How to be pretty (Or at least try to be)

I’m normally a slob who cant be bothered to dress up. But even slobs can look good!

Let me show you how you could go

before and after

20 Replies to “How to be pretty (Or at least try to be)”

  1. I can’t see any difference. You look pretty in both the pics. I reckon that, if something already looks good, you can’t make it look better 😀

  2. Sha

    Hehehe! I look like the first picture all the time! Sometimes I even go out like that. 😛


    Aww that is so sweet … 🙂


    I figured this is how my friends see me in real life (the before picture), so I guess I’ll share the same to my online friends too :]

  3. You look really pretty. =) Serves as a reminder for me that it’s time to indulge in some shopping to bring out the beauty in me too! =) We women sure have vanities! =p

  4. Shane

    We ladies wish we could wake up looking good without the aid of makeup 😛 Then there is nothing to fast forward to 😛


    Apa jer 😛


    Aww shucks thanks 🙂 Actually I look more like the first picture hehehehe. I really am not the type of person who likes to dress up alot.

    But there is definitely nothing wrong in wanting to look pretty! Its our birthright! 🙂

  5. great transformation. except for one thing… don’t you think the foundation is bit too white? Its like some white chick putting bronzer on her face and pasty everywhere else. otherwise.. good overall.

  6. I dont know if the powder is too white or if its the webcam because when I compare it in daylight, it looks fine but when I see myself in the webcam, I tend to look flushed out.


    But thank you for the comments 🙂

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