Shoes is love

I love shoes.

I just got these yesterday :D

I love to look at pretty shoes, running my fingers on them, trying them on. I love how a pair of shoe can transform a woman – how it accentuates the feminine saunter, to the boost of their height.

For just $30, you too could have the legs of a goddess

Unfortunately, I am also an extremely rough person. Its not uncommon for me to wear out a pair of shoe in about a month or less.

My trusty charles and keith rainbow wedges :D

One of the more embarassing experiences I had was when I was wearing a pair of strappy shoes to work. After time, the straps decided to come apart. If you have ever worn strappy shoes, you know how impossible it is to try to put it back together.

I put rubber bands around the soles!

In the end, I had to innovate by using a couple of rubber bands to hold the sole together temporarily before limping off to get a new pair of shoes during lunch time.

In Singapore, there are loads of pretty shoes here. You could go to any shopping center and find nice looking shoes that costs less than $19 sing dollars.

The trouble about these type of shoes is that they arent that well made and dont last for very long. In a short time, it will disintegrate – Heels will just fall out, or the soles will just give way. Here are just some of the shoes that I’ve (accidentally) killed.


The heels came apart on my first day of wearing these

I still miss my cute chicken shoes :(

The sole got torn up on a wet and rainy day

You put up a good fight, my friend :(

The insole collapsed and a piece of metal jutted out from the heel, making it extremely uncomfortable to wear

After a while, I thought to myself. I’m spending my money on cheap but low quality shoes when I should buy a slightly more expensive pair which will last me longer. But there is a limit though. As much as I would love to have a pair of Manolo Blahnik, its not wise for me to spend $800 for that. Actually, I’ve never paid more than $40 for shoes ever.

Raffia d'Orsay Pumps costs almost 600 dollars!

So when my trusty rainbow wedges are getting rather worn out, I was on my hunt for new shoes. I spotted this pair of lovely brown Marie Claire mini wedge shoes which was just perfect for me. It looked elegant and classic and was comfortable enough for me to ride a scooter and to be on the move.

:) $80, is that crazy?

It was nearly eighty dollars. Though it costs more than what I’d usually pay for shoes, after contemplating about it for a while, I thought to myself, “Why not. It’ll make a good science experiment to see how long it will last”

Its been about a week now and its holding up pretty well. I wonder how it will be like after a month. We’ll see 😉

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  1. Gypsy Girl

    Just dont buy the nineteen dollars (and cheaper) ones. They are very cute, and may be very affordable, but they get worn out very easily, trust me! Now I’m experimenting whether my marie claire and my moda paolo will hold up … hehehehe 🙂

  2. What woman doesn’t love shoes?!! I tend to opt for flat shoes or low heels, only cos when I’m on my feet all day at work with high heels my feet aches. I do however admire those women that can wear high heels at work…how do they do it?! obviously they’re aren’t chasing kids around school!
    Yes Singapore has alot of pretty shoes, unfortunately for me I have larger than a normal asian feet – so finding pretty shoes there is hard.

  3. I love shoes too! Unfortunately though I have the tiniest feet ever, and can only really find my size in Asia… 🙁 So, I make sure I stock up whenever I’m in Malaysia/Singapore. I love the shoes there anyway, they’re so cute and affordable!!!!!

  4. tell me how the expt goes – i’ll prolly do one myself… gonna splurge on a pair of comfy and pretty shoes, and no “below $30” budget this time round. 😛

    i really love the look of high heels, but oh god, the pain!! i dunno how other girls do it man. i have 3 pairs of pretty heels that i’ve worn only once each, and have vowed never to again, hahaha.

    have u had any heels which aren’t a pain to wear? tell me where to get those ok? cos there are just some days i wanna feel taller and sleeker, heh (especially when out with taller and skinnier frens). n some clothes just call for heels to go with them. 🙂

  5. Timtams

    There is a vice principal at the school that I’m attached to. She wears high heels to work each day! I cant imagine how she could walk around in those and still be so energetic at the end of the day. Just looking at her walk is so tiring ….

    And I’m sure you’ll find many many pretty shoes here 🙂 Did you know that in old bugis street, along the stretch of road next to the Sultan Mosque, there is a shoe shop that sells handmade shoes. The prices are very reasonable too 🙂


    Above $30 is still generous I think … hehehe. And yet shoes are the instant confidence booster. What else can immediately make one walk gracefully, eccentuate the rear and make one taller?

