Bras Basah Complex – a great place for arty people

Can you imagine finding these three books at almost unused condition costs in total for about $20?

Woah! Bookpoint rocks!

Wow right? Yeah, thats what I thought so too.

It has been a while since I’ve been to Bras Basah Complex. I used to go there some years ago while undertaking digital design course in a distant lifetime. I love this place as it has plentiful of things for people who are interested in books, design, or just looking at stuff. I used to patronise there to print for posters and name-cards designs.

I think its really worth going there. For $2.50 you could print an A3 sized poster and for $10 you could create a stack of 100 cards which are as beautiful as moo cards.

I stopped by this place on the third floor, called ‘Book Point’ where there were loads of treasures that you could find. You do need a little bit of patience as the place was rather large, and will take a while if you have a specific book to find. I was hooked for a couple of hours in the literature segment looking for some books that I wanted to read. There were some books with some scribbles in them, after all, this *was* a second hand bookshop. But most of them were almost pristine.

I still couldn’t find The Metamophorsis by Franz Kafka nor Godel Escher Bach; An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter which Cartcart has recommended me to read. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep trying to find them 🙂

Exploring the rest of the floor, I found myself at ‘Art Friend‘. My gosh, this is a great place for crafts. There were so many tools for art here, I could go crazy. Everything that you could want for art is here, from painting, to pottery, to sewing, to welding to things that I don’t even know of!

Nimmo and friends

I was almost inspired enough to create my own Nimmo and friends plushie. But the only thing is, that they don’t really have exactly what I want to create a decent sized plushie. I think a better place for it would be at the area near the Sultan Mosque where mum, a seamstress, gets her materials for sewing clothes.

And at length, I stopped by the fourth floor to take a peek at the famed graphic-book bookstore, Basheer. I poured for a long time over their beautiful, colourful and artistically designed books. It’s a great place to get ideas by looking at the creativity of other designers.

That was when I find myself stuck reading this book. Design Basics Index by Jim Krause. It has loads of info about composition, concept and component. Although I wasn’t a designer per-se, I thought that this book was a very fascinating read. On a whim, I decided to buy it.

Design Basics Index

But zomg. This book costs $47! It’s almost as expensive as the $60 computer book that I bought some years ago.

How come graphic and computer books are so expensive?

Anyway, do drop by Bras Basah Complex if you’re anywhere in town. It’s a great place for the creative soul 🙂

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  1. Did you go to the $1 used bookshop on the first floor? I find that bookshop to be a booklover’s wet dream. You can sometimes get very good books if you look hard enough. Definitely not to be missed! Imagine! For $20, you could have gotten 20 books!

  2. Ghostrider

    My bookshelf is getting messy too. I’m such a lazy person … hehehe


    No I didnt! I didnt know there was a $1 used bookshop! Is it in good condition enough to read though? That is the question 😛


    You’ll love it, I think 🙂 Treasures await for you there!

  3. Ghostrider

    Ooh Ooh! You are so kind! I might take you up on the offer when I’m done with my stack of ‘to read’ books and if I still cant find that book in the library 😀


  4. hey!!!

    i have the book!!!!! so i can lend it to you if u want.

    bought it a few yrs back and i have not even touched it yet…sigh…..

  5. Ghostrider

    Ok! 😀

    Miss Loi

    Really? But your website looks really really good. I like how it looks like, with the post-it notes, to the images. I love it. 10 thumbs up 😀

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