I love my Rinaz stuff!

I like Vector Graphics.

The first time that I played around with Macromedia Flash, I thought that it was very cool and eventually, I made a couple of interesting characters.

Eventually, I found myself drawing this :

Rinaz Cartoon

Which is a cuter version of me with the layered hair and the Eva Mendes like mole 😛

Anyhow, it stuck with me since. I used the image for my blog banner, as my avatar for almost every website that I register with, and eventually took it to the real world.

This is my very first Rinaz Item. My Rinaz badge!

Rinaz Badge

Just for the fun of it, I made this for wearing it tothe Nexus Event. It was pretty simple to make, basically it was a colour printer cut out and stamped on a badge press. I was really happy at how it turned out.

At the event, it was really interesting to see the number of people who recognized me from the badge!

Later on, after seeing how outdated my old namecards looked like, I made new ones to replace it!

Rinaz Namecard

I couldn’t help but to use the lovely picture that Fari snapped me for the front. The back are some of the characters for my award winning book if I ever stop procrastinating.

Anyway namecards are very useful for during events such as blogger events for exchanging information with each other, rather than using a scrap of paper and pen. And it looks much more professional when you whip out your card, arch your eyebrows and say suavely, “Here is my card!

I’ve since updated my namecard to this one

It’ll take a while for to run out of these ones since there are hardly any events that I go to in Rome.

About two weeks before the wedding, I was still pondering about which cake to get till a friend suggested that cupcakes could be a good idea. By this time, it was such a last minute idea but I gave it a try anyway.

Rinaz Cupcake

I was very lucky that Izah was willing to accept and rise up to the challenge. She did such a lovely job with the decoration and tiers, that the cupcakes were such a hit! 🙂

I wish I had a couple extra to be frozen in the icebox for future generations to come though.

Later on, after purchasing my Lenovo S10 netbook, I got for myself a customised skin on a whim.

Rinaz Lappy

It was just a few days after the wedding, so I had a lot on my mind and was a little muddled on the design. In the end, I submitted a repeating image. The skin wasn’t cheap, but I’m really happy with how it turned out since it looks so personalised

After living in Rome for a while, I didn’t think that I’d have any more Rinaz stuff. But it was a pleasant surprise that I still did.

My friend Lynn, who is a talented crafts-maker made this badge for me.

Rinaz Badge

Oooh! Much love! I love it as its an exact replica and it looks so 3D! I wore it practically everywhere with pride. Unfortunately I accidentally left it in the washing machine and the varnish is scratched. Luckily it’s not broken, and it’s now in Lynn’s good hands at the moment for repairs.

Nevertheless, I had a peek at Lynn making a Cart badge too. I wonder if Cartcart would be willing to wear it around

Finally I stumbled upon Beading and Beyond – a website making customised jewellery and upon looking at her works, I ordered a set and was really excited to see it when I reached Singapore.

Rinaz Jewellery

Personally I wish that the figurines look more true to the image, but nevertheless, they look really cute and well made 🙂

In any case, I love my Rinaz stuff! If you or you know anyone who can craft me a Rinaz stuff, please let me know. I’ll be looking forward to seeing them

Sidenote : If you haven’t done so already, come and join Rinaz.net on facebook! 🙂

4 Replies to “I love my Rinaz stuff!”

  1. How do you know you’ve made it as a blogger? Merchandising! Any plans to market the Rinaz brand? I’d like to see a Rinaz-customized Vespa one day. 😀

  2. Mintea

    Thank you! I’m not so confident about that, but I hope so! A gem encrusted Rinaz necklace would be awesome! Heheheheh


    Oh, speaking of that, I was keen to customize my old scooter, but I havent found a suitable place to print stickers.

    I’d like to get on with that, but first, I’d have to get a license to ride for in Italy. But before that I’d have to get my Carta D’Identita.

    Oh the beuracracy -_-

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