Oh my! Cart bought me a Vespa!

A custom painted Vespa PX 125!

Stick Rinaz on a vespa

So its not a real scooter. But who knows what will happen one day 😀

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  1. Hi Rinaz, what problems have you been experiencing with trying to get your carta d’identita? It should be smooth flowing and very easy to get the ID since you are married to an Italian. Plus aren’t you able to get your patentino in English? So it should be less daunting since you wouldn’t have to take the driving test in Italian like I did. Anyway, good luck! Pazienza! Hope you get your carta d’identita asap and your patentino so you can finally have some freedom and independence and go around on your very own Vespa soon!

  2. I wonder if a Vespa is easier to balance on 2 wheels than a bicycle ?

    For a moment there I thought it was a life-sized Vespa – haha. Looks lovely tho. I used to collect dinky cars as a teenager. I left it behind when I came to Europe *feeling nostalgia now*.

  3. Diana

    Posterous 😛

    And yeah, I shouldn’t have posted that up right? Hahaha


    We went to the office for the Carta D’Identita before we left for Singapore and told them that we’d be back in January. The lady said that there will be the police coming over when we come back.

    But she never specified when or give a time frame. Now its almost March and who knew, maybe they came over when I was in class, or at the supermarket.

    Regardless, it looks like we have to do the steps all over again and that entails Cart having to have half a day off from work to accompany me.

    Thanks for the luck though, I really need it! 🙂


    I think a bicycle is an easier start since its lighter … hehehehe

    Do you drive in Amsterdam? Was it hard for you to get the license to do so?

  4. I live in a very small n quiet suburb 85km north of Amsterdam. Takes an hour by train when I go there to stock up on supplies. Amsterdam is over-populated. I dont like the jutting brick roads (tripped several times *sigh*). The outer neighbourhoods r better maintained n very quiet too but I wonder how the folks there get access to facilities like school, supermart, clinic, etc. Everything seems miles apart. We stroll there once looking for a particular shop (took 3hrs !) n almost got lost ! I didnt know that the city is that huge !

    I could hv my SG driving license converted to dutch so long as I’m qualified to drive on the roads. Hv to take driving lessons again bec they drive on the left. I still hv the habit of going to the wrong passenger side (yes, clashing with the driver who’s opening the door to get in – haha) when I get a lift to town.

    Our local bus service is not sustainable bec folks here grow up with their own bicycles. It’s a nuisance when I hv to walk the 30mins to the train station in bad weather. I cant cycle 🙁 It’s very scary to cycle alongside a bunch of unruly kids on their way to school or the station, see ? My hubs did teach me to cycle but I’m not good at avoiding crazy cyclists on the roads (like using the wrong side of the path).

    Was it easy to learn to drive a scooter ? It’s a good alternative to public transport here .. although the weather is often not conducive for unsheltered vehicle :-I

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