    Have I any heels that isnt a pain to wear?

    I think the trick to painless heels is to ensure that the heel is thick and stable. The thin ones are horrible to balance on

    I love wearing wedges! Its makes you taller without the pain. I can go all day with these on 🙂 Besides, there are no irritating straps 😛

    Nana Jr

    3 months? 😐

    Oh well. We’ll see in time.

  6. Hey, those melissa rubber shoes from Novo are quite great too. Im a size 10 and I’ve had the shoe for more than a year now. And they smell great too. ^_^

  7. wow, that’s plenty of shoes in just one entry

    i think this ‘fascination’ only applies to most ladies … guy mentality = all shoes are the same. yeah we’re ‘grunts’ … haha

    anyway nice looking budget shoes there

    get quality one lah, no more embarassing moments then 🙂

  8. Hey, guess do have fascinations with shoes as well.

    Take my friends at PSS For example. 3 of them have a vast fascination with Nike shoes and now, each have 6 pairs each.

    2 love sneakers so much, they have so many of them that they needed to buy a new shoe rack for it! But of course, some (most!) of the sneakers are unbranded ones, but they’re pretty good looking.

    And, to cut this short, even my D&T teacher has an obsession with funky (more like weird) shoes, coming to each lesson which is on Tuesday and Thursdays with different shoes. Up to date, I’ve never seen him wear the same shoe twice!

    Judging by what they all did, I don’t think they all believe that ‘all shoes are the same’.

  9. Like Gypsy Girl, I too have a big problem searching for shoes my size. Yea, I empathise with you regarding the strap shoes incident, my fav. pair of strap shoes too suddenly snapped, thankfully I was heading home at that time and yea we ladies all love shoes, I love those at Takashimaya, can’t remember the shop’s name but they sell these beautiful strap shoes which are sparkling, comfortable and classy! =)

  10. Hani

    Melissa rubber shoes? I search in google images and see some interesting ones … are they anything like crocs? Hehehe

    I’ve never heard of the brand Novo before. I wonder if Singapore has them.


    Guys dont like shoes? Okay, here is a question for you. How many sports shoes do you have? How long do you take to choose for them? And how much did you spent altogether


    Nana Jr

    Did they buy those cheap ones? It probably wouldnt last very long. Thats why some of them have 6 pairs of shoes.


    Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog – you’re sha’s friend arent you? Sure just give me a while 🙂


    Lucky you! Hey that reminds me of when I was on my way to my old workplace! I wasnt even walking hard when the straps snapped halfway and I had to walk on mud and hot tarmac and trying my best to hide my feet before finally finding a shop selling slippers 😐


    Oooh boots are so sexy!!! You’re right. I’ve never worn them here in Singapore before though. Its much too hot for that, although I have seen some crazy people wearing them on a typical day. Why do they do that? 😛

  11. I soooo hear you! I refuse to buy cheap shoes. Here in Sweden, shoes are expensive AND poorly made. I always try to get new shoes when I am back in Japan or the US.

  12. Montchan

    Hi Misty, thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Expensive AND poorly made? Oh no! That isnt good. How much do shoes cost in Japan or the US? I’ve never been there before. Would really love to one day 😀


    Wow thanks! And good day to you too 😀

  13. 😀 no!!! Never say they resemble crocs. ^_^ There’s a novo boutique in suntec city, next to mango. It’s quite hidden. … a word of advice, don’t go smelling the shoes though they smell like bubblegum, ppl might get the wrong idea. 😀

    Long live shoe fetish!

  14. Hani

    OOoOOOooh! Shoes that smells like bubblegum! I’ve never heard of such a thing before! Is this Novo shoes expensive? My heart aches if I pay for an expensive pair of shoes and then it dies in a short time. Suntec City sells expensive stuff after all …

  15. I am the worst person for buying cheap shoes and then having to replace them in no time at all.

    Just yesterday I bought myself my very first pair ever of comfy expensive shoes in the hope they last a bit longer. I also bought 3 pairs of cheap fashionable shoes – well a girl has to have a choice doesn’t she?????

    I loved the pics – makes me want to go shopping again!

  16. Joy

    What brand of shoes did you buy, Joy? I dont know if we have similar brands here? And by cheap, how much is cheap… hehehe. I know there are some people who thinks that $80 for a pair of shoes is cheap.

  17. I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

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