Join me to the Italian Cultural Fair

A scene from the Capri Island, Italy
A scene from our trip to Capri, Italy

The lifestyle and lifeskills association, in conjunction with the Italian Cultural Institute are organizing a cultural fair this Saturday.

I quite enjoy the activities conducted from the People Association Website. So far, I’ve attended the Vocal Coach workshop, the Italian language course , Yoga at the sports complex and most recently attended the Spanish Cultural workshop.

I’m sure this event will be great too 🙂

Do join me if you are free this saturday and let me know if you’re going. The more the merrier! There will be Italian food to sample, loads of things to see, and hopefully some good looking Italians to talk to too :D~

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5 Replies to “Join me to the Italian Cultural Fair”

  1. Vanessa, erm, I dont feel like I’m an ambassador, its just that Italy is special to me 🙂 Hehehehe

    Twice in two months? 0.o Wow! And looking forward to the next one, I’ll bet!

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