I love my new namecards from TommyPrint

It looked pretty cool when it first came out in 2005 but as time goes by, it started to get a little embarrassing to go around with my old name-card.

Being the frugal person that I am, I thought that I’d just use a marker pen to cancel out the outdated information like the job title and the phone number. It was only when I was at an event, handing out my cards that I realized at how unprofessional it was.

Finally I decided to design new cards. I got them from the printer last evening and I love it!

This was the front :

I wanted the front to have a simple elegance to it. I used the pic (which I love) that Farinelli took of me and omitted the phone number as well as the job status to make it evergreen. I didn’t want the typical name-card, hence I tried to made it more warm by being conversational.

And this was the back :

Here are some of the cartoon characters that I drew and am very proud of – Cart and Rinaz cartoon as well as the characters from the Nimmo and friends series

I printed the cards at Tommy’s Print after reading Claudia’s post. At $24 for 200 pieces, I think the price is even more competitive than the ones at Bras Basah Basah Complex which is a hot spot for digital artists.

What do you think of my card? 🙂

24 Replies to “I love my new namecards from TommyPrint”

  1. Dingo

    Yay! Thank you! 😀


    You mean green in front and green at the back?

    I guess that would make it more uniformed looking but I wanted the front to look simple and in a way, two for the price for one seems pretty not bad … hehehehe 🙂



    Like me right? HEHEHEHEHE!!!


    But claudia.sg is so much easier to remember! And now you’ve got a good reason for thinking up a spanking new card! Yay! 😀


    Thank yew bery much! 😀

  2. Ooo, lipdub.. I’ve seen a few videos and it’s very entertaining. Haha. I love this video from the Jessica Alba team, lipsyncing to Panic’s Nine in the Morning.

  3. Xinyun

    Of course you can! Thats the whole idea of a namecard, its for sharing 🙂

    Besides, 200 namecards is quite a lot and will probably last me for a long time!


    I’ll pass one to you the next time I see you! Hahaha! I’m even carrying a box with me in my handbag!

    And do blog about your namecards soon 🙂


    Royalties for which cartoon? Actually I’ve copyrighted the cartoons a long time ago and was contemplating for a patent for it 🙂

    The back part of the card is inspired by Moo Cards. Plus it does reflect what I do. I can do cartoon illustration using Macromedia Flash 🙂

    Daphne Maia

    Imagine a hello kitty namecard! That’ll be swell! 😀


    Woah! Even Jessica Alba does lipdubs?! Thats amazing!

  4. OOO good good good! Can start charging royalties. 😀 Ahh the possibilities…

    Lovely design. Although people may find it weird why you splashed the entire back with pics. I personally would have thought of something to put in. “What I do” or something…

  5. Hendri

    Go! Go! Make your own cards! Its fun! 😀


    Thanks! I like them very much myself and I’m sure they will last for quite a while. 200 pieces is quite a bit 🙂


    Hahaha! Time to throw away that card and get the new one! A lot of details there are outdated anyway 😀


    You could take a train to City Hall mrt station and then walk past CHIJMES and you should be able to see Bras Basah Complex 🙂

    In a way Bras Basah Complex is better if you are in a hurry as they are able to print for you in under a day (but for 2 times the price)

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