This gives me motivation to continue exercising

In all honesty, I was a little grossed out looking at pictures of myself in December. It was entire my fault, not watching what I was eating and consuming food like Pandoro almost every day and then making it worse by stuffing my face with loads of comfort food when I was back in Singapore.

My weight reached almost 70kg. Definitely not good.

This is a picture of me and Jules in December. I keep looking at my arms, thinking about how succulent they were.

The problem probably began last year.

Being newly married meant that Cart and I wanted to share everything together. And that includes food. When cooking, Cart liked to measure and serve the food portions equally. I’m pretty sure that other couples would empathise.

And have you ever seen Italian food portions? It’s huge!

Pizza in Rome

This pizza is a portion for one person. In the beginning of the year, I could only manage eating half of it. Slowly as the months went by, I found to my horror and fascination that I could finish it all by myself.

While in Singapore, I’d be exercising regularly, doing yoga and aerobics, taking advantage of the affordable fees from community and sports centre. You could go for weekly session for about $50 Singapore dollars for 3 months. I loved the facilities and the instructors are mostly fantastic.

The prices of exercise sessions in Rome on the other hand, is much costlier. The most affordable one that we could find was about 54 euro per month and the place looked rather dated and I didn’t fancy some of the instructor’s methods.

So slowly, after going there for a few months, I started to slack and eventually stopped going. Probably not a wise thing to do. I kept telling myself that I’d supplement by going for daily jogs. But that never happened. And the weight kept going up.

Finally in the beginning of the year, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I told myself that I better do something about this weight gain.

I would like to reaffirm that I do not believe in quick fixes like diet pills, weight loss spas, detoxification programs and I’ll never ever endorse them. You might see temporary weight loss but then gain it all back some weeks or even days later. Its a waste of time and money in the end.

Coincidentally YesPecan was recommending an exercise regime called the 30 day Shred by Jillian Micheals. I gave it a try.

Jillian Micheals

The first few days was a challenge for me. While lifting my weights in front of me and doing leg stretches at the same time, I felt so wobbly! And I was so sore the next day. Every step I took, I felt my muscles complain.

Regardless, I carried on. At first, there was no weight loss but eventually, it was really nice to see the numbers go down 😀

Rinaz Tummy

It was not a dramatic weight loss. But I’m realistic. I’m happy just to lose slow and steady at 0.5kg every 2 weeks and not gain them back. As for food intake, I still eat practically everything I feel like but I moderate myself to stop when I feel full instead of trying to finish everything on my plate.

But what gives me the most motivation is seeing the physical results itself. This is me after finishing my 30 day shred.

Rinaz Tummy

I still have a long way to go, but I feel so psyched that I am started to see a little definition in my abs. And as tired as I feel, seeing this inspires me to continue to have a more toned body.

Please feel free to join me! If I can do it, I am sure that you can do it too! Come on and lets motivate each other to lose weight together!

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14 Replies to “This gives me motivation to continue exercising”

  1. hey.. I can understand how u feel!~~ i totally feel fat now.. been eating and eating.. we should encourage each other!! i just weigh myself today and nearly pass out.. i mean i know i am way pass the normal weight for my height.. but looking at the numbers really brings me back to reality .
    for health’s sake ( of coz to look good too..) we need to lose weight! Good luck !!

  2. hi Rinaz! I never got to say thank you to you personally after that meet up we had. It was so interesting to meet you and cart! say hi to him for me. I love Italian food so Im sure its tough for you to say NO. hehe. You look good and its impressive what youre doing to be fit. YOure on the right track. We also starting gaining weight since we got married. We just love to eat and watch movies and just pig out. It was only last January we started working out. Its great how we have seen some results too! Its exciting and it motivates us to continue our runs. So I know exactly how you feel. =) Good luck!

  3. Ya, what my wife said.

    Keep working it Rinaz! We’re jogging pretty frequently now. Just hit 4 miles for the first time tonight during our run. I’m down to 68.5 kg now! ^_^ I doubt that weight will change. That’s what I’ve weighed (up until last year anyway) for most of my adult life, give or take .5 kg. I’ll probably put some weight back on, but as muscle, which is fine with me.

    I want to be able to walk down the beach without a t-shirt on. Then, when girls look at me it’s either because they like what they see, or they’re scared of my hairy chest… but at least it won’t be because I’m carrying a tire around my waist.

  4. Work it, baby! It’s inspiring that you have the drive and discipline to keep on with the work out. I’m still trying to fit in as much physical activity (aka adventures) and swimming as I can in between the other responsibilities.

