The wedding Part 2 – The Marriage Guidance Course

The next day, Cart and I headed to Apkim for our Marriage Guidance Course.

In Singapore, it was compulsory for a Muslim couple to undertake the marriage guidance course before marriage, so as to prepare the couple of life after matrimony. Although I’ve already attended in April, Cart hasn’t.

Might as well go again, together this time, for the extra knowledge.

Marriage Preparatory Course at Assyakirin Mosque, Singapore

It was a full day course. We were ushered in an office and found that we were the only couple there. I presumed that we would be in a group. There was no where to hide. And I started to feel nervous again.

We were introduced to the marriage councillor and soon after we started our session.

Cart at Apkim Marriage Guidance Course, Singapore

It was a lot different compared to the Marriage Guidance Course at the Assyakirin Mosque. At the mosque, the lessons followed its various modules, while at Apkim, it was more personalized.

Most of the morning was discussed about Cart’s personality and mine. With that, we were adviced on how we would be able to get along with each other in time of conflict.

And later after lunch, we were asked about some basic questions about each other that made me more aware of each other. As well as advices on finance which was a big reason as to why divorces happen as well as the journey that was ahead of us.

At the end of the day, Cart wrote a sort of love letter to me, about how he was looking forward to our life together.

And I left it in Singapore!

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  1. Oharlie

    Kenapa pulak Bedah?????


    Only one day to pack, what to do 😛


    Yeah! One every day!


    You are right there, but to carbon copy is like cheating lah 😛

  2. My wife is from the Philippines and there is a similar course there that couples are required to take, as well as multiple sessions of couples counseling. We got married in Singapore though, so we didn’t have to worry about that.

    We seem to be doing good. Our first year anniversary is on the 23rd. ^_^

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