I feel good

To cope being in a long distance relationship, food naturally became the source of comfort for me to fill up my emotional void. And then the signs started – not being able to fit in clothes as well as before, feeling even more lethargic than I had before.

Can’t fit into my beautiful white dress anymore 🙁

A recent blood test I had completely shocked me when the results came out saying that I was overweight. Overweight! I’ve never been overweight before! This was shocking to me as I’ve always grown up being skinny.

Rinaz at 12 years old. The true stickrinaz

And when Cart left to go back to Rome early January this year, I started to get very stressed out and my zits started to awaken from their dormancy. Pretty much like the last stress-attack I had two years ago.

I probably was undergoing one of the most unattractive lows in my life. Overweight and zittified. I could not just let this continue. I knew that I had to do something. But what?

One thing I knew was that I did not want to undergo drastic measures like diet pills. And yet, I cannot give up the food that I like as I still love food so much

I guess the doors opened when a friend asked me to join her for a cardiomix session at the sports Complex – at that point, I was keen to get my fitness level back.

And though it was really tough at the beginning, I still enjoyed my sessions, especially with the company that I had and eventually, I just fell into wanting to feel the adrenaline rush that I get after each session. I loved the feeling!

As for the zits, I decided to see a private doctor whom prescribed me Diane-35. At first I was a little doubtful as it was an oral contraceptive which will affect my hormones but the doctor reassured that it was safe and worldwide used pill.

After several months of consumption, I have to say how liberating it is to be able to post a picture without having to photoshop the zits away!

And it was only recently when I noticed this :

It might not be a 6 pack like what Uncle Sha has, but I can see something forming. And this really makes me motivated. The funny thing is that my weight is still the same. But I do feel better about myself than ever before.

Did you ever feel unpretty before? What do you do to feel good?

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Sidenote : If you were from Claudia’s looking for the HTC video, its not up yet 🙂

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  1. Wow! Who’s the lady in the first photo?! Pretty leh!! Rinaz I’m sure u’ll get to sweat it out and get back the you in that photo! At least you were once sexy leh! I was NEVER sexy nor pretty loh!

    “It’s better to have been sexy, than to never been sexy before.” sounds familar hor? hahaha!

  2. Claudia

    That would be me when I become a Taitai! Everyday look like this with my makeup and hair done … wahahaha!

    And who says you’ve never been sexy before? I’m sure you have right? Every woman have to feel sexy one day 🙂

    And yeah that quote sound familiar …. who said it? *scratches head*


    Sure or not?

    I’ve went through quite an angry acne stage as seen from the ‘evolution of face’ and during that stage, it was really a depressing stage for me.

    I really don’t think anyone deserves to feel that way


    I’ll take the satay 😛


    Indeed, there are even overweight people who are happy with how they look like and its their self confidence that radiates 🙂

    But being to be able to fit into nice clothes will be nice too 😀

  3. Love the first photo!

    And anyway, yeah, it might not be a 6pecs, but seriously? It’s more than what I’ll ever get this year. Are you sure you’re just doing yoga and cardio? Jealouuuuuuus.

  4. 05/23/2008
    Nice white dress! You sure don’t look fat in that picture!

    As for the zit problem, I had it in high school also!

    I had to look up a couple of words you used in this post!

    1. taitai – Chinese – pretaining to the woman sort of like Mrs.(thats what your going to be in December!) I don’t know if in Chinese it’s referring to a married or unmarried or both!

    2. cardiomix – now this one I’ll have to work this out in the head (I could not find and did not want to bother my wife’s three brothers who are doctors)! It has to do with the heart and associated circulation by using exercise to realign the body functionality and rid the body of toxins!
    Please enlighten those of us who are not familiar with the word! Am I close or not?

    3. Diane-35 – now this one could give you problems! Tht most important one is if the dose is high enough it could cause liver toxicity – so be sure your doctor is keeping a close watch on your liver!

    Moby – please reconsider! The belly button goes at the top of the list! Remember priorities!

    I don’t see why Marina is always saying she’s fat!
    I’ve not seen any such thing to date!

    Marina stop thinking about being with out Cart Cart and start thinking about beyond December! OK!

    Also then weight thing – you can still eat all the things you like but just watch the sugar and cholesterol content! Then cut the portions in half(I know it’s hard – like when eating out)! If this still does not work or is much to slow then you want cut the portions further until it works for you!
    You don’t have to go cold turkey and you can still have the things you like!
    I still owe you a couple of videos! I’ve been looking through your blog because I remember you listed an email address you could be reached at but still have not found it! If you could please list it again it would save a lot of time!


  5. Uncle Sha

    Wah … if even THE Uncle Sha endorses it, I guess I’m doing great … kakakaka!

    6 packs are great, but I dont think I’d like a super muscular body (I dont think I could ever have one anyway) I think women should have a bit of womanly definition 🙂

    And I didnt know you used to be that skinny!!!


    Then why are you not laughing 😛


    Which white dress is that? The top or the bottom? Hehehehe

    Oooh … sorry about using the terms there, I am so used to using them that I naturally assumed that everyone knows the meaning 😛

    Taitai – Its a chinese word for ‘Rich Man’s Wife’ its a common word here to be used to describe women who looks very immaculate too

    Cardiomix – Its basically a type of exercise that combines different type of cardiovascular exercises – Like step aerobics /or aerobics + kickboxing + abs & Thighs and finally stretching exercises.

    Diane-35 – So far I’ve been taking small doses of it and I’ll probably be off it in a month or two. Like you, I am worried about liver toxicity but if it is in a short term, it would be ok.

    Its those who are on it for a long term which is dangerous, like 2 years consistently consuming it

    I’m not always saying that I’m fat! The blood test already confirmed that I am overweight! How am I to challenge a doctor? 😛

    And I’ll keep your advice in mind about eating half the portions of food 🙂

    Oh and by the way, Gary, you can email me through my contact form here :

    http://rinaz.net/contact/ or makawaru[at]gmail.com

    Thank you for replying Gary, its always nice to hear your comments 🙂

    Diana N

    You’ll get it! I’m sure! Dont worry 😀

  6. Congrats for getting motivated to work out! That’s my biggest problem. But finding someone to exercise with is a good cure for my laziness. Now I take tennis lessons once a week and meet a friend to do yoga once a week. If I have an appointment with someone waiting for me to show up, then I’ll show up, whether I feel like it or not. I always do feel better, afterwards.

  7. Hi Rinaz,

    No worries. Im trying to shed those extra weight too. I guess, we just have to be more self determined :). U look greeaatt niwaes. Jiayo!

  8. hi there rinaz. i think diane-35 is working well for you because your skin looks pretty good now! however i would suggest you get a correct shade of foundation as based on the second to last pic, the one you are currently using is too light for you and it makes your skin look grey-ish. i think with a proper shade, you’ll look even better. i hope you don’t take offense, i really mean well. take care 🙂

  9. Joanna

    But thats not what the blood test results said 😛


    Yes! Its so much easier when there is a friend to accompany you and to motivate you! 🙂

    Restless One

    Jiayo to you too! Yeah! We can do it!!!

    Just Passing By

    Wahaha! You’re the 2nd one to comment about the makeup! *stress* Hahaha!

    The thing about make up is that I am not so good at it … hehehe. I just ask the salesgirl to pick a colour for me and then I just buy it. Now I’m stuck with 3 cakes of powder because … it was on sale!

    Ok next time I’ll be more careful 🙂

  10. i once took oral pills for my acne too..and had terrible zit filled days as well..

    i was on rocaccutane ..quite a strong pill for acne at that time..

    glad to know that your acne woe days are over!

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