  5. Eileen

    You can do it! Just don’t give up and don’t worry about losing x kg in a day. Thats stressful and if you’re like me, I’d give up if I had that mentality.

    Just take it slow and easy and we’ll have an awesome body by June 😀


    Dont lah! I’ve been following only Anita all the while, and when you feel you can, eventually you can follow Natalie … I’m sure you can do it!

    Jia yo!


    It was so lovely and a pleasure to have met you! You’re really sweet and friendly, I enjoyed our conversation 🙂

    And yes, newly wedding bliss = weight gain, even being in love = weight gain

    Oh my, this is bad 😛

    But the important thing is the desire to keep fit, I’m glad that you and Brad has started exercising. All the best to you two 🙂


    Woohoo! Keep it up and you’ll have a six pack in no time. Have you guys checked out your nearest sports center? Maybe you might find it interesting 🙂

    And uh, I’m not too sure about the taking off the shirt in public part. Us Singaporeans aren’t used to hairy chests … although I’m starting to have an appreciation of it from uh … ehm 😛


    Yay! Hopefully in June I can fit into my clothes better! Or even better yet … get new clothes (sly look)

  6. Mintea

    Its understandably tiring when you’re working and all. Luckily for me while in Singapore, I could find courses after work. Its slightly more expensive, but not that much, like 10 dollars more.

    I find it refreshing actually, after sitting down in the office the entire day or after being stressed out, its nice to work it out.

    Here in Rome is a challenge on the other hand, its more expensive, I don’t like the facilities, the instructors tend to be repetitive and the language barrier.

    Oh well.


    Thanks for dropping in my blog 🙂

    Oh! I think the tip is to eat slowly and stop when you start to feel full. I’m sure its tempting to eat fast when you see your partner eating fast too, so I don’t look at my partner … 😛

    Eventually you’ll feel the full feeling 🙂

  7. I can understand you perfectly. The true is that Pizza is simply irresistible! And I don’t know how Italians can eat it so often without put on weight. I went to Rome last month and stayed in a flat that I had booked through a website but I never had meals at home, because I’d rather go out and have pizza!

  8. Hi Marina, I know exactly how you feel and I’m married to an Italian, too! Ever since I met him, I’ve put on at least 10kg… :p and I haven’t lost it yet. I would really love to lose all the weight and pudginess but I can’t stop eating!

  9. In general, men needs more calories than us, so tell ur Cart that he cant divide the food equally lah ! I use a smaller plate than my hubby at dinner. Our lunch is the same – 1 cheese sandwich n a cup of tea, with a fruit.

    I know how weight can grow on u without u noticing it until the jeans starts to get tight. Also, our metabolism starts to slow down as we grow older.

    We do go for brisk walks in the warmer months. In the winter, we use the convenience of a spinner (like a stationary bike) at home. U can watch TV n ride it at the same time …. to save time 😛 since working days r short in hours to do the things we need to do !

  10. When Stefania decided to lose weight it was benefitial for both, because as we didn’t want to cook different meals, finally we both found a balance for less caloric/no fat/no wine/less cheese etc… still with substantial difference in portions as I usually do sports and with birds portions I would faint… that was then… now after a Xmas caloric period we should follow your example… as we are shortly going to Vietnam for 3 weeks it will be probably a good occasion to change our diet away from pizzas, spaghetti alla carbonara and so on… in anycase you are right… it’s all in our mind… we get fat with the brain first and then it reaches the belly… ciao see you soon for a Viet non-caloric dinner. P.

  11. Dutchie

    Oh yes! I totally understand what you’re talking about! My clothes, when it fit fine at the beginning of the year, got tighter at the end of 2009!

    And Cart understands better now not to pile too much on my plate or I’ll give him the evil eye … hehe!

    Oooh! A spinner! Is that any different from a regular bicycle? Its intruiging. I wish there was a spinning class in the sports center near our house.


    Vietnam has lovely food too though! With all the lovely herbs that they use. Mmm!

    Have a safe journey and I hope to see you soon 🙂

  12. Google up “Spinning” n u will hv a view of what it looks like. The spinner weighs heavily so that it stays on the spot. A bicycle is light weight compared to it.

    The spinner really makes u work ur leg muscles. I’m sore after just 5mins, let alone the pre-requisite 30mins per day …. but I’m gradually getting there. Best thing abt this investment is that I dont hv to go out when it’s raining cats n dogs 🙂

    On a side note, u will benefit from good blood circulation n healthier lungs. Yes, u can work up a sweat on this mean machine – haha.

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