World of Wati

When I was a little girl, an ustadzah told us that in our lifetime, there will be 6 people in this world who are similar to us. I think I found one person who is similar to me.

Meet Wati.

This is wati

Okay, so we don’t look exactly the same. But I see some mannerisms of hers which are similar to mine. She’s funny, she’s lively and she loves photography and video.

Wati is a Singaporean Malay woman who fell in love and married to a UK guy. They recently have an adorable baby boy together and are currently living in Japan.

The larkes

Wati recently dropped in my blog and being curious, I decided to peek in hers and now I’m hooked.

If reading blogs is like seeing a window through another eyes, then this is a great view! In her blog she writes about her travelling experiences, life in Japan, her updates in her pregnancy and her baby as well as other interesting things that she’s discovered.

And its such a treat to watch her videos! I find myself laughing while watching a video of her husband eating a durian and chuckled when watching her teach Malay language to her husband and cringed at the different type of ice cream flavours that they had in Japan. (Horse Meat Flavoured ice cream? Charcoal? Wasabi? Yuck!)

Funny and cute couple :)

Such an adorable family. Do drop by World of Wati. I am sure you’ll love them just as much as I did 🙂

6 Replies to “World of Wati”

  1. hey marina, the parlour provides waxing services too! though normally in demand from female customers i think… hehe.

    shoe mania is totally something i understand.

    aww.. *coos at the baby. 😉

    hmm.. no doubt yours and cartcart’s (oops.. ;p think i may be starting a rumour, correction: future babies) will be cute too. my mom used to work at Tumble Tots and she once observed interracial marriages produce the most irresistibly beautiful babies! especially eurasians… *grinz

  2. I’ve been to her blog before. Interesting yes she is, esp her take on living overseas, the culture, her views …

    what is this i hear of babies, hehe … maternal nature kicking in eh. I can’t to see urs … but must overcome first hurdle … “Alah Mak Kahwinkan Aku la” :-p

  3. You have sold it to me!

    Will be making my way to her blog the minute I finish reading yours! I am thoroughly enjoying reading your posts.

  4. Joy

    Hi Joy, thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 I’m glad that you like my blog, may I know how you stumbled in here? Hehehe

    Please do drop by Wati’s, I think her blog is very interesting 🙂


    I dont know for all, but for me, I have a facination to hair removal. Cart wouldnt be pleased if we try to wax his moustache and beard off *laughs*

    Mixed kids are so adorable! Ehm. Kids? Me? One step at a time, we’re not even married yet … 😉 But I’ve been thinking of names, How about Nur Amira Metallica for a girl or Muhammad Megadeth if he’s a boy…. 😛


    Yelah. Alah emak kahwinlah aku … *main seruling* Eh, apasal pulak aku yang nyanyi? Ni kan part orang lelaki???

    Baik aku nyanyi lagu, buai buai buailah laju laju, aku nak kahwin dengan anak rajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …


  5. Woah Marina. I’ve no idea you like my blog so much that you introduce me in yours 🙂 Thank you for your big interest. I’m a bit of a shy person but don’t mind really.

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