Beauty bloggers are sometimes unintentionally funny

I was watching a beauty bloggers video competition on facebook and it just made me laugh out loud at how unintentionally funny it was.

So here is another video blog about beauty bloggers, yay! And yes, I’m posing with a bottle of cili sos, because <adv>Lingham’s is the best!</adv>

Credits : Music by Pan Frank and Jose Luis Subtil

And just to annoy you even more!

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13 Replies to “Beauty bloggers are sometimes unintentionally funny”

      1. Hope you hv a good stock of Lingham at home.. I’m curious, how does it taste like? Neither here, I don’t find Maggi chili sauce..only brands from Thailand or Vietnam.

        1. I bought two while back in Singapore last December. And it was such a heartache trying hard not to use too much because I wanted it to last. Unfortunately, I’ve used them up already :p

          Luckily my friend who is living in Rome went back to Malaysia and I shamelessly asked for a bottle when she comes back :p

    1. Haha, I doubt you’d find it! Its probably known only to those living in Singapore and Malaysia I think … and I’m not selling! In fact I need more of it for myself! 🙂

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