How to cook Penne Arrabbiata

On last friday, we completed level 1 basic Italian language class. 10 weeks passed by so quickly! It was alot of fun and laughter. Thanks to our teacher fauziah, we learnt alot during our lessons.
Picture of my Italian language classmates :)

On reaching home, I had a crazy inspiration. Why not do a film, spoofing an Italian cooking show? So here is a video of me, being your chef for today, making one of my favourite dish, penne arrabbiata! 😀

Many thanks to Cartcart for the dialog 😀

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  1. NTT

    Oh yeah! No wonder something seems to be missing! How can I forget the gestures?!

    *slaps forehead*

    Thanks NTT 🙂 I’ll try not to forget that the next time 😀

  2. heh, but u sound very seductive speaking italian. 🙂 and need more face shots! shld have done it nigella-style la! hehehe.

    ooh, i see u’ve managed to watch il mare. better than lake house, no? 😀

  3. Myztika

    I dont watch too much tv though, Myztika. So I have no idea how Nigella style is. But if the camera zoomed on the face while I was eating, I think that the clip wouldnt be very appropriate for anyone 😛 Hehehehehe

    Yes, I love Il Mare. It really pulls at your heartstrings doesnt it? I always feel emo towards the end of the movie. I’m such a sap. Never watched Lake House either. Why watch remakes when the original ones are always far more superior 😀

  4. I usually put chicken stock, onion in mine. Makes it much more satisfying.. But lately, I’ve gotten more ‘asian’. I cook my pasta like cooking mee goreng! Haha!

    And I LOVE H&E’s Jasmine Green Tea!

  5. Miza

    If I put chicken stock and onion in the pasta, it wont be arrabbiata anymore, it’ll be Mee Goreng Pasta, hehehehe. But I’m sure its still good 🙂

    OOOH! Heaven and Earth green tea is love. Especially the osmanthus flavour. My favourite 🙂

    Nana Jr

    Over like Chef Wan? Over like B.J Kadir?


    Davvero? Grazie mille, Signora Timtams 🙂 Si, Nessun problema. Prego, fa pure. Accomodati 😀

  6. Nigella Feast!!!

    Watch that show. The lady hosting it is way too ‘over’ to me lah. Dislike it because of the hostess, but still, the food inside …

    I’m drooling over it. >;l

  7. Heheh. I think you did a great job! Esp with the lines, and I feel like eating pasta after watching that – it looked simple and great!

    Never tried that green tea before, but will definitely try it as soon as I get back to Singapore!!!! 🙂

  8. Chef Wan is okay lah, I mean, I giggle and laugh over what he says, but this woman.

    “Ohh, scrumptious. Why don’t you make it at home, and see for yourself?”


    She’s kinda like Steve Irwin in that sense.


    Bleh. R.I.P, bebeh.

  9. Gypsy Girl

    Yes, its one of the easiest things to do and it tastes really good too. I was surprised when I tried 🙂

    There are other types of green tea, but I prefer that particular one … Not that I’m doing any product endorsement, hehehe

    Nana Jr

    Yeah, I guess that can be done, but it doesnt seem very appropriate to do. It could give people ideas 😛


    Ah … Mi dispiace! (I am sorry!)

    Davvero means really? Grazie mille means a thousand thanks. Signora means lady. Si, nessun problema means Yes, not a problem. Prego, fa pure means feel free to. Accomodati means, make yourself comfortable 😀

    How impressive is my Italian?? 😀

    Ok ok, so I cheated, I used cartfish, the more accurate version of babelfish 😛

  10. Bumped into your blog just now. Saw the “Arrabbiata” video and I thought you’re just like me. I like really hot Arrabbiata but got to go easy on the chilli padi otherwise it’ll be too hot for my husband.

    Entertaining blog you’ve got. Keep it up!

  11. Wati

    Hi Wati, thanks for dropping in my blog 🙂 Hey, you’re right! I was in your blog and we do look similar, dont we? Its seems that our lives are almost similar too 🙂

    Although I dont have to worry about cartcart not being able to eat hot food, he can handle it very well. Its just durians that he cant stand 😉


    Hehehe, thanks! And its tastes good too! 🙂

  12. Rinaz, I meant to say “you’re just like me” in that we like our Arrabbiata VERY hot and spicy :-).

    I’m glad you enjoyed my video blog. Keep visiting!

  13. (PSST! Joy, if you are going to try it, be aware that Rinaz doesn’t like salt, so she didn’t add any in the tomato sauce… Just do it right before it’s cooked. Taste it, and see if you need to add some salt)


  14. Here in Ireland I have never heard of Arrabbiata as Italian is not very popular.

    Thanks for giving us a detailed cookery lesson – I might give it a try! I am a very novice chef so this is exactly what I need step by step instructions! Thank you.

  15. Wati


    Hehehe. Well, hot and spicy food is one of the best food 🙂 Its just heavenly. And yes, I’ll definitely keep on visiting 🙂



    Well, thats a very basic type of pasta 🙂 You can add extras if you want to, to your own taste. Of course, that wouldnt be Penne Arrabbiata anymore 😉

    Do try it, its so easy to do and quick and yummy 🙂


    A me il sale non piace, ma Cartcart mi prega di dirvi che, a fine cottura dovete aggiungere un po’ di sale nel sugo 😛

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