My presentation on netcasting in schools

I finally did my presentation about “Netcasting in schools” during staff sharing session at Shuqun Secondary School this morning. There were a few teachers whom appeared receptive about it. And thats quite heartening.

Below is the video of the presentation. I dont have the time to do subtitles though. I know I’ve got a thick accent. Nevertheless, do let me know what you think 🙂

Click here to watch in youtube

Links used during presentation :

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  1. Hi Marina, a thoughtful and well presented piece! I enjoyed it . . If I were a teacher I would be very keen on this ! PS what do you mean thick accent, it sounds fine to me !

  2. Clare

    Even non teachers can do this … hehehe.

    It sounds fine to Singaporeans I guess, but non singaporeans would probably be confused by my malay accent. I tend to pronounce words like also as oso, number as nombo 😐

  3. Dear Marina,
    An excellet presention which exhibits confidence and substance! Well done!
    I must say Im definitely impressed with the advantages and the easy to do steps of netcasting. Where it can be done by the majority and how it benefits not just teachers but students as well. I feel with the backtrack of what has been taught can not just allow room for improvement for teachers but it will also allow students to revise better especially concerning fomulas or history pointers. =)

    Once again, well done & thanks so much for sharing, you inspire me to go a step closer to fulfill my teaching dream! =)

  4. Vania

    Yes, its not as difficult as many people think. No need to do all those slick productions and special effects when a simple one can get the point across just the same 🙂

    Moreover, it doesnt benefit just teachers and students, it benefits the average person too 🙂 I think I learnt alot as well as being inspired all these time, watching some videos.

    For example, Majora Carter talks about the greening of the ghetto, Joy Nash rants about being fat and Spokenlife talks about being Black and being a woman

    There are also loads of other inspiring stories out there, just waiting to be seen and heard.

    Aww … Vania, I did nothing, most importantly, the desire must be within you first 🙂 *hugs*

  5. Hi Marina,

    A good presentation!

    When I was a student, I always look up on webcasting to find out more than what was being told in class. A box standard lecture can be boring so yes, webcasting is a great and fun way to learn stuff and you learn a lot more.

    Cheers 🙂

  6. Wati

    A good presentation? Really? Wow thank you 🙂

    Did your uni did alot of netcasting too then? I noticed that many higher institutions like collages and universtieis use netcasting but not so much for primary and secondary schools. I think its like what my friend Juli said, its just not a fact of life for them as of yet because of reasons such as fear of technology and self consciousness.

    But many people like us like netcasting. There’s many benefits to it. Not to say that we dont need teachers teaching live. We still do, but netcasting is a great supplement as well as a form of concrete to bind the bricks.

    Wish more educators were into it.

  7. Hey Marina!

    Well presented! I like watching the presentation. =)
    Easy to understand and tho it’s simple but very resourceful and useful to me.

    Thanks for sharing and keep me updated on more of your wonderful presentation ya! Would be glad if u can share more. =D

  8. Liling

    Oh I think they do. We had a good feedback according to the students who watched the netcast which was done by Mr Gopal. I’d like to have it done with more teachers though. Give them more motivation to try at least once.


    Thats the whole idea, technology doesnt have to be difficult. Keep it simple for people to understand and make people open up more 🙂

    Share more presentations? I will. As long as the school let me have the permission … hehehe. They only gave me a few minutes to present, thats why I was rushing through the whole thing 😛

    But who knows, after that presentation, maybe they will let me do for longer 🙂

  9. Marcus

    Uh .. thanks! Hehehe


    I havent really thought of doing that. Given what the ITB (Infromation Technology Branch, MOE) has been sending out to teachers. So I know schools are aware of this, it just doesnt seem commonly used.

    I am aware that schools do use netcasting, but more for their CCAs and IT competitions, rather than for academic use.

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