

  5. Attilio is paying $750 for one room in a hdb flat. Thats cut throat man. oh my god.. izzit he or she ok?? anyway erm you saw sara at mosque ar? that great seh.. anyway erm jgn lupa datang hisyam rumah ehk bawak your family to visit my family ok. haha =)

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