A stupid commercial

Last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model has completely inspired me to do this :

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20 Replies to “A stupid commercial”

  1. Precious

    Eh? But that Head and Shoulders video is with Mic (which we still have no idea what he will be doing with it) 😛

    In a series of spoof ads? Perhaps in the future … hehehehe


    Thanks to Loreal 😉


    Ahahahahah!!! You gotta watch the youtube video, its so funneh!!!


    Hahahaha!! Sexeh by Loreal!

  2. Krisandro

    You should not be scared of my sexehness 😛


    Hahahaha! It was really fun to do 🙂

    I wish I was more fluent tho, I still havent gotten it down to pat


    Aww .. thank you 🙂

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