A trip down to the Istana

On labour day, my brother and I spent the afternoon visiting the Istana, the presidential palace in Singapore. A very lovely day spent at a very lovely place.

Click here to watch on youtube

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  1. Gypsy Girl

    Aww you’re welcome 🙂 Actually, there’s loads of nice things to see here, its just that alot of us havent seen them yet. I’m an explorer in Secondlife as well as real life too … hehehehe

  2. I love it that you live in Singapore and still take the time to explore and discover all the beautiful sights around the city. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. marina, if i rec a vid using my hp, n e format is in 3GP, wot software u recommend, shld i use if i wan to piece two 3GP videos tgther? my hp vid can rec up to 30 seconds or so..
    n oso wot vid format is gd 4 hp n web?
    if i gt a 3gp format hw do i convert it to “.avi” format?

  4. Lysa

    How come you posted a comment on a May entry when now its already June? Hehehehe

    Anyway you could try this software called Super. You can try downloading from here. Scroll all the way down and there is 4 links for you to download. Choose one.

    After that you can convert it to avi or wmv 🙂 Quite easy to use.

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