Do you still want Fettuccine Alfredo?

Cart and I were walking around Piazza Navona during the weekend. Though we’ve been here quite a number of times, there were still interesting things to see like performance acts like magicians, giant bubble blowers, human statues as well as artists showing off and vending their paintings.
By the way, can you find something odd here?

After what seemed like hours of roaming around, (foot reflexology!) we reached this restaurant which probably started the whole Fettuccine Alfredo phenomenon.

It was said that this pasta, made with just pasta and butter, was cooked by the restaurant owner to feed to his pregnant wife who found it hard to keep food down. Cart also mentioned that this pasta was cooked by Italian mothers to feed their child when they are ill. In any case, the restaurant owner added it to the menu and it was well received by American tourists and word of mouth made it so famous that the dining walls were full of pictures of famous personalities (I should have snapped a picture)

The thing is, its not really a typical dish that Romans would eat because its so simple, basically made of butter and fettuccine. In fact, if you go around other restaurants not only in Rome but the rest of Italy, you’d never see this in the menu.

Also, 20 euro for a plate of Fettuccine coated with butter!? This is basically a tourist trap. Thanks, but no thanks

Sidenote : I’m curious to know why Italians don’t put chicken in their pasta. I know its an official rule, but what’s the basis for it? C’è nessuno sa perchè non possiamo aggiungere il pollo dentro la pasta?

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    1. Of course can make it at home, but I prefer to add some onion, peas and mushroom and cream and some parmiggiano to the mix than just eating it plain butter like that :p

    1. Italians have their own version of chicken broth 😛

      So far Cart feeds me ministrina when I’m sick though, its a vegetable broth with tiny pasta, as small as rice.

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